Building Suspense in Short StoriesQuick View

Building Suspense in Short Stories

Follows a simple formula of how to build up suspense in a story by gradually moving from safe to unsafe situations. Includes a simple story that slowly builds up the tension, leading to absolute terror. Great model for teaching the building up of fear in ghost stories.


An instant writing lesson or homework task. Just photocopy and use. Contains all you need. I have always found that children really struggle with plot development in their stories which holds them back. Twist paragraphs are a great way to get them focused on plot and engaging their reader. You will find an example of a short twist story to share with the children. This is followed by 3 prompts which lend themselves to twist endings to guide the children to success. The lesson explanation is packed with ideas for possible twists linked to the children's activity so you don't even have to think. HOPE YOU ENJOY. I TRY TO KEEP IT SIMPLE. FEEDBACK IS WELCOMED.
Short StoriesQuick View

Short Stories

These Power Point lessons introduce students to characters and characterization, setting, plot, conflict, theme, and general features… Each lesson contains a combination of activities, reflection and or short films to analyze. This bundle covers a 6 week unit. It does not contain the final assessment which should be to plan, draft, edit and finally write a short story.
Short Story Creative Writing Lesson (KS2 English)Quick View

Short Story Creative Writing Lesson (KS2 English)

An enjoyable and easy-to-manage short story creative writing lesson. This pack is designed for teaching 1-2 English writing lessons at KS2 and is great for developing text structure, grammatical awareness and imaginative language. *Note to my previous customers: This is the original lesson which I adapted for the 'New Year Short Story Writing Lesson'. The New Year version has also been available in my TES shop for some time, so please check that you haven't already bought it! The topic is writing a short story with a school theme. The teaching PowerPoint contains a story opening for the class to read and analyse, followed by an independent writing task, in which the children should continue and complete the story. Opportunities for the children to plan their ideas are also built in, allowing for the activity to be extended over 2 sessions. In addition, there is an optional challenge activity contained in the PowerPoint, as well as writing support sheets for any children that require them. All planning is also included in the pack. The flexibility of the lesson means that I have been able to use it in Years 3/4 and in Years 5/6. Includes: • Teacher PowerPoint presentation (with challenge task included) • Two differentiated writing support sheets (lower and middle ability) • Full planning grid, linked to English curriculum Please see the Goldtopfox shop for more great teaching resources:
Short Story SOL - Year 9 Quick View

Short Story SOL - Year 9

Pretty much a full SOL for a range of short stories. Created for a high level 5 to low level 7 year 9 class. I'm sorry I can't include copies of the stories referred to - this is for copyright reasons. I've included the first pages of the anthology with contents listed so it is clear what they are.
Structuring a Short StoryQuick View

Structuring a Short Story

Looking at basic structure - beginning, middle and end and the drawbacks. New structure that makes writing more engaging. Short Pixar film to watch to note basic plot points. Development is to include more developed points that link to structure. Plan own story. Write engaging opening. Success criteria.
Short story collection #ShortStory #CollectionQuick View

Short story collection #ShortStory #Collection

The following short stories are included: The Landlady by Roald Dahl All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury Charles by Shirley Jackson A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. New Boy by Roddy Doyle Note to Sixth-Grade Self by Julie Obringer Raymond's Run by Tony Cade Bambara Thank You, M'am by Langston Hughes The Two Brothers by Leo Tolstoy
Mini short stories wtih exercises. Quick View

Mini short stories wtih exercises.

22 short stories, 42 slides. Each can be storyboarded and adapted to hot seat activities. All on one file; I've put 6 so you can preview. Exercises and activities are provided for each story. Some of the stories are items adapted from the news.
Gothic short storiesQuick View

Gothic short stories

25 lessons around Gothic short stories. Includes analysis of extracts from Woman In Black and Frankenstein, as well as looking at Poe's short stories - "Masque of the Red Death" and "The Tell Tale Heart" and Roald Dahl's later "Lamb to the Slaughter". Culminates in students producing their own Gothic Short Story.
AQA Short Stories - Telling TalesQuick View

AQA Short Stories - Telling Tales

A series of resources and tasks to help teachers with regards to AQA's 'Telling Tales' Anthology. Most resources can be adapted and altered to suit individual teachers, and are intended to make planning and creation of resources quicker for this text, not to eliminate it all together.
Personal Study of Short Story - Horowitz Story BundleQuick View

Personal Study of Short Story - Horowitz Story Bundle

This resource could be used for S1/2/3 pupils for independent study of a prose text. This collection is a horror story collection by author Anthony Horowitz Each resource includes: - Prior Knowledge Task - Short Story - Plot Task - Understanding Questions - Inference Questions - Character Study - Theme - Design A Book Cover task Teachers notes includes answers for all questions
Making inferences with VERY SHORT storiesQuick View

Making inferences with VERY SHORT stories

After learning what it means to make inferences, students will be surprised at how much they can infer with very little information. This lesson is easy to adjust depending on time and background knowledge and is a great lesson to springboard into other activities.
Shorts - introducing short storiesQuick View

Shorts - introducing short stories

The following resource (activities and brief teaching notes) is an engagement activity to launch the study of short stories. Students are required to write a short story about something short.
KS2 English Sci-Fi Short StoryQuick View

KS2 English Sci-Fi Short Story

Short Sci-Fi story that can be used when identifying features of a narrative or to model writing a short story. Includes a number of punctuation including semi-colons, colons, ellipsis, speech marks and exclamation mark. Also includes: fronted adverbials, expanding noun phrases, similes, paragraphs and ambitious adjectives & verbs.