Winter Olympics 2018 Lesson Plan and ResourcesQuick View

Winter Olympics 2018 Lesson Plan and Resources

A PowerPoint giving information about the 2018 Winter Olympics, South Korea and the events involved etc. Resource also includes a lesson plan and KS2/Level 2 and KS1/Level1 versions of a maths activity where children have to plan a trip to South Korea to see some of the events and stick to a budget. This works well in mixed ability pairs or as individual tasks. Also includes a Winter Olympics word search for early finishers.
Rio OlympicsQuick View

Rio Olympics

Students will investigate whether Rio should actually be holding the Olympics. They will give there initial opinion based on some early information, then they will see how there opinion changes based on different stakeholder accounts. This resource also includes extension activities and could end with a debate.
Winter Olympics 2018 Unit and ActivitiesQuick View

Winter Olympics 2018 Unit and Activities

The Winter Olympics are almost here! Use these Winter Games close reading passages, writing activities, graphic organizers, task cards, STEM, Winter Games math and literacy printables, and other fun resources to build excitement with your students as the world unites for the Winter Olympics in 2018. As athletes from around the world come together for the Winter Games in South Korea this February, you will love using this cross-curricular unit. It is filled to the brim with engaging activities across the content. During the Winter Games in 2018 reach for the gold with your students. Included in this giant hands-on Winter Games resource: 5 Winter Games Close Reading Passages with Comprehension Questions and Graphic Organizers 37 Pages of Winter Games Printables & Graphic Organizers to help direct learning 2 Winter Games Medal Tracking Activities 1 Winter Games Mini Quiz 1 South Korea Research Brochure 9 Wither Games Posters 6 pages of Winter Games Interactive Notebook components 14 Winter Games Word Wall Vocabulary Cards 16 Winter Games Task Cards 1 Winter Games STEM Project Idea 11 Pages of Winter Games Writing Activities 13 Country Research Fill-Ins Book Marks + Blank 13 Country Research Organizers + Blank 10 Pages of Winter Games Math and ELA activities 1 Winter Games Charades game PLEASE NOTE: Certain terms have not been used in this resource as to not infringe upon trademarks or copyrights that may pertain to the Winter Games. THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN REVIEWED BY THE OWNER OF ALL TRADEMARKS PERTAINING TO THE WINTER GAMES. IT HAS BEEN DEEMD TO COMPLY WITH COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARK LAWS AND HAS BEEN APPROVED FOR SALE ON TES. IT'S GOING TO BE THE BEST YEAR YET! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? We welcome all questions or comments! Please feel free to e-mail us at! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
The Winter Olympics: PyeongChang 2018 - Lesson / Assembly PresentationQuick View

The Winter Olympics: PyeongChang 2018 - Lesson / Assembly Presentation

This resource contains a fully editable, 90-slide PowerPoint presentation on the Winter Olympics and the 2018 Olympic Winter Games at PyeongChang, Korea. The PowerPoint makes reference to - The History of the Winter Olympics - The events in the Winter Games - GB's performances and achievements in past Olympics - Eddie the Eagle - GB's ten gold medallists - PyeongChang 2018 - The Venues and Stadiums - The PyeongChang 2018 mascot and torch - Team GB and medal hopes for PyeongChang The presentation includes hyperlinks to a sneak preview of PyeongChang, a short video about Soohorang, the events taking place at the Games, GB's ice hockey gold medal, Eddie the Eagle's ski jumping, John Curry and Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean's ice-dances and the amazing snowboarders, Jamie Nicholls and Katie Ormerod, in action. A 60-slide PowerPoint lesson / assembly is also available for the Winter Paralympics taking place in March The Winter Paralympics - PyeongChang 2018 Thinking of publishing your own resources or already an author and want to improve your resources and sales? Check out this 'must have' step by step guide. How to Become a Successful TES Author: Step by Step Guide To be kept informed of new resources click here and follow!
Mini-Olympic Athletics LessonQuick View

Mini-Olympic Athletics Lesson

Lesson for the end of an athletics topic in PE. Could be used to assess students progress. Students work in small groups and time or measure each discipline. Students select a country to represent during the lesson. Step by step guides and tips for each disciplines are on the back to help students. To print two to a page use back to back, short edge.
Football and Olympics BundleQuick View

Football and Olympics Bundle

PowerPoint presentations; quizzes and task sheets on: The Euros 1996/2016 The World Cup Olympics Covers the history and geography of some of the greatest sporting events, from the ancient Greek Olympics; the Berlin games; the FA Cup and the World Cup of 1966.
Olympics: History: The Berlin Olympics (1936)/Olympics Deal or No DealQuick View

Olympics: History: The Berlin Olympics (1936)/Olympics Deal or No Deal

1: Berlin Olympics 1936 - 80 years on Contents: 1(a). PowerPoint presentation about the Berlin Olympics in August 1936. Includes slides on the stars of the games; the modern nature of the games; the Nazis and the Olympics; football controversy and a quiz about the ’36 Olympics. 1(b). Berlin Olympics work book. Includes tasks on writing a mini biography of one of the key figures involved in the ’36 games; answering written questions about the Berlin Olympics and writing a report as a journalist working in Berlin in August 1936. 2: Olympics Deal or No Deal; Based on the TV game show, this is an interactive PowerPoint based quiz. There are 20 multiple choices questions about the Olympics Games. Players need to: • Choose a numbered box and pick an answer to a question. • Click on an answer and, if right, the answer will go green. • Click next and the banker will make a points offer. • Deal, and they keep all the points, and someone else gets to play. • Don’t deal and they play on. • If answered incorrectly, they’re out of the game and lose all the points • It at the end teams are level, there’s a tie breaker to decide who wins
Olympic Webquest- Plan a Trip to the Winter OlympicsQuick View

Olympic Webquest- Plan a Trip to the Winter Olympics

Classroom Tested- Student Approved! Have your students plan a trip to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Your students will research the flight information, hotel accommodations, South Korean general information, Olympic events, Olympic tickets and Olympic mascots. Everything your students need to explore and get excited for the Winter Games. All links provided for web research. Google Classroom link provided as well.
OLYMPICS : Drama Cards + Suggested Olympic Themed ActivitiesQuick View

OLYMPICS : Drama Cards + Suggested Olympic Themed Activities

This set of 79 Olympic Event Drama Cards comes with 4 suggested drama activities (Olympic Scenes; Monologues; Movement; Duo-logues) but can be used in so many more ways. Create some great scenes with these drama cards that you can use over and over again! DRAMA CARDS ARE A DRAMA TEACHER'S BEST FRIEND! Just print, laminate and cut out a set of versatile drama cards that you can use over and over again. I cannot count how many times and ways I have used these cards – absolutely my most handy drama resource. NEVER BE STUCK FOR A DRAMA ACTIVITY AGAIN! Use DRAMA TRUNK drama cards for tons of creative, fun, imaginative, any day activities, including: •Drama games (including last minute activities) •Warm ups •Team building and cooperation activities •Improvisation / quick thinking •Audition / rehearsal activities •Language activities •Guided learning •Listening skills •Inspiration •Storytelling Combine the use of multiple cards for even more activities, challenges and ideas (you will have a HUGE amount of drama activities ready to go when needed). ************ DRAMA CARD BUNDLE *************** The following 17 DRAMA TRUNK drama card sets come with at least 2 suggested activities and are available INDIVIDUALLY or as a CLASSIC BUNDLED SET: • Characters • Quirky Characters • Dramatic Deaths • Lines • Mimes • Locations • Genres • Pictures • Silly Superheroes • Titles • Moods • Movement • Mannerisms • Character Switches • Vocal Styles • Time Periods • Characteristics ************ MORE DRAMA CARDS *************** Check out more Drama Cards available at my store (only available individually), including: • Historical Events • Famous Characters • Prop Scenes • Strange Talks • World Destinations • Great Escapes • Forbidden Word Scenes • Olympic Events • Drama Shoes • Theatre Styles (FREE) + MORE Stay tuned to my store DRAMA TRUNK for more fantastic drama resources (coming soon) – from drama activities and classes for little people; primary school level drama; secondary curriculum and more... Happy Teaching!
OlympicQuick View


PPT introducing some sports are taken place in Olympic
Did the 2000 Sydney Olympics really benefit Australia?Quick View

Did the 2000 Sydney Olympics really benefit Australia?

This is a source-based homework task to support student understanding of the NSW History Syllabus Australian Curriculum Stage 5 The Modern World & Australia Depth Study 5: The Globalising World - Popular Culture. Students examine a variety of written and visual, primary and secondary sources to decide whether the 2000 Sydney Olympics actually benefitted Australia.
Olympics games- ancient to modernQuick View

Olympics games- ancient to modern

An introduction to the ancient olympics and modern olympics, this lesson covers the history of the olympic games It also has a countries research task for students to do There is also a long term project for students to design their own olympic games as a host nation These resources are useful for student to learn about the Olympics before the Brazil 2016 Olympic games this summer.
Data Handling & Averages Winter Olympics 2018Quick View

Data Handling & Averages Winter Olympics 2018

Microsoft Excel required A new set of numbers every time the file is opened Bring this Year's Winter Olympics to life! Data on 5 events for 22 countries Data in seconds. Find the total time in seconds for all 5 events for each country. Convert to minutes and seconds. Find the average time for all 5 events for each country. Find the total time for each event and convert into minutes and seconds. Find the average time for each event. A stimulating resource that develops the skills of TIME, AVERAGES, MEDIAN AND TOTALS.