Spanish Valentine's Day PPTQuick View

Spanish Valentine's Day PPT

Simple powerpoint - some basic valentine’s relationship vocab then a ‘find the present’ game which revises colours and numbers to 12. Children have to say which heart they think the present is hiding behind.
Valentine's Day Spanish, San Valentin PACKET of activities for Spanish classesQuick View

Valentine's Day Spanish, San Valentin PACKET of activities for Spanish classes

The following NINE packets are included in this BUNDLE: 1. Valentine’s Day Cootie Catcher / Comecocos 2. M.A.S.H. MASH, Spanish Future Tense, Simple Future Tense 3. Spanish Class Communicative Activity Citas Rapidas / Speed Dating 4. Stay on Task Strips, Valentine’s Edition (Not available for purchase separately!) 5. Spanish Valentine’s Day GLYPH, Reading Comprehension 6. Valentine’s Day Mystery Picture Sample! 7. Spanish Valentine’s Day Posters / February Bulletin Board Elements 8. Spanish Valentine’s Day Vocabulary Lists / Sopa De Letras / Dictionary Activities 9. Blank Word Search Templates> so your students can create their own Sopa de Letras with their new vocabulary! So many activities! You won't have time to do them all in one class period! The price is a bargain even if you don't have time to do them all during the week of Valentine's Day. Please download the free preview and visit each individual lesson to see if these activities are right for your classes! I appreciate your positive feedback! Enjoy! ♥ La Profesora Frida
Spanish Valentine Colors Activity WorksheetQuick View

Spanish Valentine Colors Activity Worksheet

This Spanish colors activity includes 12 Valentine hearts to color according to the Spanish color word indicated below each of them. There are 10 color words, plus striped and polka dot. There is a bilingual word bank on the bottom showing both Spanish and English color words, and a page that shows the 12 Valentine hearts in color with the corresponding color words.
Valentines counting worksheets in SpanishQuick View

Valentines counting worksheets in Spanish

Set of 5 worksheets with Valentines Day as the theme. 1 - circle the number of objects that the directions give; 2 - cut and pastes the pictures by the correct number; 3 - draw a line from the pictures to the correct number; 4 - the page has 6 different Valentines pictures mixed together which students are to count; 5 - boxes of objects that students are to count. Uses the numbers 1 - 10.
Valentines Day Survey -SpanishQuick View

Valentines Day Survey -Spanish

This 10 question multiple choice survey covers all aspects of Valentines Day. Students can do it in class as a reading activity or you can assign it the night before as homework and use it as a discussion in class. Focus on using comparatives, reviewing interrogatives while talking about the ritual and the ridiculo of the holiday.
Spanish reading: Direct Object PronounsQuick View

Spanish reading: Direct Object Pronouns

Students will laugh out loud as they read this funny story about two girls receiving a Facebook love letter from the same boy! They won't even realize that they are practicing object pronouns at the same time! Notes and a practice worksheet included with the story. Also a fun activity for Valentine's Day!
Spanish Valentine's Day - El Dia de San ValentinQuick View

Spanish Valentine's Day - El Dia de San Valentin

18 pages of fun Spanish worksheets and activities for Valentine’s Day. This set includes: * Write around the room activity to learn 10 Spanish words associated with Valentine’s Day - 10 half page pictures to hide around the room and a worksheet for the students to complete as they find the words. * Anagrams worksheet plus answer key. * Valentine’s Day flip book to color, complete and assemble. * Wordsearch activity plus answer key. * Acrostic activity (two versions - one with initial letters given to provide for differentiation in the classroom) plus answer key. * 2 Color by Number Valentine’s Day Cards to practice number and color vocabulary. A version is included without color words so that the teacher can choose which color words to practice. Valentine's Day vocab - love, a hug, a kiss, a friend, a rose, a gift, flowers, a card, candy and a heart.
Spanish Valentine's Day Color by Number Activities - San ValentinQuick View

Spanish Valentine's Day Color by Number Activities - San Valentin

Spanish Valentine's Day Color by Number Activities - San Valentin - Students practice 8 different Spanish colors with these 4 slightly different designs of Valentine hearts. Included: 1. Colored, numbered heart for projecting in class - students can write the color words on paper or on the Smart Board 2. Plain, numbered heart. Students color the heart sections based on the colors provided. 3. Plain, numbered heart. Students choose the colors that they want, write them on the key and color the heart sections accordingly. 4. Plain heart with no numbers that can be colored in any way desired.
Valentine's Day Writing Centers in SpanishQuick View

Valentine's Day Writing Centers in Spanish

Valentine's Day Writing Centers in Spanish is a fun way to introduce Valentine's Day vocabulary to your students while helping them increase their Spanish language skills. This booklet can be used at writing centers or workstations in a classroom. You can laminate the cards, then place them at different stations to help your students remember the words. Each writing center might feature one of the four different writing activities. Another option is to hang the cards on your word wall or bulletin board and use the writing activities as daily activities that students can complete during the class period. Included: 16 Spanish Valentine's Day word cards 4 different writing activities: A Valentine's Day List Describe a Valentine's Day Picture A Letter to Your Valentine The Colors of Valentine's Day All graphics are original and created by myself.
Spanish Valentine's Day SmartBoard Games & ActivitiesQuick View

Spanish Valentine's Day SmartBoard Games & Activities

Spanish Valentine's Day SmartBoard Games & Activities - Valentine's Day will be definitely be happy in your classroom with these 7 Smart Board games and activities! Included are: 1. Colored Hearts - for practicing colors and/or prepositions 2. Body & Clothing - drag words to correct place, then draw additional words 3. Word Guess Spelling - spell the Spanish Valentine words 4. Word Generator - translate the Spanish Valentine words 5. Drag Word to Picture - more body parts & clothing practice 6. Random Image Chooser - say Spanish word for the random image that appears 7. Word Biz Spelling - provide the Spanish spelling for the English Valentine word or phrase. Note: The download contains 1 SmartBoard activity file. The other files shown are preview files only.
Spanish Valentine's Day Bookmarks - With and Without Vocabulary WordsQuick View

Spanish Valentine's Day Bookmarks - With and Without Vocabulary Words

Spanish Valentine's Day Bookmarks - With and Without Vocabulary Words - The images included on the bookmarks are chocolate, flores, amor, abrazos, and tarjetas. Each page contains 5 of the same bookmark. The version without the vocabulary words gives the option of having students write the vocabulary words for a little extra practice. Just copy, cut, and share with your students!
Spanish Valentine's Day Descriptive Adjectives Reference & ActivityQuick View

Spanish Valentine's Day Descriptive Adjectives Reference & Activity

Students LOVE this Spanish Valentine's Day class activity and follow-up homework assignment! They use the construction "Pienso que..." and lots of Spanish descriptive adjectives while they write about their classmates. At the end of class they have a nice keepsake from a fun day that many take home and keep and talk about for years! Contents: - 3 numbered pages for the in class activity which will cover a class size of up to 42 students, if necessary. - Instruction page explaining both the in class activity and the follow-up activity. - 3 pages (137 words!) of English to Spanish descriptive adjectives for use with this activity and for future student reference.
Spanish Valentine's Day Numbers and Math Listening ActivityQuick View

Spanish Valentine's Day Numbers and Math Listening Activity

Practice numbers and listening skills on Valentine's Day! This Spanish numbers listening activity will hold the attention of your students as they make their way around the oval and write the numbers that you dictate. After all numbers are dictated, students quickly do the math and find the correct number based on the numbers that they hear and wrote and how accurate their math skills are. They will be anxious to raise their hands and share their results! You choose the numbers for the activity so it can be used for very basic numbers or large numbers, depending on what your focus is. Teacher instructions and suggestions are included.
Spanish Valentine's Day Mad Lib Writing ActivityQuick View

Spanish Valentine's Day Mad Lib Writing Activity

Add some creative fun to grammar in your classroom with this Spanish Mad Lib! Included are 3 pages as follows: 1. Students list 29 words according to the description indicated, such as adjective, noun, infinitive verb, name or adverb. 2. Students transfer the 29 words onto the story page. 3. Students translate the story to English on the lined page. This activity is fun for students to create and even more fun to present in class! It can be used as a Valentine's Day activity, but works well any time since only the first sentence mentions Valentine's Day. It's also a good activity for a substitute teacher lesson plan.
Spanish Valentine's Day and Ordinal Numbers ChantQuick View

Spanish Valentine's Day and Ordinal Numbers Chant

Spanish Valentine's Day and Ordinal Numbers Chant - This Valentine's Day chant contains 10 different words associated with Valentine's day and love, ordinal numbers from first to tenth, tener que + infinitive, and ir a + infinitive. Each vocabulary word is repeated 4 times either in its entirety, or partially for longer words which gives students lots of pronunciation practice. The repetitive nature helps students learn the vocabulary quickly. Once they do, they enjoy seeing how quickly they can say the chant!
Spanish Valentine's Day Matching Squares PuzzleQuick View

Spanish Valentine's Day Matching Squares Puzzle

Spanish Valentine's Day Matching Squares Puzzle - Students assemble a 3 x 3 Spanish/English vocabulary puzzle with 24 words and phrases associated with Valentine's Day and love. Sample words and phrases are: te quiero, mi amor, los dulces, el chocolate, rojo, el corazón, el beso, and abrázame Words are only listed on the puzzle once. Just photocopy enough for a class set (1 for every 2 students if working in pairs, or 1 per student if working alone), cut and fasten with a paper clip. Distribute to students and challenge them to reassemble the puzzles as quickly as possible. There is a list of all words alongside the puzzle in Spanish and English. This can be used as a Valentine's Day vocabulary bookmark and reference. The download includes: 1. Puzzle page with bilingual vocabulary list on the side 2. Puzzle page with a Spanish only word list so students can write the translations. 3. Instructions and suggestions page
Spanish Valentine's Day Mini-Lesson and GameQuick View

Spanish Valentine's Day Mini-Lesson and Game

This mini-lesson is perfect for reviewing the vocabulary for loved family and friends, reviewing basic SER conjugations students practice giving loved ones compliments and phrases of love! It has valentine's hearts and a matching game for practicing what they've learned. This mini-lesson was created for a mixed-grade homeschool co-op enrichment class to celebrate Valentine's Day and help the kids create their own valentines. This contains the following pages: A vocabulary sheet with names of family members, a few ways of saying "I love you," a few compliments, and a SER conjugation chart. 13 filled-in conversation hearts with Valentine's Day phrases, like "besos" and "abrazos" etc. (See Sample) 13 blank conversation hearts 11 hearts with English names for loved ones and 11 with the corresponding Spanish to print and glue together and play a game. A page with one idea for a game using the 11 hearts. Or use the matching hearts for a game of your own creation!