POP ART Shoe Design Cover Lesson / HomeworkQuick View

POP ART Shoe Design Cover Lesson / Homework

Worksheet for students to create a trainer inspired by Pop Art. Could be used as a cover lesson or a homework task. Possible use in either Art and Design or Design and Technology lesson PhotoCredit Sellers own photoshop files and text - R Evans Pixabay Flicker user - Wonderlane, Mark Anderson Wikimedia Comms Pxhere
Pop Art Project HomeworkQuick View

Pop Art Project Homework

if your looking for a homework task that will engage, motivate and enthuse students, then this is perfect! This has been the most successful project homework I have set which allowed students to get creative in an exciting and relevant way. Pupils select an option (1-4) and apply the Pop Art style to a 3d object. See examples on the PowerPoint to encourage exceptional and inspiring results!
Anzac Day – Poppy Pop ArtQuick View

Anzac Day – Poppy Pop Art

A fun, effective art activity for your students when celebrating Anzac Day. Draw some patterns on the poppy / background and colour it in. 4 different templates are included: ♦ TEMPLATE 1 and 2 – the patterns are given in the boxes at the base of the sheet. Students transfer these patterns to the poppy and the background and then colour everything in. ♦ TEMPLATE 3 – this is a blank template. Your students decide on their own 5 patterns and draw them in the boxes at the bottom of the sheet. ♦ TEMPLATE 4 – the patterns are already given on the poppy and the background. This is just a colouring activity. ********************************************************************** © Suzanne Welch Teaching Resources


A range of bright and colourful pop art classroom worksheets for leaners both KS3 and KS4. Included… Pop Art Can Design Pop Art Shoe Design Pop Art Handbag Design Pop Art Gridded Drawing Cities, London, NY and Paris.


In this short project aimed at 12-14 year-olds, students learn about hue and working on a large, exaggerated scale. The project is in three parts - drawing, painting and clay - and takes about 10 hours of lesson time. (The clay can be omitted for a shorter project.)
Pop Art worksheetsQuick View

Pop Art worksheets

An excellent resources with 5 worksheest to develop a variety of skills such as annotating, evaluating and creative making in the style of Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.
POP ART can design cover lesson / homework sheetQuick View

POP ART can design cover lesson / homework sheet

Worksheet for students to design their own pop art inspired can linking to artist such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Written Task and keyword bank on work sheet. great for a cover lesson or even a homework task to support next lesson. UPDATES FILE** Photo Credit All images available for free public use Clip Art - Pixabay R Evans own - Photoshop files
Pop art and Advertisment (Fun Lesson)Quick View

Pop art and Advertisment (Fun Lesson)

For this lesson students need to get messy in a fun way, you will need to purchase mini doughnuts and borrow from cooking or purchase yourself bright colour icy and cake toppers. This will engage students whilst creating ediable art
WARHOL Pop Art Colour by Numbers Activity SheetQuick View

WARHOL Pop Art Colour by Numbers Activity Sheet

Brilliant end of lesson activity that students can quietly work on. My Primary school students loved this activity sheet when learning about Andy Warhol and his Pop Art. You can take a peek at any Warhol lessons I post on my blog by going to the FeedingStickFigures.com Illustrated by Lauren Little | @artoflol (This download is a One-Sided Printable) www.FeedingStickFigures.com
Pop Art Clay CakesQuick View

Pop Art Clay Cakes

A unit of work with 4 powerpoints for the step-by-step creation of ceramic cakes influenced by Pop Art (Wayne Thiebaud and Claus Oldenburg). Students draw cakes from observation in lesson 1, create a paper sculpture from their drawing in lesson 2, create a slab-built rectangular cake (from a template) in lesson 3, and then glaze their cakes in lesson 4. The results are excellent and students love working in clay. Using a template allows you to get through the clay building lesson quickly so that there are not issues with work drying out between lessons. All resources are included plus a clay vocabulary word search. Enjoy make these fun cakes that look great on display!
Pop Art printablesQuick View

Pop Art printables

Image reference sheets covering the work of four major Pop artists: Warhol, Lichtenstein, Haring and Thiebaud. Free, but please review and comment!
Pop Art & Roy LichtensteinQuick View

Pop Art & Roy Lichtenstein

Powerpoint showing examples of the work of the Pop Artists with a focus on Roy Lichtenstein. Worksheet for suggested project is also available under my downloads.
Pop Art booklet KS3Quick View

Pop Art booklet KS3

Pop Art booklet based on Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein Enables you to walk into every lesson and have all the resources and things you need in the booklet - no extra printing Caters for all abilities and includes extension tasks Students complete the following tasks: What is Pop Art? - Assessment piece drawing sweets Pop Art collage using sweet wrappers and drawing of collage in Pop Art style (exemplars in booklet) Drawing cans of pop in Pop Art style Introduction to Roy Lichtenstein. What are ben-day dots? How can I use them in my work? Comic book drawings
Media Pop ArtQuick View

Media Pop Art

Pop Art gets a 21st Century facelift! This a Contemporary Scheme aimed at improving thinking skills and asks deep, Essential Questions of your students to learn how Modern Art has evolved into a thriving contemporary movement. And instead of just making a bland Pop Art style picture, the students are challenged to think about how the media affects their life. I’ve taught this unit to young children and exam classes alike with great results. Crucial to the project's success is the student refining and developing their ideas in light of peer and self evaluation. Includes resources on thinking skills and the 'Pointless' game to help you teach the thinking skills your students need. This project is very motivational and can be used year after year with constantly different results, my students loved it.
Pop Art & Roy LichtensteinQuick View

Pop Art & Roy Lichtenstein

Here is a document looking at the origins of Pop Art and it's key players as well as a focus on Roy Lichtenstein including examples of his work and suggested activities.