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sentence starters

I find pupils struggle to write self assessment and peer assessment comments, this resource is designed to help start pupils off The concept is you print out and laminate the sentence starters and punch a hole in each one and beind them together via a split keyring holder. The yellow cards are all ways to start self assessment comments The blue cards are all ways to start peer assessment comments The purple cards are aspects of the design the pupil can comment on

By gwilly

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Sentence Starters

PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate 7 different ways to vary the way pupils can start sentences. These are ISPACED sentence starters. I often refer to this before a piece of creative writing and have in the passed used the slides as a part of a classroom display. Suitable for pupils of all abilities in KS2.

By JackR2001

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Sentence Starters

Use a dice to roll a starter activity. The Grid is 6 by 6. Students roll their dice twice to count up and then along. They then carry out the task they have landed on. The grid has been adapted from @Tombrush1982's Roll a Plenary. Read full toolkit post here- Follow me on @ASTSupportaali

By mraali

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Sentence Starters

Two documents with sets of sentence starters in speech bubbles to facilitate discussion and reasoning in mathematics lessons. One has a set of sentence starters more suited to problem-solving (paler backgrounds, coloured borders) The other has sentence starters more suited to promote reasoning (vivid backgrounds, black borders) Both documents have one page of small versions that can be used by pupils during carpet sessions/at tables/in feely-bags etc. The rest of each document contains A5 display versions.

By n.dwatson1

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Magic box sentence starters

We wanted to write our own versions of the poem 'Magic Box', the ideas were starting to flow, but they got stuck in writing 'the first this, the first that, the first...' so I created a bank of different possible starters to widen their imaginations and it worked so well! DOUBLED our creativity! Such a recommended activity!

By jayfbb

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Sentence Starters

A colourful A3 sheet with sentence starters and connectives for all written areas covered within D&T. Works great as a differentiation resource and focuses on literacy within lessons. Student feedback on resource has been positive and they willingly use it.

By jaspreet14

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Sentence starters for PEE paragraphs

Gives learners examples of sentence starters and appropriate language to use for each part of the paragraph or essay. For example, how to introduce evidence or an explanation. There are also suggestions for introduction and conclusion language. It helps learners to add structure to thier longer pieces of writing. Useful for English as second language learners and can support less confident writers. It fits on one slide so is easy to display. In my context, it is useful in History and Geography but could be used in any subject requiring more detailed written responses.

By aerynsun

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Sentence Starter Generator

Simply put the Ppt. on slide show and it will whizz through a selection of interesting sentence starters with examples, then press 'S' to make it stop on one at random. This is great to keep students on their toes when writing - ask them to get going and then randomly select an opener with which they have to start their next sentence. This could also be used to quiz them on their knowledge of linguistic devices and word classes. Plus, they love watching it go!

By pip_knowles

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Assessment Sentence Starters / Cards

A set of two cards with sentence starters to support self and peer assessment. It can be used to self assess the creating, responding and evaluating skills of your students. Designed for Drama but can be used / adapted for other subjects.

By What_Is_In_A_Name

Sentence Starters for Annotating SketchbooksQuick View

Sentence Starters for Annotating Sketchbooks

Support your students when annotating their sketchbooks with these sentence starters. Areas covered include: Artist Research Pages Experimenting with Different Media Content Development Personal Response Reviewing Compositions This resource also includes some good examples of annotation in the black boxes. Click on my name above to see over 300 Art Teacher Resources.

By TheArtyTeacher

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Sentence Power - Starter Activities

‘Sentence Power’ is a series of fifteen starter activities designed to give students opportunities in experimenting with a variety of sentence forms in a variety of contexts. For instance, students may be asked to begin sentences with adverbs, participles, imperative verbs or abstract nouns; they may be asked to use rhetorical questions, repetition or rule of three within their sentences; they may be required to write a sentence in 15-20 words, or only five words, or end the sentence with an exclamation. Crucially though, students are asked to experiment with their sentence types in the context of different pieces of writing, such as an extract from a thriller, from a romantic novel, or a horror story; other contexts offered are advertisements, letters of complaint, diaries, reviews, instructions, etc. Contents: 15 PowerPoint Starters 15 page workbook. Note: All images are free for use commercially.

By johndayus1

PEEL Paragraphs Sentence Starters PosterQuick View

PEEL Paragraphs Sentence Starters Poster

This PEEL paragraphs sentence starters poster provides students with a range of phrases to help instigate their analysis of a text. English students are expected to use this technique regularly and this poster makes their task easier. This compliments the PEEL (Point Evidence Explain Link) Paragraphs Poster, which is also available to download. The PEEL paragraphs poster has been created in high resolution – A0 size (841mm x 1189mm) – so that you can use it as a classroom display. However, it will print perfectly well in other paper sizes, such as A4. For more learning resources, please visit: FREE English videos:

By poetryessay

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Sentence starters for An Inspector Calls essays

This resource allows students to develop their analyses, covering all the aspects of most literature mark schemes. For further differentiation, select appropriate sentence starters for students to use until they gain more confidence. This resource can also be used in order to help students to pinpoint the area of analysis that requires more development.

By AshleighFrance

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Topic Review Questions/Sentence starters

A set of questions and sentence starters to assess student's confidence levels and to evaluate the topic and improve for the next time that it is taught. This is for use at the end of a topic. It facilitates self-reflection and evaluation. The 'how I dealt with difficult areas' section is useful to share with other students. The student's response could be stuck onto an 'improvement wall' for example. The last question leads students to think about what they need to do to make further progress. Regular use of these questions is good preparation for observations/learning walks or inspections. These sheets can also be used as part of topic-related displays.

By mcraven