Veterans DayQuick View

Veterans Day

A simple powerpoint about why we have a Veterans Day (can be adapted to end with your local war memorial/local parades, etc.).
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Veterans Day FREE

Veterans Day: A Veteran's story: Here is a free illustration of a great poem for you to read to your kids. Nicole Hernandez You may also be interested in some Fabulous Mini Books
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Veterans Day worksheet

Veterans Day worksheet. Write a sentence for each of the words on the worksheet. For Lots more FREE Veterans Day printables, Veterans Day worksheets and other US related printables, please just follow the 'WEB&' link to Primary Treasure Chest. We also have a new AMERICAN section, full of US classroom printables covering areas like; American role play areas, US Holidays & Celebrations, Classroom Organisation and Math. Plus 1000s more educational printables all FREE to download.
Veteran's Day Interactive Foldable BookletsQuick View

Veteran's Day Interactive Foldable Booklets

As you study about and celebrate Veteran’s Day, you will create 2 interactive foldables to use in your Interactive Notebook or Lapbook. These 2 foldables cover: • What is Veteran’s Day? • When is Veteran’s Day? • History of Veteran’s Day • Fun Facts • US Military Branches This ebook is a downloadable PDF file. Just follow the instructions, cut, fold, glue, and create!
Veterans Day Escape Room: U.S HistoryQuick View

Veterans Day Escape Room: U.S History

The Veterans Day Escape Room will take students on a secret mission around the classroom! This escape room has students decode facts about the history of Veterans Day. Many students know they have a day off from school…but do they know why? Do they really know what Veterans Day means? Do they understand the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day? Sometimes students just need a day of movement around the room! The Veterans Day Escape Room has students walking around the classroom breaking codes. Students are given a secret code name and sent on a secret mission to retrieve the Veterans Day wreath! The codes include ciphers, Morse code, cryptograms and a final 4 digit lock combination based on the decoders/clues. Each clue and code is different. The codes require students to think differently to decipher or decode them. Some codes are easier than others. Some codes require critical thinking to determine what a letter/symbol stands for. Each code will reveal interesting facts about Veterans Day. The use of secret code will keep your students engaged while competing to find the final 4 digit combination. No props needed!! Students can report the final lock combination to you. If you wanted to, you could purchase a 4 digit lock that you program, but is not necessary at all! The best age range for this resource is 8+. Please look at the preview to determine if this resource works for your age group. Younger students may need some help with some of the more difficult codes. You can use the pre-labeled clues or you can challenge older kids to choose/find the decoder that works for each of the clues. A set of labeled and non-labeled decoders is included. An answer key and teacher directions are provided. Time needed: 30-60 minutes
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Veterans Day display heading/ classroom banner

Veterans Day display heading/ classroom banner, 2x A4 sheets. For Lots more FREE Veterans Day printables, worksheets and other US related printables, please just follow the 'WEB&' link to Primary Treasure Chest. We also have a new AMERICAN section, full of US classroom printables covering areas like; American role play areas, US Holidays & Celebrations, Classroom Organisation and Math. Plus 1000s more educational printables all FREE to download.
Identifying the Traits of Heroes - Veteran's Day or Patriot Day LessonQuick View

Identifying the Traits of Heroes - Veteran's Day or Patriot Day Lesson

The “Qualities of a Hero” project focuses on recognizing important values in everyday life and individuals. It also allows students to creatively utilize technology to express their ideas. Students start the project with a whole class discussion on heroism, which can include video presentations (see the teacher resources). They work with a team to identify and classify different individuals who might be considered heroes. An additional organizer is included to extend this activity to identifying hero qualities with their group, or the organizer can be used later in the individual lesson. Finally, students research a hero of choice and create an online poster which also includes the qualities they identified incorporated into a Wordle word-web collage. This lesson was created to use for Patriot Day 9/11 to showcase how a disaster can bring out the best in people who react as heroes, but is a great value lesson for anytime! Files Included with this Lesson • Teacher Notes and Resources (includes extension activities) • Team Brainstorming Worksheet • Team (or individual) Hero Qualities graphic organizer • Research and Poster Project Expectations and Rubric I've used this lesson with 7th and 8th graders and really enjoyed hearing some of the conclusions they drew about important life values. I hope your students enjoy it!
Digital/ Non-Digital Veterans Day Escape Room with Informational TextQuick View

Digital/ Non-Digital Veterans Day Escape Room with Informational Text

Escape rooms harness the natural competitive nature of middle-school students to encourage them to work cooperatively and to use critical thinking and comprehension skills to complete a series of tasks which allow them to succeed. This product features four puzzles that must be solved to “escape”. One puzzle is simply an informational text about Veterans Day, along with comprehension questions. There is also another brief reading passage that contains clues for a second lock. The third lock requires students to unscramble letters to make three words that have to do with Veterans Day. The fourth puzzle requires students to do a little research and reasoning to correctly order seven American wars. The product gives both digital and non-digital options, or a combination of both. To use the digital version, students (or each group of students) need access to a device that has Internet capabilities. The teacher gives students a link to a private website that requires them to read and search for clues to unlock four different types of locks. The non-digital option allows the teacher to print out the reading passage and puzzles and give one set to each student, or each group of students. The students can then go to the website to enter their answers, or simply write the lock codes down on their response sheet for easy checking. The packet also includes an optional certificate that can be given to successful students.
Learning about Veterans Day - WebQuest / Internet Scavenger HuntQuick View

Learning about Veterans Day - WebQuest / Internet Scavenger Hunt

This webquest / Internet scavenger hunt is a perfect one day activity for middle schoolers to learn more about Veterans Day with these fun questions. It is appropriate for middle school social studies/history or technology classes. The lesson includes the student handout and an answer key, along with a short list of sites that teachers can provide to students to help with the quest if they choose. There are also some additional links to sites if teachers want to expand the lesson. Two versions of the WebQuest are included to let teachers print the questions or to provide them digitally as an interactive page in an editable Microsoft PowerPoint file. This is a great lesson to leave with a sub too! Files Included: • Teacher & Student Resources • WebQuest questions for students - print and digital versions (editable) • WebQuest Answer Key (non-editable, .pdf)
Holiday Warmups Part 1: Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and ChristmasQuick View

Holiday Warmups Part 1: Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

An engaging PowerPoint to use for warmups around the different holidays during fall semester. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas each have two warmup options. Veterans Day includes an activity that is easy to expand into two warmups if desired. The warmups include a variety of activities and are filled with interesting facts such as: the worlds largest giant pumpkin (over 2,600 lbs), inscriptions on famous tombstones, how many presidents were veterans, what really happened that first Thanksgiving, the many things Batman and Santa Claus have in common, and what Hitler had to say about the Christmas Truce of 1914. Flexible and easy to adjust for time! 18 total slides plus two optional handouts to make your life easier. Grab Part 1 in time for the holidays this year and check back soon for part two!
How did U.S. soldiers and veterans oppose the Vietnam War?Quick View

How did U.S. soldiers and veterans oppose the Vietnam War?

By the mid-1960s U.S. soldiers serving in Vietnam and men enlisted into the army but yet to serve in Vietnam began to display opposition to the Vietnam War. They were followed by veterans. These men made opposition mainstream but suffered individually for their convictions. This source-based task is designed for students of the NSW Modern History Syllabus. Higher School Certificate course Peace and Conflict Option A: Conflict in Indochina
Earth Day - Mini UnitQuick View

Earth Day - Mini Unit

Thematic unit includes: 7 pages of hands-on developmentally appropriate activities for all learning areas (Math, Science, Circle Time, Transitions, Dramatic Play area, Finger-plays, Cooking Ideas, Game Play) on Earth Day Curriculum Areas Covered: Math, Science, Creative Arts, Language and Literacy, Social Studies, Physical Health and Development Hands-on activities using inexpensive, easy-to-find materials that emphasize learning by doing and independence. Perfect for center-based and family/group daycare programs for toddlers and preschoolers. All activities were developed by a veteran toddler & preschool teacher with 20 years of experience in early childhood education. Activities were carefully designed and revised over the years to meet the needs of all children. Be sure to check out our other products! For more information, follow us on Facebook and at
Pearl Harbor Videos, Reading & QR CodesQuick View

Pearl Harbor Videos, Reading & QR Codes

With this resource students will use technology (phones, tablets, iPads, laptops) to analyze FDR's Day that will Live in Infamy Speech and call to war and Veterans' recollections of the events of Pearl Harbor. There is a short reading on the background which cause the Japanese to attack at Pearl Harbor as well. There is a copy of the activity in a differentiated form to help multiple learners engage with the same material. The students will be given QR Codes for the videos and website URLs just in case the QR codes do not work with the technology you have access to.
Holiday Brag TagsQuick View

Holiday Brag Tags

Brag Tags are the perfect tool to breathe some life into your classroom behavior management system! If you've tried stickers and stamps, or gone broke filling up your treasure chest, these tags will be just the answer you've been looking for. Your students will begin to show motivation to work hard towards their behavior and academic goals. This set contains holiday tags for all 12 months of the year. All tags are available in both color and B&W versions. The following holidays are included: * Bird Day * MLK Day * Opposite Day * Groundhog Day * Chinese New Year * Mardi Gras * Lincoln's Birthday * Valentine's Day * President's Day * Washington's Birthday * Leap Year * St. Patrick's Day * 1st Day of Spring * Easter * April Fool's Day * Earth Day * Arbor Day * May Day * May Fourth (Star Wars) * Cinco de Mayo * Armed Forces Day * Memorial Day * Flag Day * 1st Day of Summer * 4th of July * Hammock Day * Summer Olympics * S'mores Day * Left Hander's Day * Labor Day * 9/11 * Constitution Day * 1st Day of Fall * Native American Day * Smile Day * Columbus Day * Smile Day * Halloween * Dia de los Muertos * Election Day * Veterans Day * Thanksgiving * Pearl Harbor Day * 1st Day of Winter * Christmas * New Year's Please be aware the images in this product are not editable based on terms established by the individual artists.
Holiday Brag TagsQuick View

Holiday Brag Tags

Brag tags are a great way to add some positive reinforcement into your behavior management plan. Use them to encourage or reward your students with your holiday activities. Included Back to School Happy Birthday Fall Halloween x2 Election Day Remembrance Day Veteran's Day x2 Thanksgiving x2 Happy Holidays x2 Winter Happy New Year x2 Martin Luther King Day x2 100th Day Groundhog Day Valentine's Day x2 Presidents' Day x2 Pi Day St. Patrick's Day x2 Spring Earth Day x2 Memorial Day Summer Last Day of School There are 30 of each brag tag per page. There are 34 different holiday brag tags. Each brag tag measures 2 inches high by a little over an inch wide. These are best when printed in color, I have tried to provide options as I know that some of the tags are ink heavy. If you like this product and have a suggestion for a different brag tag, I'm more than happy to add it. Students in my classroom keep their brag tags on a chain, but you could use ribbon or yarn as well. I let them wear them on the day that they have earned the tag and the tags stay in school until the end of the year at which point they can take them home. They are so proud of their accomplishments and can't wait to wear these throughout the school so they can show off what they have achieved!
John Glenn Biography PowerPoint - Astronaut - American HeroQuick View

John Glenn Biography PowerPoint - Astronaut - American Hero

John Glenn was an American astronaut hero that your students should know. This PowerPoint about his life will help your students understand his accomplishments as a WWII and Korean war veteran, a test pilot, an astronaut, a businessman, and a senator. 21 engaging slides with sound and animations. ©2017 HappyEdugator. This product is the intellectual property of Deborah Hayes aka HappyEdugator.
Not Your Usual November Print and Go Lessons (Common Core by the Month)Quick View

Not Your Usual November Print and Go Lessons (Common Core by the Month)

This No Prep Unit includes printables and passages that can easily stand alone or serve as springboards for discussion and expansion. They are November and Thanksgiving themed and most are matched with downable video or interactive clips. This Print and Go unit contains social studies activities, Common Core State Standards aligned English Language Arts and math lessons, art projects, school culture and hope projects, math task cards, a science experiment and an all new Wampanoag Cinderella story with an huge interactive notebook literary component to help deepen student understanding of literary elements and the Wampanoag culture. Themes included: Veteran's Day, Hope, Thanks, Wampanoag and more. Center activities also included -- along with Math Task Cards -- centered on grade 5 but may be used with 4th through 6th grade students. Please look for other Print-and-Go units at
DLS Celebrating Holidays-Daily Living SkillsQuick View

DLS Celebrating Holidays-Daily Living Skills

Celebrating Holidays is from Susan Traugh’s Daily Living Skills series offering transitional skills for mild-to-moderately affected special needs students and general education students alike. Like the other books in this series, it contains airy-pages and bullet-point information for easy independent study, yet, these books, nevertheless, respect teens’ maturity and humor while presenting federally mandated, Indicator 13 skills needed for adult independence and Common Core Standard Compliant information. Written on a 3rd/4th grade level, workbooks are meant to be self-paced and adaptable with student interests and goals driving most units. Each lesson is taught in a short one-to-four page format with follow-up worksheets/activities to check comprehension. Real world activities are provided whenever possible. Lessons in Daily Living Skills Celebrating Holidays discuss the reason for the holiday, how to behave on the holiday, and allows students to explore how to celebrate the holiday. Twelve federal holidays are used, including: New Years Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Additionally, this book provides a student grading sheet, answer key and a Parent Letter suggesting at-home activities for families in accordance to federal mandates. A preview of this book is provided here, or sample the series with our free book—Doing Laundry. Titles in the Daily Living Skills transition series include: Becoming Likable, Building Character, Cleaning House, Decision Making, Doing Laundry, Dress for Success, Everyday Manners, Fair Fighting, Getting a Paycheck, Grocery Shopping, Interviewing Skills, Kitchen Basics, Making Conversation, Making Meals, Managing Stress, Nutrition, Overcoming Failure, Paying Bills, Safe Dating, Seeking Employment, Staying Healthy, Time Management, Transportation, Voting, Who Am I? College and Career A Power Point Presentation introducing the program to students, parents and staff is available free of charge on this site. A Teacher’s Manual providing tips on implementation and written ITP goals for MANY workbook is also available for purchase on this site.
A Year of Cards, Crafts, and Coloring! 200+ Pages for Winter Holidays, Seasonal, and Events!Quick View

A Year of Cards, Crafts, and Coloring! 200+ Pages for Winter Holidays, Seasonal, and Events!

With all the seasons, holidays, awareness themes, and special school days, a teacher and/or parent sure has a lot to plan! Let Illumismart make it EASIER for YOU (and your students!) with this one-source, BIG VALUE, bundle of well over 40 KITS!!! AND WELL OVER 200 pages of everything you need to make your holidays, seasonal activities, and special school days complete! This (possibly growing!) expansive kit is hosted on Microsoft One Drive. After purchasing, you will be given directions on how to obtain access to the file. (Please allow up to 24 hours for access email. (We try to respond sooner-but sometimes it ends up being within the 24 hours range due to our 1-year old.) :) Check spam and junk mail and contact Illumismart [!at] at any time with any questions. This Bundle comes with at least... 40+ Character Gifts (PLUS 3 different versions-drawing faces for kids, color and add photo for kids, and pre-colored add photo for teacher!*) of EACH character *Pre-colored Children Characters come with 3 skin tones if required. Characters are cartoon children or animals. 40+ People Pictures Page (for cut-outs or drawing reference) 40+ Object Pictures Page (for cut-outs or drawing reference) 40+ Text Pages (for cut-outs or copying) 40+ Original Kid Poems to put in cards (though most kits come with more than one!) Some kits come with poems that are appropriate for teachers to give to other adults (such as parents and co-workers!) 40+ Simple Coloring Pages featuring seasonal/holiday characters (in marked folder within access file). Now for the fun...this drastically inclusive kit features a variety of holiday and seasonal themes..including those that seem hard-to-find! Check out the list of all of the 40+ themes included in this AMAZING value. (EACH kit is set at about $1.50 at its lowest price! With this bundle you get ALL 40+ for $9.99! That comes to .25/kit! Card-Making Kits: 4th of July 100th Day April Fools Back to School Chinese New Year Christmas Christmas-Christian Cindo De Mayo Diwali Earth Day Easter Easter-Christian End of Year/Teacher Appreciation Fall Fall Pumpkin Patch Father's Day Field Day Graduation Grandparents' Day Groundhog Day Halloween Hannukah Kwanzaa Mardi Gras Martin Luther King Jr., Day Mother's Day New Year's Presidents' Day Ramadan Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Spring St. Patrick's Day Summer Thanksgiving Talk Like a Pirate Day Valentine's Day Veteran's/Memorial Day Winter ...and MORE!
The Vietnam War: ~A Power-point & Gallery Walk Student Activity~Quick View

The Vietnam War: ~A Power-point & Gallery Walk Student Activity~

In this 35 page/slide product, you have everything you need to conduct a highly interactive lesson on the topic: “How did Americans view the Vietnam War”? This product download includes: a full color (highly visual) power-point, 6 student worksheets/graphic organizers, 13 Gallery Walk “Station Placards”, Step by Step Teacher Directions, and Teacher Answer Key. In this lesson your students will: 1) Take Cornell Notes on the basics of Vietnam while the teacher projects the power-point. 2) Walk around the room to examine 13 different interactive stations about how Americans viewed Vietnam. Students will examine each station, scan the QR code (or visit the website if they don’t have a smart-phone) and complete the questions. They LOVE this part! 3) Read an article about how a Vietnam Veteran views the Vietnam War and complete reading questions using the Reading Anchor Standards. (worksheet provided) 4) Be creative and complete a fun -to- write Diamante Poem comparing Doves to Hawks as an assessment/exit card.
Non-Fiction Reading Passages Text Evidence {November}Quick View

Non-Fiction Reading Passages Text Evidence {November}

Prove your answers! Active reading strategy with informational text passages. Students will love being Text Detectives! Ten original nonfiction text passages with the 5W questions. To prove basic comprehension skills, students read a short passage then underline where they found their answers using color crayons as indicated. These worksheets provide plenty of room for students to write out their answers in complete sentences. The November Text Evidence edition features these 10 reading passages: * Día de los Muertos * Important Places: The Capitol Building * Veterans Day * Native American History: The Timucua Tribe * People from History: Ponce de León * People from History: Charles Lindbergh * People from History: Benjamin Franklin * Niagara Falls * The First Thanksgiving * Let’s Talk Turkey FUN FEATURE! Detective Badges: The interior of the foldable badge shows the passage titles on the left side. Students indicate that they did find the proof by placing a checkmark in the box to the right of each passage title for this month that they successfully complete. Run a string through the holes as indicated so that students can wear their detective badges around their necks with pride. The printable badges are in b/w. Students add color. This resource also includes bulletin board printables. Those are one crayon box that reads "We can find the proof!" and each of the individual who/what/when/where/why color crayons as well as an extra white blank crayon. Enjoy! ~ SunnyDaze on TPT