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This lesson plans starts with some Valentine's presents and moves on to practise the dative with schenken (ihm/ihr). There is a reading and writing activity and speaking can be practised, too. It finishes off with some German Valentine's greetings to use for making a Valentine's card.
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Basic powerpoint to introduce key vocab and phrases. Splat and card writing task included at the end. All images from Internet / microsoft office.
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Amy und Sheldon am Valentinstag

Gap-fill exercise practising irregular past participles with haben. It is Valentine's Day and Amy wants to go out with Sheldon. Sheldon wants to stay at home and watch Star Trek. Students fill in the missing past participles. (Some gaps can take more than one possibility.) When complete you have a dialogue, which the students can perform. They could also write up the dialogue adding in language of their own such as more persuasive comments from Amy and more disparaging comments from Sheldon.
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Valentine's Day Valentinstag German levels 3-5 Activity

Best for levels 3-5 A2-B2. I would have one day for students to plan and work then the 2nd day to practice and present. Power Point to get kids excited about a pretend date! They have to find a date in class and plan what they are going to do together in the future tense using the verb werden. The presentations includes embedded Youtube videos to 3 videos to create a fun mood (Rupunzel's Wedding auf deutsch, Halt mich Küss mich by Uwe Kind and Applaus Applaus by Sportfreunde Schiller. Fun activity to do! At the end I offer extra credit to kids who make a slideshow of their date to share with class.
Loint- Komm Mit!- Love Song German 3 or 4 with Grammatical ActivitiesQuick View

Loint- Komm Mit!- Love Song German 3 or 4 with Grammatical Activities

This is a good song for discussing love or to use for Valentine Day (Valentinstag). The lyrics are fairly simple and the tone is cute and sweet about a young couple. Includes: Power Point with link to song and directions for a grammar search of subordinating conjunctions (mostly wenn) and relative pronouns (often was). A handout of the lyrics with a quickly translated text and a fill in the blank worksheet that targets subordinating conjunction or relative pronouns.
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Two worksheets and a notebook file offer different activities to practice all four skills. The website can help with some authentic reading for more able pupils. I have uploaded 'Liebe und Liebeskummer' and the notebook file before;the worksheet 'Valentinstag' is new and has been developed based on feedback . Many thanks for that. And a Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!
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Festivals and celebrations in Germany

A matching up activity based on celebrations in German-speaking countries - students could cut up and stick or perhaps shade in different colours. I usually use alongside some photos and / or YouTube clips. Designed for use with Echo Higher GCSE AQA, Module 2.7 (Das war eine Reise wert!).
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German Holidays and Festivals

Powerpoint that introduces festivals and bank holidays in German - lots of activities such as disappearing and matching games. Allows discussion of German celebrations such as Tag der deutschen Einheit. I also printed some slides and got the pupils to match the dates to the festivals.
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Months, ordinal numbers, birthdays, and birthday party

Starter activity: all months are jumbled up: students need to unjumble the month (right answer revealed on PP through simple mouse click Introduction of ordinal numbers (ask students to figure out a rule) Slide with rule Slide with the exceptions Vocabulary practice and consolidation: ordinal numbers appear / disappear on screen Important events in 2016 Teach students: Wann hast du Geburtstag (see slide 11) Practise saying your birthday + other people's birthday (months + ordinal numbers) Different games Option for listening task (script on slide 24 below; modify according to students' level) Dialog writing task Plenary: find the mistakes Two projects as creative follow up activities Simple slide on how to use 'im', 'am', and 'um'