Take-away HomeworkQuick View

Take-away Homework

Editable resource for take-away homework production, using every teenagers favourite restaurant logo! You will be surprised how much of a motivational tool this is for the modern teenager!
MFL take away homeworkQuick View

MFL take away homework

3 MFL worksheets to be used as take away homework (for KS3) Powerpoint worksheets, so can be adapted to what you are actually teaching your students. These worksheets have been inspired by StephyMitch’s Nando’s resource
Take-away homework templatesQuick View

Take-away homework templates

Not an original resource but highly effective. It's in the style of a Tex-Mex menu. Powerpoint templates for setting a bank of differentiated homework tasks. Slide 1: 12 possible tasks can be set; 4 levels of difficulty. Ideal for a six-week module of work where a bank of extra home-based tasks can be set in advance. Slide 2: 4 possible tasks can be set. The other boxes in the grid can be used for help & notes.So the whole slide becomes a home-learning help-mat. Slide 3: a sample version of the 4-task menu and help-mat.It uses the topic of building descriptions in French. The Powerpoint format is easier to customize than Word. Teachers can add their school logos etc. The pickn'mix approach works really well with pupils. They can use the menu to choose a set of homework activities over a period of time.
Year 11 Take Away HomeworkQuick View

Year 11 Take Away Homework

Takeaway Homework, students choose a starter, a main and a dessert. Good way of differentiating. This has tasks for language and literature texts but is in an adaptable form so can be changed easily.
Take Away Homeworks for KS3Quick View

Take Away Homeworks for KS3

Easy to adapt - i have used a template provided here on TES by someone (I forgot their name!). I'm still a novice with take away homeworks and working on how best to set the questions.
Take Away Homework Menu - Nourriture et SantéQuick View

Take Away Homework Menu - Nourriture et Santé

Nourriture et Santé - Take Away Homework Menu This resource offers extra homework or class activities for your students on the unit “Nourriture et Santé”. To access all 17 lessons of this unit and its 2 IB assessments, as well as all 17 original homework activities, visit my shop and look for the Unit BUNDLE. Let me know in a comment if your students enjoyed this homework menu :) Thank you for your trust, La Brunette
History: Revolutions Take Away Homework GridQuick View

History: Revolutions Take Away Homework Grid

A homework grid for VCE Units 3 & 4 History:Revolutions. Students choose their own homework task from a range of activities and difficulties. I have uploaded a PDF version so it maintains formatting but also a Word version if you wish to alter anything.
Shakespeare take away menuQuick View

Shakespeare take away menu

A KS3 homework project based around Shakespeare. Differentiated by choice of task. I was amazed at some of my pupils' creativity.
Generic Take-Away Homework for Gothic Units of Work at KS3Quick View

Generic Take-Away Homework for Gothic Units of Work at KS3

Over three A3 pages, the master resource gives you the option of tailor- making homework for a full half term for classes studying Gothic Literature at KS3. Three tasks levels that are differentiated within each level with students choosing the level they wish to work at. There are at least 21 different tasks and with differentiated options - you can actually have about 50 tasks to choose from. Range of creative approaches that you might not dare take in class to encourage students to use a fuller range of modalities with which to explore Gothic Literature. There's even a Beat the Teacher task so that they can show you what they would prefer to be doing!