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Telling The Time Matching Activity

This telling the time puzzle is a fun way to test students ability to tell the time. Students match the image of an analogue clock, the time in words, digital and 24-hour time. Included are variations of the follwing times: o’clock, half past, quarter past and to, 10 minute intervals and minute intervals. It is designed to be easily cut with little wastage. So either the teacher or tutor can prepare the cards by cutting them before hand, or students can cut their own cards, giving them a chance to see the solutions before they attempt the puzzle. Although this product is made in colour, it prints perfectly well in black and white. Available as part of Matching Activity Bundle One. You may also like: Elapsed Time Bingo Telling the Time Flash Cards Telling the Time Clip Cards Time Wars Card Game With Clock Faces
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Times Tables Bingo Game

A game of Bingo for practising time tables (1 - 12 inclusive) and making maths fun, with a competitive edge. The game comes with 144 calling cards covering all of the times tables from 1x1, through to 12x12. It also comes with 12 pre-prepared Bingo cards and additionally a blank Bingo card template so pupils can pick and fill in their own chosen numbers pre-game if you wish. A detailed instruction sheet is provided on how to use the resource and play the game. For optimal use, durability and longevity please laminate the bingo calling cards and pre-prepared bingo cards before cutting up (a guillotine is the fastest way to do this). OHP pens can be used to write on the laminated bingo cards and cleaned off with alcohol for reuse.


This book is excellent for the reinforcement and consolidation of the multiplication facts for times-tables. It is suitable for a wide age-range, from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 3 pupils. The differentiated sheets make this book suitable for personalised learning and are also ideal for homework. 26 pages. Previously available through Easylearn.
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Times Tables Battleships

This resource will help pupils with their 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 times tables. This resource is engaging for the whole class and doesn’t need any extra resources such as dice, rules etc so this is perfect for a consolidating activity that isn’t too demanding. This can be used at the end of a lesson, the beginning of a lesson or for a bit of fun during a lesson. This can be used for lower ability KS3 or KS2 students.
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time card challenges

these cards are based on counting forward and backwards In time. They use both digital and analogue time. Based on the new national curriculum, use as starters, main lessons, plenaries, extension tasks, homework challenges and more.... spelling issue now addressed!
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Times Tables number line / counting stick cards

Times table number cards for all x-tables up to 10x10 for use on a number line or counting stick. This is to support teaching tables using a counting/stick number line as demonstrated here by Jill Mansergh here: and here: Home number, middle number (x5) and key numbers shown as described in the video.
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Activity Times

This set of resources includes an interactive resource for sorting activities by their duration and/or to sequence familiar events. To think about duration, pupils can sort and organise activities by the amount of time it takes to complete them. A timeline option allows pupils to sequence activities. In both options, pupils can choose their own criteria for headings/categories. Note: This is a Flash activity and may not work on all devices and browsers. We recommend IE.
Time Pack   (telling the time - analogue & digital) (UK version) - 20+ printablesQuick View

Time Pack (telling the time - analogue & digital) (UK version) - 20+ printables

PLEASE NOTE: This is the UK version. If you require the US version, please visit our store. 24 Printable worksheets - Telling the time. There are also templates included so that you can create your own written worksheets or alternatively, children can create their own questions for a partner to solve. Contains: * Telling the time booklet name page (b&w) * Telling the time booklet name page (colour) * Create your own clock (with numbers) * Create your own clock (without numbers) * 12-hour digital to analogue (1 minute intervals) * 12-hour digital to analogue (5 minute intervals) * 24-hour digital to analogue (1 minute intervals) * 24-hour digital to analogue (5 minute intervals) * 12-hour digital to analogue (1 minute intervals) * Analogue to digital time * Time domino game * Create your own time domino game (template) * Time in real life (reasoning) * Create your own converting time grid (template) * Converting time grid * Match the time * Create your own match the time (template) * Converting written time * Create your own converting written time (template) * Real-life time events (reasoning) * Convert your own time- analogue and digital (template) * Fill in the clock - with minute intervals * Time elapsed * Create your own time elapses (template) * Time terminology word search PDF format (when printing please set the size option to actual size). Your feedback is really important to us. We provide quality products at affordable prices and really would appreciate your feedback. With that in mind, please be kind enough to spare a minute or two to leave feedback on this product as it will help us improve our service to you the customer. Thanks, Primary Stars Education
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Telling the Time

Converting between 12hr, 24hr and worded time. Blue buttons allow you to set the time intervals the clocks are set at. ie 60 - always on the hour, 30 - on the hour and half past etc.
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Tell The Time

Free Flash game. Learn how to tell the time, in my game that speaks the time to you, either in the modern way (digital), or the traditional way (quarter past, half past etc.) Set the hands according to the time read out and check whether you are right.
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Reading the Time / Clock (Analogue and Digital) This resource includes 2 excellent Animations. One is an analogue clock which you can use to set a time and the answers are revealed underneath in words. Second animation is a digital clock which you can choose to set at 12 hour or 24 hour clock and then ask questions using it, answers can be revealed underneath for each question. There is 4 assessment and questioning slides with answers, questions are differentiated. The aim is, if the time is 5.10pm student state 10 minutes past five in the afternoon or if the time is 20:40 then students states 20 minutes to eight in the evening.
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Time Time questions involving:- • Conversions of minutes and seconds to seconds. • Word problems to find out how long a film lasts from the start and finish times. • Word problems to find out what time a train will arrive given the start time and duration of the journey. • A longer planning activity involving a visit to a farm. • A mixed test on time All questions can be done without a calculator. All answers are included. These worksheets can be used as practice questions, tests or homework The document is 12 pages in total. It can be printed in colour or black and white. To view my other resources, please go to Maths Shop Keywords: time, adding time, minutes, seconds, hours, time word problems, worksheet, test, non- calculator, homework, key stage 3, KS3, secondary, primary, SATS, 11 plus, new GCSE 9-1, KS2, key stage 2, foundation, 12 hour and 24 hour clock, UK, US.
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8 Resources
Worksheets for o’clock half past quarter past quarter to Durations Time elapsed Start time Finish time
Time - O'Clock and Half Past!Quick View

Time - O'Clock and Half Past!

This stimulating, highly-effective lesson enables children to develop the knowledge and skills that they need to tell the time at both 'o'clock' and 'half past.' It is made up of a series of succinct explanations, fun tasks and logical learning steps, including: - Playing the minute game; - Naming the hands on the clock; - Demonstrating their understanding through a carefully designed worksheet. This resource pack is made up of a colourful and engaging PowerPoint presentation, a time worksheet (in both PDF and Word) and a teacher lesson plan. By the end of the lesson, children should be able to: - Understand what each hand on a clock means; - Know how to tell an o’clock time; - Know how to tell a ‘half past’ time; - Be aware of different time values. This lesson was originally taught to a mid-attaining Year 2 class, however with appropriate intervention it could easily be utilised for any children across KS1 and lower KS2.
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Telling the Time Activities

Activity book contains the following: Draw the hands on the clock 12 hour and 24 hour clocks • The whole hour • Half past, quarter past, quarter to • Five minute and one minute intervals Matching digital times to analogue clocks • The whole hour • Half past, quarter past, quarter to • Five minute and one minute intervals Word search activity A3 clock face with minute and hour hands that can be laminated for wall display and for individual student use.
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Measure - Time

5-day plan for KS1 - Measure - Time Plan includes starter and plenary. (pictures are hyperlinked) Lessons cover: Introducing a analogue clock. Introducing o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. Days of the week. How long is a minute investigation. The powerpoint presentation include visual aids, hyperlinked pictures and key questions. (Worksheets that are in the plan are sold separately)
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Times Table Board Games

Microsoft Excel, dice and counters required A new set of questions every time the file is opened 3 separate games: 2, 5 and 10 TIMES TABLE The playing board consists of 2x A4 landscape pieces of paper (join them together) for a total of 74 playing squares Enlarge to A3 for best results, stick onto card and laminate Roll the dice, move the required number of squares and if the answer is correct, remain on that square until the next go If the answer is incorrect, go back to the nearest Waiting Square Land on a Yellow square and if the answer is correct, move forward 2 spaces Land on a Green square and have another throw Land on a Collect a Life Card square (cards provided choice of b&w or colour) and use this card to stay on the square if the answer is wrong Be the first to reach the finish to be declared the winner A fun and stimulating resource to practice and remember times table skills REMEMBER - REGULAR REVISION REALLY REGISTERS
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Clock - Time

This PPT teaches students how to read time on an analogue clock. They are also asked to say what the digital time would be. There is a slide with a board game at the end to practice in a funny way what they have learnt.