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Valentine’s Day Worksheets

Valentine’s Day Worksheets Valentine’s Day Reading Comprehension and Punctuation Worksheets This download includes a history of Valentine’s day text without punctuation to allow children to work on their punctuating skills. There is also a short text and some reading comprehension questions on Saint Valentine. Both include answer keys. Finally I have also included a Valentine’s day word search just for fun. This download includes: - History of Valentine’s unpunctuated text - History of Valentine’s punctuated text - Reading comprehension questions - Complete answer keys - Valentine’s word search Thanks for looking. Please remember to leave feedback, for updates and promotions you can also follow me here: ***************************************************************************** My other English products: Complete Instruction Writing Unit . Complete Persuasive Writing Unit . Complete Dialogues and Play Scripts Writing Unit . *****************************************************************************


A 10-15 minute assembly on the history of Valentine’s day and interesting facts about its role today! From its bloody beginnings to its sweet, chocolaty modern day existence, Valentine’s Day, a complete presentation suitable for all ages!
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The Legend behind Valentine’s Day - Reading Comprehension

This Reading Comprehension handout is best suited for advanced ESL learners. Students are introduced to the legend of Saint Valentine and the different versions/stories of his life and death during the reign of Claudius II. The text concludes with more contemporary traditions and customs associated with Saint Valentine's day and gives some valuable advice about choosing the perfect Valentine's gift. After carefully reading the text the students are required to complete some comprehension exercises including: questions, True or False, gap filling exercises and engage in an in class discussion. The vocabulary used in the text is rather advanced and can also be used for IGSCE or IELTS vocabulary building purposes.
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Valentine's Day Assembly

Valentine's Day Assembly script all ready to go. MY class performed this in front of parents, teachers and peers and it went down a storm!
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French Valentine's Day Bundle La Saint Valentin

3 excellent resources including a PowerPoint with language games; a card to colour (colour by instruction and write a message in French from the notes provided) and also a great matching hearts speaking activity.
Valentine´s day cardsQuick View

Valentine´s day cards

These are some cards for students. They can colour it and give it to their friends or sweethearts.
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Valentine’s Day!

Today let’s talk about Valentine’s Day! In case you didn’t know it is on February 14th. It is celebrated in many countries around the world. These days it is pretty commercial. Known also as St Valentine’s Day it is associated with love! Valentine’s Day symbols include heart shapes, doves and the figure of a winged cupid.
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Valentines Day Assembly

An assembly all about Valentines day, the history, the traditions in the UK are around the world, facts and the science of love.
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Valentine's Day Quiz 2018

Fun Valentine's Day quiz with 50 questions suitable for a wide range of ages. The questions are split in to 5 rounds with 10 questions in each and the quiz includes rounds on general knowledge, love gods and the history of Valentine's Day. A great way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your form or as an end of term quiz in lessons.
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Valentines Day Survey -Spanish

This 10 question multiple choice survey covers all aspects of Valentines Day. Students can do it in class as a reading activity or you can assign it the night before as homework and use it as a discussion in class. Focus on using comparatives, reviewing interrogatives while talking about the ritual and the ridiculo of the holiday.
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Valentine's Day Mathematics Activities

A PowerPoint packed full of Valentine’s Day themed activities. The first is to find your 'true love' by finding the number of vowels in a person’s name as a percentage of the number of letters in their name. The main involves listing outcomes of meal choices from a Valentine’s Day dinner menu. There is then a short task involving the love of the number 27 (or the numbers your students love). 2 investigative tasks are then posed based on the main task and finally there is another short task to find one’s ‘true love’! All the teacher notes are in the slides, examples are given and answers to the main task also included. Happy Valentine’s Day. Read more here...
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French Valentine's day - La Saint Valentin

French Valentine's Day - La Saint Valentin. 18 pages of fun French worksheets and activities for Valentine’s Day. This set includes: * Write around the room activity to learn 10 French words associated with Valentine’s Day - 10 half page pictures to hide around the room and a worksheet for the students to complete as they find the words. * Anagrams worksheet plus answer key. * Valentine’s Day flip book to color, complete and assemble. * Wordsearch activity plus answer key. * Crossword activity (two versions - one with initial letters given to provide for differentiation in the classroom) plus answer key. * 2 Color by Number Valentine’s Day Cards to practice number and color vocabulary. A version is included without color words so that the teacher can choose which color words to practice. Valentine's Day vocab - love, a hug, a kiss, a friend, a rose, a gift, flowers, a card, candy and a heart.
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Valentine's Day Make a Word - A Valentine's Day Activity

Valentine's Day Make a Word - A Valentine's Day Activity. Students make make words using the letters of Happy Valentine's Day! Fun word work! Choose to just list words, or sort into 3 letter, 4 letter, or 5 letter words. Challenge - Make a sentence! In color or black and white. - HappyEdugator
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Valentine's Day

Activities to match couples in literature to books and authors, love words word search to widen vocabulary, lovers crossword to match famous lovers. With solutions.
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Valentine's Day Assembly

A 15 min assembly all about Valentine’s Day - origins, how it is celebrated across the world, what it means to us, what it can mean to us and a couple of games to get pupils involved.
Valentines Day MathQuick View

Valentines Day Math

Valentines Day Math: This Valentines Day Math activity integrates math with Valentines Day; a great way to have fun while improving math skills. Students may also color in their drawing and add any writing or accessories they wish on top of the finished picture!
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St Valentines Day Quiz

Saint Valentines Day Quiz sheet to go with PowerPoint presentation available on Ladybugssloan resources. Three page worksheets using a word bank to complete fun facts on Saint Valentines day. Perfect one off lesson in tutor time or sub cover and beautifully completed by the available PowerPoint presentation.


Review addition facts and build number sense with these 32 addition scoot cards featuring a fun Valentine Day’s theme. A Recording Sheet and answer key is also included. The addition skills reinforced in this pack are: writing an addition fact for a multiplication sentence writing an addition sentence for a given array writing the missing addend in an addition fact. writing the sum of two given numbers writing an addition sentence for a given illustration problem solving using illustrations There are two sets of Recording Sheets (Numbers 1-16 and 17-32). Students have a choice between the scaffolded and blank sectioned Recording Sheets. An answer key is provided to have students independently check their answers. Prior to having students work on the cards, work-out similar sample questions on the board to familiarise students with the question types. SUGGESTED USE Small group rotations (cards may be rotated among small groups of students) Math Centres Game of Scoot: There are many variations to the game. Here’s one: Lay cards around the classroom. When the teacher calls ‘scoot’ students pick up a card and write their response on the provided Recording Sheet. Students can only move when ‘scoot’ is called out. If the student does not finish solving the problem on a card, he/she can continue to spend more time on it, but must wait till the teacher calls out ‘scoot’. You can also have this as a silent activity where students move around quietly solving all the task cards without the teacher calling out ‘scoot’. At the culmination of the activity, project the cards on the interactive whiteboard and discuss the answers with the class. Alternatively, place answer sheets at a Centre for students to self-check. PREPARATION ♦ Stack and perfectly align sheets. Cut along task card borders carefully. Work with 3 sheets at a time for better manipulation. ♦ Laminate cards for durability. There are four cards on a single sheet. ♦ Store cards in zip-loc bags (small plastic pouches). Label. ♦ Place cards and copies of Recording Sheets (2 options) in file folder. Glue file folder cover on folder.