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Trigonometry ONESIE

Colourful differentiated ONESIE worksheet. Allowing students to show progression. Suitable for cover lessons - easy and cost effective to photocopy. **Supplied with answers.**

By CapeTownTeacher

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SOHCAHTOA Trigonometry!

This is a bunch of resources I used with a middle ability year 9 and 10 class who had never seen trig before. First lesson: Introduces sin, cos and tan to students and how to use it on their calculators, Intro and multiple choice quiz on hypotenuse, adjacent and opposite sides and how to label them, Intro to SOHCAHTOA and how to use and remember it, Second lesson (or can use as extension for first lesson): Three animated and clear examples of how to use sin, cos or tan to find missing side of triangle when you divide by missing side. Differentiated questions with scaffolding to support students, includes answers, Three animated and clear examples of how to use sin, cos or tan to find missing side of triangle when missing side is on top of the fraction. Differentiated questions with scaffolding and answers, Exam style questions as extension, with answers. Third lesson: Introduction to the inverse of sin, cos and tan, demonstration of how to use these on a calculator, Three animated and clear examples of how to use sin, cos or tan to find missing angle of triangle, Differentiated questions with scaffolding to support students, includes answers, Exam style questions as extension, with answers. All lessons include a 5 a day starter with relevant questions for skills needed in lesson, learning objectives with progress tick slide. I have also included two worksheets I found useful from tes, when students needed a little more practice. Can be used as homework or in lesson. Please feel free to edit as needed. If you like my lessons or think I could do more to improve them, please rate and comment. Thanks =]

By stephigittins

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GCSE Trigonometry Revision Sheet

I created this GCSE Trigonometry Revision sheet for my Y11 students. I printed the pdf document on A3 paper and got students to complete the questions on the sheet, adding in their own notes/mnemonics to help them remember when to use each rule/formula. The students really enjoyed doing this activity in class as part of their revision for their examinations and then took their A3 sheets home to use as part of their ongoing revision. Once the sheet was filled in, and checked/marked we used them to answer questions from text books/past exam papers. One of my students' completed sheets is attached too.

By paulcollins

Higher Trigonometry worksheetsQuick View

Higher Trigonometry worksheets

This is a set of 3 mastery worksheets on trigonometry involving the Sine rule, Cosine rule and exact trig values. Each worksheet is split into 3 sections, fluency, reasoning and problem solving so students can master the topic. All answers are included for the questions.

By joybooth

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All GCSE Trigonometry

Absolutely everything you need to teach Trigonometry. The whole units worth of lessons. - SOHCAHTOA - Sine and cosine rules - Trig in 3D - Trig with bearings - Trigonometric graphs

By bdsouza1

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Trigonometry Revision SINE COSINE and TANGENT Ratio Right Angle Triangle Revision. In detail step by step answers. Very Visual and engaging. Great for whole lesson or quick fire revision. Working out missing length / side/ angle for a right angle triangle. Excellent Demonstration Videos', there is one for 3D Trigonometry as well. Comprehensive explanations on SIN / COS/ TAN Ratios being used for side / length and Angle. Comes with solutions / answers. Has 'spot the wrong answer' questions to draw out deeper understanding. Trigonometry SOH CAH TOA.

By Shamster

Trigonometry Matching ActivitiesQuick View

Trigonometry Matching Activities

A set of matching activities to help students practise finding the missing sides and angles in triangles using SOH CAH TOA. This pack includes four activities: 1. Label the Sides Worksheet A quick activity for students to label the sides as opposite, adjacent or hypotenuse to get them ready for using SOH CAH TOA. 2. Matching Activity 1 (Sin & Cos) Students must use the sine and cosine ratios to find the missing sides in a set of triangles. 3. Matching Activity 2 (Sin, Cos & Tan) Students must use sine, cosine and tangent ratios to find the missing sides. 4. Matching Activity 3 (Angles) Students must calculate the missing angles in a set of triangles and match them to their answers. All activities include answers and are easy to check as students can record their answers in a table, meaning you can quickly assess if they are on the right track.

By MathspadUK

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This pdf (18 A4 pages) contains examples, questions and answers illustrating the use of trigonometry in solving problems. Problems described in words which require the construction of a sketch diagram are included. This unit of work is also suitable for self-study. Two exercises containing a total of over 50 questions are included.

By irbymaths

Pythagoras or trigonometry?Quick View

Pythagoras or trigonometry?

Some of my students were forgetting when to use Pythagoras and when to use SOHCAHTOA so this sheet, printed back to back, allows them to revise how to do it with some easy to follow instructions and then consult the examples if they need more guidance. Feedback welcome. Mistake corrected*

By killochj

Trigonometry worksheetQuick View

Trigonometry worksheet

This worksheet separates out the trig questions, and first asks pupils to fill in theta, opposite, adjacent and hypoteneuse, then write out with trigonometric ratio they are using. Scaffolding to solve problems.

By emtay

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This is the original resource for the following topics Introduction to Trigonometry Solving basic equations Rules for Trigonometry Trigonometric graphs using radians Solving Trigonometric equations involving radians This resource includes: Full PowerPoint in powerpoint format with all the slides Questions and answers Animated parts of the answer for Q&A and demonstrations Colours to support explanations. For your use: You can duplicate slides any type in new questions To support your teaching and save time planning As a basis for your observations lessons To share with students to help them work outside the classroom I hope this benefits you as it has done for me. Kind regards.

By n_s4

Maths Posters - Pythagoras, Trigonometry, Angle Rules and BearingsQuick View

Maths Posters - Pythagoras, Trigonometry, Angle Rules and Bearings

Got fed up of my classroom looking the same and bored of the same rubbish maths posters, so decided to create my own. (First sheet for preview only). UPDATED!! I have created four so far based on my excellent resources to help reinforce what the pupils are being taught. This little bundle includes five posters that have been DESIGNED TO BE A3 in size, but will come out A4 or A2 if that is your preference. 1. Trig 2. Pythagoras 3. Bearings 4. Angle Rules NOTE: Feel free to browse my shop for more excellent free and premium resources and as always please rate and feedback, thanks.

By ajf43

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3D Trigonometry (SOHCAHTOA)

Complete lesson on 3D trigonometry (SOHCAHTOA only). Includes: > Skills check starter on 2D Pythagoras, 2D SOHCAHTOA, Pythagoras and SOHCAHTOA problem and 3D Pythagoras. Full working and answers included. > 1 full example of 3D trigonometry. Each step of working out appears on screen including drawing the 2D triangle. Full solution throughout. > Differentiated cards (Mild, medium, hot and extra spicy). Total of 10 questions. Answers with full working out included. Print in colour double sided then the answers will be on the back of the question so students can mark their own work as they go along. > Reflection plenary.

By mizz_happy

Trigonometry AssessmentQuick View

Trigonometry Assessment

Mini Assessment for high ability year 11 on trigonometry. Has finding missing angles/sides using SOHCAHTOA, trig in an isosceles triangle using SOHCAHTOA, bearings and trig, then possible trig values using a calculator and the CAST diagram. Perfect for new spec.

By MissMather

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This is worksheet for assessment of trigonometry and can be used as revision assignment also.

By sudhirsinghal