Spanish Valentine's Day PPTQuick View

Spanish Valentine's Day PPT

Simple powerpoint - some basic valentine’s relationship vocab then a ‘find the present’ game which revises colours and numbers to 12. Children have to say which heart they think the present is hiding behind.

By adora

Valentine's Day Spanish, San Valentin PACKET of activities for Spanish classesQuick View

Valentine's Day Spanish, San Valentin PACKET of activities for Spanish classes

14 Spanish Valentines Day activities to help your Spanish students celebrate Valentine's Day while learning new vocabulary and building their communicative skills in the Target Language. These activities are also great to have on hand for your Fast Finishers during the month of February, and are perfect emergency sub plans because they are self contained lessons. Included in this 37 page packet you will find: -Tips and Suggestions for use -Bulletin Board elements -Valentine's Day vocabulary handouts -3 dictionary activities -4 word searches (just for fun!) -A Spanish Valentine's Day Glyph -An activity for "anti" Valentine's Day :) -M.A.S.H. (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House) game in Spanish *also sold separately: In My Store -"Speed Dating" communicative activity for Spanish classes *also sold separately: In My Store I appreciate your positive feedback! Enjoy! ♥ La Profesora Frida

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Valentines Day Survey -SpanishQuick View

Valentines Day Survey -Spanish

This 10 question multiple choice survey covers all aspects of Valentines Day. Students can do it in class as a reading activity or you can assign it the night before as homework and use it as a discussion in class. Focus on using comparatives, reviewing interrogatives while talking about the ritual and the ridiculo of the holiday.

By wumpus30

Spanish Valentine's Day - El Dia de San ValentinQuick View

Spanish Valentine's Day - El Dia de San Valentin

18 pages of fun Spanish worksheets and activities for Valentine’s Day. This set includes: * Write around the room activity to learn 10 Spanish words associated with Valentine’s Day - 10 half page pictures to hide around the room and a worksheet for the students to complete as they find the words. * Anagrams worksheet plus answer key. * Valentine’s Day flip book to color, complete and assemble. * Wordsearch activity plus answer key. * Acrostic activity (two versions - one with initial letters given to provide for differentiation in the classroom) plus answer key. * 2 Color by Number Valentine’s Day Cards to practice number and color vocabulary. A version is included without color words so that the teacher can choose which color words to practice. Valentine's Day vocab - love, a hug, a kiss, a friend, a rose, a gift, flowers, a card, candy and a heart.

By LlanguageLlamas

Spanish Valentine's Day Matching Squares PuzzleQuick View

Spanish Valentine's Day Matching Squares Puzzle

Spanish Valentine's Day Matching Squares Puzzle - Students assemble a 3 x 3 Spanish/English vocabulary puzzle with 24 words and phrases associated with Valentine's Day and love. Sample words and phrases are: te quiero, mi amor, los dulces, el chocolate, rojo, el corazón, el beso, and abrázame Words are only listed on the puzzle once. Just photocopy enough for a class set (1 for every 2 students if working in pairs, or 1 per student if working alone), cut and fasten with a paper clip. Distribute to students and challenge them to reassemble the puzzles as quickly as possible. There is a list of all words alongside the puzzle in Spanish and English. This can be used as a Valentine's Day vocabulary bookmark and reference. The download includes: 1. Puzzle page with bilingual vocabulary list on the side 2. Puzzle page with a Spanish only word list so students can write the translations. 3. Instructions and suggestions page

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This bundle includes 4 resources on the topic love and relationship which can be used with upper-intermediate students. The resources included are: - 5 activities around the topic breaking up a relationship based on a Youtube video and a comic by Quino. - 45 cut-out conversation cards - A Reading Comprehension+ Answer Key on the Topic Speed Dating - A personalized poster-worksheet for students to fill out For further details, please check each resource individually.

By VTarantino

Spanish Valentine's Day Love Poems - Poesia del AmorQuick View

Spanish Valentine's Day Love Poems - Poesia del Amor

Get your students in the mood for Valentine's Day with these 2 love poems in Spanish! Both are classics, one familiar in the English language and the other by a famous Spanish author. They're easy to learn, great for speaking and pronunciation practice, and perfect for adding excitement to the classroom when students present them to the class! Included: 1. Both poems on 1 page for in class presentation 2. Both poems on 1 page as close exercises 3. Both poems copied 2 per page for student handouts. 3 pages

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Spanish St. Valentine's Poster-Worksheet  (intermediate or upper-intermediate)Quick View

Spanish St. Valentine's Poster-Worksheet (intermediate or upper-intermediate)

This resource is only one page long and it is intended for intermediate and upper-intermediate Spanish students (16+, AS, A2). It consists of a personalized poster around the topics love and St. Valentine's Day, which students fill out with their own personal ideas and information. Students can then compare their posters in pairs or groups or share them orally with the rest of the class. The poster has an inviting and motivating design and all the instructions are written in Spanish. It can also be used by TA's to do something different and special on St. Valentine's Day. If you are looking for more St. Valentine's resources for your Spanish class, check my Spanish St. Valentine's bundle. Please, leave a comment after downloading! Thank you! Visit my TES shop, THE SPANISH WORKSHOP, for tons of great Spanish resources. Sales are awaiting you every week!

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Spanish Valentine's day lesson + exercise / Dia de San Valentin (no prep)Quick View

Spanish Valentine's day lesson + exercise / Dia de San Valentin (no prep)

Hi everyone! Valentine’s day is just around the corner! Ready to spread love and vocabulary in Spanish? So, here is a colorful powerpoint with 36 slides about Valentine's day in Spanish and its activity booklet with 11 pages to make Valentine’s day a memorable day for your students. I made it quite flexible to allow you to work with children, teens or even adults! You just need to choose which activities are best suited for your audience! The level is from pre-intermediate to intermediate. It contains -a self-target setting slide, -a commercial about Valentine to trigger their speaking skills - a video that should be played without the sound for students to predict the story - slides explaining the story followed by a true false exercise - a presentation of vocabulary - 3 fun memorizing games - a word search - a maze - a dialogue to practise with a review about likes and dislikes + opinions - a colouring activity to review colours - an activity to have students to write a Valentine's card - a song with filling gaps. - a review of objectives I hope you will like it as much as my students did! Happy Valentine! Use the activity booklet for more efficiency!

By foxtrotters

El Día de San Valentín Lectura ~ Valentine’s Day Spanish ReadingQuick View

El Día de San Valentín Lectura ~ Valentine’s Day Spanish Reading

This reading follows a couple celebrating Valentine's Day together in a romantic restaurant. The preliminary paragraph is written from the first-person perspective of the young lady waiting for her boyfriend to arrive. The second portion includes a script between them as well as a short poem he has written her. The reading is entirely in the present tense and includes a glossary of specialized Valentines vocabulary. The second page includes a reading comprehension section and a short writing assignment. Activity ideas: students can read the story in pairs. They can then discuss how they plan to celebrate Valentine's Day or a past Valentine's Day. Students can also practice writing a short poem including some of the new vocabulary to perform for the class!

By ninatutor