Rainforest PoetryQuick View

Rainforest Poetry

'Who lives here?' PowerPoint introduces a 'conversation' poem about the creatures and habitat of the rainforest. It provides a structured step by step lesson to support composition. It also allows reinforcement of parts of speech particularly verbs and prepositions. Extended poetry task also provided for variety and possible differentiation. Several verse examples are provided for clarity. Rainforest booklet is provided for children to write their final draft for display or poetry portfolio. 'Rainforest List Poem' PowerPoint continues with a poetic theme and uses a simple format to motivate composition. This clear, concise and colourful presentation leads the learners step by step through the composition of a list poem based on a 'rainforest' theme. There is a grammar element throughout with an emphasis on nouns, adjectives and 'ing' verbs. I have found a poetry context an effective way to embed incidental grammar teaching. Although the outcome is a simple list poem, it can easily be differentiated for older learners. This would involve extending each line using e.g. adverbs or an additional clause. Children are encouraged to compose an opening line, closing line and' list' lines inbetween.

By Alice K

Protecting the rainforestQuick View

Protecting the rainforest

A lesson for Edexcel B (9-1) GCSE that looks at protecting the rainforest, it looks at CITES and REDD as well as a case study.

By jessstroud

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Display lettering and posters for rainforest as well as writing frames for children to make their own booklet about the rainforest. Original writing frames made in publisher - I have added these so they can be edited to suit your class.

By hcjohnson

Adaptations in the rainforestQuick View

Adaptations in the rainforest

A lesson looking into animal and plant adaptations within the rainforests. Students end up creating their own creature and describe why they have included certain features.

By Andy123p

Rainforest Structure Carousel ActivityQuick View

Rainforest Structure Carousel Activity

A set of Power Point slides that can be printed as individual A4 and A3 sheets from which students collect information to produce their own diagram showing details about the structure of the rainforest. Guidance is included in the notes section of the slides.

By c_thursby

Rainforests Mind Movie StoryQuick View

Rainforests Mind Movie Story

A mind movie story adapted from an article about Juliane Koepecke, whose plane crashed into the Peruvian rainforest. This resource provides Key Stage 3 students with an excellent, engaging introduction to rainforests. It encourages them to write their own continuation of the story in which they use their senses and geographical imaginations to describe their surroundings. Particularly good when used with rainforest sound effects as students write!

By c_thursby

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Big Rainforest Lessons Bundle

Big Rainforest Lessons Bundle All My Rainforest Lessons in One Big Bundle! This download includes 11 of my complete lessons on the rainforest. There are detailed PowerPoints for each lesson with differentiated activities and engaging starters to explain several elements of the rainforest, including climate change, animal adaptions, physical locations and more. Thanks for looking  Please remember to leave feedback, for updates and promotions you can also follow me here. ***************************************************************************** Some of my other products: Big Science Bundle Pack . Complete Space and the Solar System Workbook . Complete Dialogues and Play Scripts Writing Unit . *****************************************************************************

By Charleei

Rainforest BundleQuick View

Rainforest Bundle

The bundle contains Rainforest lessons, case studies on Costa Rica and Madagascar. It contains exam questions WITH ANSWERS and revision.

By GJDavis27

Introduction to the RainforestQuick View

Introduction to the Rainforest

A simple introduction to the topic Rainforests. Photos to support simple text to encourage and promote discussion about this environment. Ideal as a start to the topic - Rainforests.

By Alice K

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This is a blank fact file template to use for collecting data by children. I create my own resources and would appreciate your feedback- Please leave a comment below. Thanks! fact file factfile rain forest data collection enviroment global warming protect our enviroment save the planet

By kliddy

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I used this powerpoint (which contains pictures only) whilst playing a CD with sounds of the rainforest. We used this in my special school as stimulus for poetry work; the template is also included here. It could also be used for younger pupils and pupils with SEN to stimulate discussion. If you found this helpful, please leave a review. Thank you.

By senteachinginfo

Deforestation of the RainforestQuick View

Deforestation of the Rainforest

This is a lesson I done with Year 8 about discussing the deforestation of the Rainforest. This can be used at the beginning of the unit or at the end. Involves a lot of discussion.

By Kittyannel09

Deforestation - RainforestsQuick View

Deforestation - Rainforests

IWB file for deforestation in rainforest. The children have to weigh up the pros and cons and give their own opinion on the matter.

By zebracake

Brazil and the Amazon RainforestQuick View

Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest

A simple introductory PowerPoint into Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest. I have embedded a video. If it doesn't play I have uploaded it separately. All supported with Widgit Symbols.

By MelHaagman90

STEM - Biomimicry for Young Children - RainforestQuick View

STEM - Biomimicry for Young Children - Rainforest

The rainforest is home to the most stunning and fascinating plants and animals. Biomimicry is an exciting way to inspire young children to be creative, curious and to observe the world. The projects are intended to inspire a playful and creative approach towards problem solving. Children come to understand how animals and plants can be used as a platform upon which ideas and inventions can be developed. Biomimicry bridges the boundaries traditionally found in education and provides young children with an opportunity to mix art, literature and science with an innovative approach. This topic also provides an opportunity to bring the learning outdoors – observing, listening and smelling are vital factors to build a foundation upon which ideas inspired by nature can be explored. 1. Why Teach Biomimicry 2. Getting Started Guide 3.How to Observe and Collect Information about the rainforest 4. Acrostic Parrot Poem 5. Things I love about Parrots. 6. Parrot Shape Poem 7. Red feathers 8. Clothes that never fade - Advert for Bunny Hats 9. Parrot Robo 10. Things I love about Toucans 11. Describe a Toucan 12.The beak of Toucan 13. The radiator - Toucan's beak 14. Cassowaries - helmet 15. Make up words - Cassowaries 16. Design word challenge - Cassowary 17. Slow Loris - insect repellent and energy bar 18. Loris mask and smell communication 19. Draw leaf insects - Make a "Where's the Leaf Insect?" book 20. Imagination challenge - Leaf Insect 21. Buttress roots - Architecture 22. Tall trees support each other - Design skyscrapers 23. Brazil nuts - I can open anything 24. Calla Lily's flower - Explore spiral shapes 25. Lobster Claws - Insect catching machine 26. Write a rainforest discovery story 27. Observation cards 28. How to use biomimicry in the classroom - inspiration and ideas 29. Links to videos and information 30. Two posters

By asajomard

Rainforest Art Plan KS1Quick View

Rainforest Art Plan KS1

3 weeks of Art planning based on the Rainforest and the paintings of Henri Rousseau. Children are taught to appreciate his art as well as create their own version of 'Surprise'.

By Morrisr9

Forests Under ThreatQuick View

Forests Under Threat

11 lessons for the Edexcel GCSE module Forests Under Threat. This is complete module. Specifically designed for the new Edexcel Geography GCSE but also suitable for AQA and OCR. All lesson are for 50 minutes to 1 hour of teaching time. Includes supporting worksheets for lessons - no additional resources are required. All lessons have a starter and lesson aim. Extension tasks and homework also included. All PowerPoints in the same signature style. For more resources visit thisisgeography.co.uk Lesson sequence: 1 - Tropical rainforests introduction 2 - Soil fertility and biodiversity 3 - Direct threats to tropical rainforests 4 - Indirect threats to tropical rainforests 5 - Protecting tropical rainforests 6 - A sustainable future for tropical rainforests 7 - What is a taiga like? 8 - Direct threats to taiga's 9 - Taiga under pressure 10 - Conserving the taiga wilderness 11 - Balancing exploitation and protection in the taiga All other Edexcel modules available

By thisisgeography

The Amazon RainforestQuick View

The Amazon Rainforest

This 44 page booklet helps students to explore the Amazon Rainforest; the animals found it it, the people who live there, what it provides us and how we are affecting it. The tasks include class, group and individual activities. Chapters include: What And Where Are The Worlds Biomes? What Is An Ecosystem? What Is A Rainforest? What Defines A Rainforest? How Does The Rainforest Run? Iguazu Falls How Is The Rainforest Structured? How Have Plants Adapted To Living In The Rainforest? Who Lives In The Rainforest? Who Else Lives In The Rainforest? The Kayapo Tribe The Yanomami Tribe The Matsés Tribe The Awa Tribe Who Else Lives In The Rainforest? What Does the Rainforest Give Us? How Are We Affecting The Rainforest? Can The Urucu Gas Project Provide Energy Without harming The Environment? Could You Survive The Rainforest?

By WillsonEducation