'Starbooks' Guided ReadingQuick View

'Starbooks' Guided Reading

Here is a slightly different way to do 'guided reading&' to motivate pupils to enjoy it. The plans are underpinned by a fun &';book club' feel to guided reading where pupils want to read as a group and have the incentive of a special 'starbooks' lesson at the end of term. (During which the pupils will get hot chocolate if their loyalty card has been filled out.)
Takeaway Homework(4 Versions: Starbooks, KFC, Pizza, FA League)Quick View

Takeaway Homework(4 Versions: Starbooks, KFC, Pizza, FA League)

These sheets are handed out when setting homework and students choose one that they are going to complete. Each version of takeaway homework has some different tasks so I use different ones every so often to give students a range. I have a homework loyalty card so students know if they just the harder choices they get more stamps, with a completed card earning them a reward e.g phone call home. This worked really well to push students to challenge themselves. For the Pizza one I print out all the slices cut and laminate. I then went to local pizza chain and asked for a clean empty box and then placed them all in there. When setting homework students took a slice to do. The Starbooks version has a downloaded font so might not appear on the word document so a PDF is included which will have the chalk text effect.