GCSE Design & Technology startersQuick View

GCSE Design & Technology starters

A collection of design and technology starters aimed at GCSE. Each slide includes a ‘odd one out’ question and a 'what can you see in the picture?' These are to provoke general discussion and revision. Also includes the answers. There was 16 starters in total. I’ve attached a PDF and powerpoint version of this.
PEE Paragraph Sentence StartersQuick View

PEE Paragraph Sentence Starters

Used for both Key Stages 3 and 4 in English Language. Designed to be printed double sided (PEE on one side, connectives on reverse, same with writing and vocabulary) for students to use during assessment/guided writing. I have them printed in colour on card and laminated for my classroom and it’s a great resource - just grab them if you need, or distribute to individuals who are struggling. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
Outstanding English starter and plenary activitiesQuick View

Outstanding English starter and plenary activities

86 PowerPoint slides consisting of starters and plenaries. Can be printed as worksheets, edited and adapted. I have created these over the last 4 years whilst teaching English. I teach English to KS3 SEMH students, but these can be adapted for KS2 and KS4. I have had several lessons observations using such slides, graded as outstanding, including an English observation from OFSTED. Slides can be printed out as worksheets for students, added to your existing PowerPoints, can be edited and adapted depending on topic. Activities include: Paired discussion templates Dictionary and thesarus tasks Two truths and a lie Quiz templates Here is the answer, what is the question A to Z Word bank template Pictures links What if? Teach an alien Match the keywords How many words can you make out of…? Brain dump memory master …and many more.
Outstanding starter and plenary activitiesQuick View

Outstanding starter and plenary activities

81 adaptable and amendable PowerPoint slides to attach as starters and plenaries to any lesson. Some can be printed as worksheets. Using these starters and plenaries I have received many observations graded as outstanding, including an English lesson graded as outstanding by OFSTED. Each slide includes teachers notes on the bottom for instruction. Activities include: Two Truths and a lie Matching definitions Describe the picture Brain dump Back to Back A to Z Freeze frame Wordsearch …and many more.
Component 3 Revision Starter PackQuick View

Component 3 Revision Starter Pack

6 Resources
£24’s worth of revision resources bundled together at a great price. Bundle contains 7 lessons and revision booklets. Lots of tasks for students to do. Lessons include lots of modeled answers. You can also access different case studies and exam questions to widen your student’s experience of case studies. Lessons are clearly differentiated and are exam skills focused.
Art Vocab Bank and Sentence Starter help sheetsQuick View

Art Vocab Bank and Sentence Starter help sheets

Set of 3 sheets to help with annotations and analysis of artist's work Pack includes - 1x ART VOCAB BANK 1x ANNOTATIONS SENTENCE STARTERS 1x ARTIST ANALYSIS SENTENCE STARTERS Please leave feedback if you found this resource useful. Happy Teaching. :)
KS3 Types of Energy Starter ActivityQuick View

KS3 Types of Energy Starter Activity

This starter activity involves students matching photos describing an energy type to the name of the energy and the definition of the energy. An example is given. Depending on abilities, this activity may take an average of 10 minutes. By purchasing this file, you're free to edit and customise to your needs.
starters and plenariesQuick View

starters and plenaries

these two ppt's have hundreds of ideas for starter and plenary games, puzzles and quizes for you to use. enjoy!!
PEEL Paragraphs Sentence Starters PosterQuick View

PEEL Paragraphs Sentence Starters Poster

This PEEL paragraphs sentence starters poster provides students with a range of phrases to help instigate their analysis of a text. English students are expected to use this technique regularly and this poster makes their task easier. This compliments the PEEL (Point Evidence Explain Link) Paragraphs Poster, which is also available to download. The PEEL paragraphs poster has been created in high resolution – A0 size (841mm x 1189mm) – so that you can use it as a classroom display. However, it will print perfectly well in other paper sizes, such as A4.
24 Lesson Starters for Design TechnologyQuick View

24 Lesson Starters for Design Technology

A powerpoint of 24 lesson starters for Design Technology. Great for KS3 especially. Minimal preparation required, just need a projector! Topics cover resistant materials, graphics and product design.
Year 5 SPAG StartersQuick View

Year 5 SPAG Starters

25 Grammar and Punctuation Starters for Year 5 Quick starters to help reinforce grammar teaching. Starts with a recap of the year 4 national curriculum grammar subjects and then moves on to year 5. Covers: plural and possessive s, noun phrases, prepositional phrases, fronted adverbials, speech, apostrophes for possession, determiners, pronouns, possessive pronouns, converting nouns and adjectives to verbs, relative clauses, adverbs, modal verbs, cohesion, brackets, dashes and commas for parenthesis and commas for ambiguity.
Vocabulary Builder Lesson StartersQuick View

Vocabulary Builder Lesson Starters

These lesson starters were made for a Higher class who struggled with the vocabulary used in Higher Reading for UAE/Close Reading papers Each PPT has six words with jumbled meanings and the right answers on the following slide
Sentence StartersQuick View

Sentence Starters

Two documents with sets of sentence starters in speech bubbles to facilitate discussion and reasoning in mathematics lessons. One has a set of sentence starters more suited to problem-solving (paler backgrounds, coloured borders) The other has sentence starters more suited to promote reasoning (vivid backgrounds, black borders) Both documents have one page of small versions that can be used by pupils during carpet sessions/at tables/in feely-bags etc. The rest of each document contains A5 display versions.
Year 3/4 SPAG StartersQuick View

Year 3/4 SPAG Starters

Morning activities or SPAG starter activities. The ActivInspire flipchart has 12 activities for year 3 and year 4 pupils to complete. There is an additional worksheet with 5 activities that can be printed and stuck into workbooks. SPAG activities include homophones, prepositions, fronted adverbials, clauses, spellings and tenses.
Maths lesson startersQuick View

Maths lesson starters

130 power point slides to use as mental starter activities in maths lessons, either independently or in pairs . There are a number of different types of activity, all encouraging mental flexibility in the use of the 4 operations. The slides get more challenging to enable progression throughout the term / year. Aimed at a more able Year 5-6 group but could easily be adapted for different abilities.
Register Recaps - Lesson Starter ActivitiesQuick View

Register Recaps - Lesson Starter Activities

5 Great lesson starter activities that can be adapted for ANY subject or curriculum. Activities are fun and focus on pupil choice for theory and literacy recap! Download the PowerPoint to use or adapt to suit your subject area. Brightly coloured with a simple layout: Knowledge Wheel: Students have to get from A-B by answering the questions correctly. However, if they want to get the most points, the must take the long route around, answering the more difficult coloured questions. This method gives students a choice and is differentiated for different levels of ability. Target Practice: Using 3 darts, students must select 3 questions to answer to try to get the most points. Question difficulty varies based on the number of points each colour is worth. Again, this method gives students a choice and is differentiated for different levels of ability. Keyword Scrabble: Students must figure out each of the keywords by answering the clues and matching the letters to the total number of points. This activity is a great way to check student understanding and correct spellings. Connect 4 Analysis: Students must connect 4 in a row, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. At the top of each column there is a product analysis heading. Student can only connect 4 if they correctly analyse the product based on the heading. For example: Analysis the function of the torch, iPhone, fidget spinner and washing machine. Analysing the aesthetics of the watch, consumer of the baby toy, function of the fidget spinner and material of the Xbox pad. The gives students a choice from a range of analysis categories. Vocab Snap: Students have 2 minutes to match the vocabulary word to its definition. Using a mini whiteboard they can write, 5E…1C etc. This is a great way of embedding keywords and literacy easily.
A Christmas Carol Taboo (Starter/plenary)Quick View

A Christmas Carol Taboo (Starter/plenary)

A competitive and engaging starter which includes key characters, themes and events from A Christmas Carol. Each slide contains a key quotation so also useful for revision. Rules are explained on the second slide.