The Periodic TableQuick View

The Periodic Table

Complete lesson on The Periodic Table, with handouts and homework. Appropriate to the new 9-1 AQA Chemistry Specification.

By Mr_Horton

History of The Periodic TableQuick View

History of The Periodic Table

Complete lesson on History of the Periodic Table, with handouts and homework. Appropriate to the new 9-1 AQA Chemistry Specification.

By Mr_Horton

Scientists Questions on the Periodic TableQuick View

Scientists Questions on the Periodic Table

This presentation is part of a series designed to be used as a starter or plenary in Science lesson. The series of presentations use a consistent format and cover a range of topics which are part of a KS2/3 science curriculum. In each task students are presented with a science based question and are given 6 potential responses. Of these 6 responses 5 are incorrect and 1 is correct. Pupils are challenged to use knowledge and reasoning to identify the correct response. Each presentation contains 12 tasks with hyperlinks embedded throughout. A paper based slide will allow questions to be set as a homework task or provide meaningful work for a cover lesson.

By 20JET12

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groups and periods in the Periodic Table

worksheets that useful as an introduction to groups and periods in the periodic table for both Ks3 and KS4 it looks at names and properties of elements in Group 1 (alkali metals) Group 2( alkali earth metals), group 7 (halogen) group 0 (noble/ inert gases).

By Kicha

Periodic table worksheetQuick View

Periodic table worksheet

Straightforward question sheet for use in class or as homework to re-cap work covered when studying the periodic table. Useful revision exercise.

By simoninpng

Periodic Table of Elements LapbookQuick View

Periodic Table of Elements Lapbook

This lapbook on the periodic table is a fun hands on activity for students to use in their interactive notebooks. Students may research different facts about each group of elements and write what they find on the provided blank lines. A completed lapbook with answers is included. Note: This lapbook fits inside of composition books (as shown on the cover page) Contents: 1. How to use and Assembly Instructions for the lapbook 2. Completed facts for each term: Alkali Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals, Halogens, Nobel Gases, Transition Metals, Metalloids, Nonmetals, Lanthanides and Actinides 3. Blank versions for students to write their own facts

By ScienceSpot

Periodic TableQuick View

Periodic Table

This worksheet contains 10 essential questions on the Periodic Table. This worksheet will be suitable to test students basic knowledge of the Periodic Table. The worksheet can be used as homework or revision sheet on the Periodic Table.

By pittan



This bundle consists of worksheets on alkali metals, halogens, transition metals, etc. Quiz and worksheets on periodic table and answers have been included to help students study.

By kunletosin246

Periodic table revision worksheetQuick View

Periodic table revision worksheet

This revision sheet covers the periodic table: the arrangement of the elements, properties of the different groups (noble gases, halogens, alkali metals, metals, non metals) and how the periodic table was developed.

By deb1977



A bundle of lesson presentations and associated worksheets that guide students through the topic of the organisation of the Periodic Table and its' key groups. These lessons are included in the bundle Atomic structure and the Periodic Table: A look at how the atomic number and mass number of an atom shows the number of sub-atomic particles Organisation of the Periodic Table: A guide to understanding how the groups and periods of the Table are arranged according to electron configuration The Alkali metals, Halogens and Noble Gases: These lessons look at the structure and properties of these groups with a key focus on reactivity Periodic Table Revision: A fun lesson which uses exam questions and competitions to enable students to assess their understanding of the whole topic All of the lessons have been written with progress in mind, where understanding is key and there are regular opportunities for students to apply their knowledge. These lessons cover about 2-3 weeks of teaching based on an average teaching allocation of 4 hours a week. If you like, please look at my other bundles that are available

By GHScience

The Periodic TableQuick View

The Periodic Table

These activities are designed for used as a starter or plenary in a Science lesson and are intended to extend and reinforce students knowledge of the Periodic table. The full presentation contains 10 challenges and 23 slides. For maximum effect they should be used on an interactive board or large screen display. There is also the potential for use as meaningful task in a cover or non-specialist lesson.

By 20JET12

Periodic Table Word SearchQuick View

Periodic Table Word Search

This word search on the periodic table includes the following vocabulary terms. The solution to the puzzle is included. ♦ Actinides ♦ Alkali Metals ♦ Alkaline Earth Metals ♦ Halogens ♦ Lanthanides ♦ Metalloids ♦ Metals ♦ Nobel Gases ♦ Nonmetals

By ScienceSpot

The Periodic Table - Key Stage 3Quick View

The Periodic Table - Key Stage 3

This was originally designed as a lesson approaching the end of term for my top set year 7 class. Some resources have been made from scratch and others are taken from various contributors to put the PowerPoint together. Students start off with a shape sorting exercise to discuss how different shapes can be arranged, just liked the elements in the periodic table. Students then have the opportunity to understand the layout of the periodic table, re-enforced with a video. Students can then apply what they have learnt with a cartoon character themed worksheet (taken from another contibutor).

By sophie55_hanson



This periodic table quiz will challenge and test students understanding of the periodic table. It can also be used as an excellent class starter.

By kunletosin246

Simplified Periodic TableQuick View

Simplified Periodic Table

I can never seem to find the right periodic table for my students so have made one ideal for all ages. Relative atomic mass is only measured to 1d.p. for elements such as Chlorine. Lanthinoids and Actinoides are ignored. Elements are not given capital letters. IUPAC spelling. Relative atomic mass is shown above the chemical symbol. Includes livermorium and flerovium, moscovium etc Colour coded groups. Groups 1-8 labelled.

By Rahmich