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I have developed this for use predominantly with KS3 but it could also be used at KS4. 1 hour lesson. 1 x PPT which leads the lesson complete with short clips on the problem of over fishing and why it is a problem. Also a short clip on the work of the MSC in regulating fishing worldwide. 1 x Game for the whole class using popcorn and straw to mimic fish and a fishing rod. Students have a short amount of time to 'catch' fish using the straw and then must adjust their strategy to maintain fish stocks for the coming seasons. A practical way of getting students to experience the problems associated with over fishing. Feedback welcome!
Sustainable city - FreiburgQuick View

Sustainable city - Freiburg

Card sort on Freiburg including facts and images. Pupils sort into key factors of sustainability (energy/food/transport/green space etc). Made for Geography AQA new spec
Sustainable Management of Tropical RainforestQuick View

Sustainable Management of Tropical Rainforest

Title- How can the tropical rainforest be managed sustainably? Learning Objectives - Bronze- To be able to recall key facts about the biomes Silver- To describe how people can manage the TRF Gold- To identify and explain how people can manage the TRF Work is differentiated through exam style questions structure (Higher fishbone and worksheet and Foundation fishbone and worksheet) Video clips and Worksheets are also embedded within the PowerPoint. - Also answers are available on the PowerPoint.
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Create a sustainable battery!

Students are introduced to the history of the battery and how it works. Students make a salt battery using readily available equipment (salt, steel foil, graphite rods, card, water, plastic beaker). Use a multi meter (set to (milliamp) to test the effectiveness of their batteries.
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Sustainable Cities! Characteristics of a Sustainable City - Development

The Big Picture: Unsustainable urban living is harmful to Human life. Key idea: Attempts can be made to ensure that urban living is sustainable. Students progress as you lead them through the learning objectives. The objectives grow in difficulty. Learning Objectives: 1) To list problems of an unsustainable city- D grade 2) To define what a sustainable city is - C grade 3) To categorise the features of a sustainable city – B grade 4) To explain how a city can be sustainable - A-A* grade Resources: The PPT is the Whole Lesson *Print the last slide out as an A3 Sheet with the text in the centre for students to add a key and categorise and add their arrows and annotations around. Bell Task- On your white board/Back off your book/Post it ..... If you were to visit a UK city in 100 years time ..... What would it look like? What would it have in it and what wouldn’t be there? Main - A Variety of Tasks: - Key Word Definitions - Diagram Annotation - Discussion - Categorisations of Text - Expanded Annotations Plenary - The Hot Seat - Students can be tested in-front of the class - or ask students to sit back to back and to test each other on each of the Learning Objectives of this lesson.
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A lesson on sutainability with DART activity on human impacts on the environment
Sustainability: FoodQuick View

Sustainability: Food

Complete 1 hour lesson with starter handout and worksheets Suitable for KS3/4 Variety of different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Differentiated to 3 levels or more Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above More cheap and free resources available at my shop: Emjcot's Shop Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
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Sustainable tourism

Comprehensive two part lesson series covering sustainability and sustainable tourism in Peru. originally designed as part of a KS3 Rainforests module. Includes: - 2 x presentations - Info sheets - Map - Handout For more resources visit
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Great lesson on sustainability and introducing the concept of the 6 R's. Little practical fun as well.
Dongtan Eco City - Sustainability in ChinaQuick View

Dongtan Eco City - Sustainability in China

A KS3 lesson about sustainable development in China. Uses SOLO outcomes and hexagons for pupils to find links in sustainability. Engages the pupils and really gets them thinking about what makes an eco-city work! Extensions and homework included. Included : Detailed lesson plan SOLO hexagons PPT Homework activities Used for outstanding observation lesson
ORGANIC FOOD - Sustainable?Quick View

ORGANIC FOOD - Sustainable?

I use this with Year 8 as part of a demonstration lesson. The resources are designed to last about 35 mins although can easily stretch to an hour once discussion is initiated. There are useful video clips embedded which explains very clearly what organic food is and provides a useful platform for discussion. The issue of Genetic modification is also covered. There is a writing frame to help weaker students record key points and then there is an activity sheet which requires students to make comparisons and think about the impact between organic farming and commercial mass production. Includes an extension activity.
Sustainable DevelopmentQuick View

Sustainable Development

This powerpoint is designed to hopefully stimulate class discussion on sustainable development with GCSE students. My class followed up this with paired presentations on a particular aspect of sustainable development
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Sustainability - reducingQuick View

Sustainability - reducing

includes four you tube links - healthy eating rap, organic farming, food miles and eco footprint of a fish finger. covers reducing salt, sugar, fat. reduction in processed food, eco footprint, food miles and organic foods.
Sustaining Ecosystems - Polar RegionsQuick View

Sustaining Ecosystems - Polar Regions

5 part lesson series for the OCR GCSE module Sustaining Ecosystems. This is part of the module to be taught alongside Ecosystems and Tropical Rainforests. Specifically designed for the new OCR Geography GCSE but also suitable for AQA and Edexcel. All lesson are for 50 minutes to 1 hour of teaching time. Includes supporting worksheets for lessons - no additional resources are required. All lessons have a starter and lesson aim. Extension tasks and homework also included. All PowerPoints in the same signature style. For more resources visit Lesson sequence: 1 - Polar regions 2 - Opportunities in Svalbard 3 - Challenges in Svalbard 4 - Cold environments under threat 5 - Managing cold environments Full module available for £10
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7. Sustainable Water Supplies

AQA GCSE Geography (2016) Unit 2- Challenges In The Human Environment Section C- The Challenge Of Resource Management Lesson 7- Sustainable Water Supplies
Sustainable CitiesQuick View

Sustainable Cities

What sustainable cities are and the students design their own sustainable cities taking examples from the resources. Good for use over two lessons if you want to add more detail.
GCSE AQA: Sustainable energy useQuick View

GCSE AQA: Sustainable energy use

KS4 GCSE AQA: Unit 2 Challenges in the human environment The Challenge of Resource Management - Sustainable energy use One-hour lesson. Literacy task focusing on reading for meaning. Must be used in conjunction with pgs 296-297 of the Oxford textbook. Pupils to understand how to reduce energy demand and which stakeholders are important in enabling this to happen.
Sustaining EcosystemsQuick View

Sustaining Ecosystems

13 lessons for the OCR GCSE module Sustaining Ecosystems. This is complete module. Specifically designed for the new OCR Geography GCSE but also suitable for AQA and Edexcel. All lesson are for 50 minutes to 1 hour of teaching time. Includes supporting worksheets for lessons - no additional resources are required. All lessons have a starter and lesson aim. Extension tasks and homework also included. All PowerPoints in the same signature style. For more resources visit Lesson sequence: 1 - Ecosystems 2 - Global ecosystems 3 - Tropical Rainforests 4 - The value of rainforests 5 - The human impact of rainforests 6 - Managing tropical rainforests 7 - Sustainable management of tropical rainforests 8 - Ecotourism 9 - Polar regions 10 - Opportunities in Svalbard 11 - Challenges in Svalbard 12 - Cold environments under threat 13 - Managing cold environments
Global Goals lesson 1 & Sustainability lesson 2Quick View

Global Goals lesson 1 & Sustainability lesson 2

Power points and lesson plans to support lessons 1 & 2 in my sustainability booklet. Lesson 1 begins by looking at current global problems and potential challenges we may be faced with over coming years. Students then examine the millennium development goals and use research and statistics to determine the extent to which they have/haven't been met. This then leads into the sustainable development goals as set by the UN and ends with a homework research task on these goals. In lesson 2 students consolidate their understanding of sustainability and start to evaluate how sustainable they are as human beings before considering actions they can take to be more sustainable. Next they examine how sustainable their school is and work in small groups to create a sustainable school.