Carbon and Water CyclesQuick View

Carbon and Water Cycles

GCSE Biology, Combined Science : A great set of resources including links to excellent videos. Lots of worksheet, cooperative learning opportunities.
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CB9g The water cycle

Resource based on the edexcel 2016 spec (9-1) Note - This lesson does require additional worksheets through the edexcel website/ activeteach Starter: Quiz with extension on slides Main: Lots of task based learning for good engagement. Powerpoints includes diagrams, information and tasks. Pleanry: Two options Simple match up definitions OR Extended plenary to write a story about the journey of a raindrop
The Water Cycle - AQA 2016 BiologyQuick View

The Water Cycle - AQA 2016 Biology

A presentation and differentiated worksheets to teach the water cycle and get pupil to complete an extended piece of written work on the water cycle. I have included various versions of the work sheet, depending on how you wish to teach the topic - Word and PDF versions. The keywords are defined and there is a matching keywords to definitions task plus links to a YouTube video This resource is also available as part of a bundle
Water Cycle Story BoardQuick View

Water Cycle Story Board

Introducing the story board of the journey of a water droplet. The pupils can create their own name for thier water droplet and sort the cards into the correct order. A box has been provided for thier own illustration of the water cycle.
Edexcel A-Level (2016) - The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity - EQ3Quick View

Edexcel A-Level (2016) - The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity - EQ3

Lessons for EQ3 of The Water Cycle topic for the new Edexcel Geography A-Level. Uses various textbooks but mainly the Oxford book with the chameleon on the front. I have all three textbooks and I think most activities could be adapted between books. Hope it helps! For more resources, visit:
The Water CycleQuick View

The Water Cycle

Presentation and activities on states of water and the water cycle. By then end of this lesson, pupils should understand how water changes state and nderstand the processes involved in the Water Cycle in nature over time.
Water CycleQuick View

Water Cycle

Water Cycle: These water cycle cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about the water cycle, and to build their vocabulary. These cootie catchers contain the following water cycle vocabulary terms: ♦ Water cycle, Runoff, Precipitation, Condensation, Evaporation, Transpiration, Groundwater, Cloud These water cycle cootie catchers come in color and black & white, and also come with a version where students can add their own definitions. All of this totals 4 pages which has students identifying vocabulary terms about the water cycle (with pictures) based from the definition. ***** Do a search for my other Cootie Catchers in the folllowing topics: ***** Space Science: ♦ Comets, Meteors, & Asteroids ♦ Constellations ♦ Eclipses ♦ Life Cycles of Stars ♦ Moon Phases ♦ Planets ♦ Solar System and Space ♦ Clouds ♦ Earthquakes & Plate Tectonics ♦ Erosion ♦ Fossils ♦ Layers of the Atmosphere ♦ Layers of the Earth ♦ Landforms ♦ Natural Disasters ♦ Natural Resources ♦ Rock Cycle ♦ Rocks and Minerals ♦ Seasons ♦ Soil ♦ Volcanoes ♦ Water Cycle ♦ Weather Life Science: ♦ Animal Adaptations ♦ Biomes ♦ Cell Organelles ♦ Classification and Taxonomy ♦ Ecosystems ♦ Evolution ♦ Food Web ♦ Habitats ♦ Human Body ♦ Life Cycles ♦ Photosynthesis ♦ Plants ♦ Six Kingdoms of Life Physical Science: ♦ Atomic Structure ♦ Circuits ♦ Element Compound and Mixture ♦ Force and Motion ♦ Forms of Energy ♦ Light Energy ♦ Magnets ♦ Reflection and Refraction ♦ Scientific Method ♦ Simple Machines ♦ Sound Energy ♦ States of Matter ♦ Thermal Energy ♦ Waves
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The water cycle: presentation for IWB

Clear presentation, lots of animation, clear explanations and language. Comic sans font throughout. Needs to be viewed as a slide show as animated slides have a large proportion of overlaid text/images etc. Produced for lower ability Key Stage 2 group but could be used elsewhere.
REVISION - Water and Carbon Cycles (9 lessons) AQA. Includes model answers.Quick View

REVISION - Water and Carbon Cycles (9 lessons) AQA. Includes model answers.

I am a senior examiner for AQA at A level and have extensive teaching experience. My resources are designed to be easy to follow, and can be used by teachers at any level. This short scheme of work is intended to give students the opportunity to re-visit the content of the Water and Carbon Cycles topic, whilst improving their time management and practising a range of revision techniques which will give them the resilience to revise more efficiently in their own time. The lessons go through the course content in a logical order and students are encouraged to embrace familiar techniques such as flash cards, as well as those which may be less familiar, such as 'Read, Cover, Write, Check.' Every lesson comes with an accompanying worksheet which includes everything from the Power Point, and means that students can easily file their notes and return to them. Please note that these lessons do not contain detailed subject content for the re-teaching of this topic. Students are directed to re-visit their own notes from lessons on this topic and also to use the text books and revision guides, especially if there are any gaps in their files. The books I would recommend are the Oxford Human Geography Book and the CGP Revision Guide. The lessons include: Model answers for 12 practise questions. Short quizzes on key terms Homework tasks Exam tips and motivation Frequent reference to the specification Also included when you purchase this resource: A word and phrase bank which is divided into relevant sections and referenced throughout the scheme of work. A booklet containing every question from the specimen papers and additional specimen papers, and from the 2017 AS paper; with space for students to write answers. A booklet containing the relevant figures for all the specimen questions. A booklet containing the AQA mark schemes for all the specimen questions. Best wishes to you and your students. Please leave a review. *Also available in my shop: A revision scheme of work for Changing Places* Please note that the previews show distortion to some of the files but that once you download them, everything is neat, organised and nothing overlaps.
Water and Carbon Cycles for AQA A-LevelQuick View

Water and Carbon Cycles for AQA A-Level

This bundle contains 20 PPT resources linked to the AQA specification for the 'Water and Carbon Cycles' topic. *Please note this excludes... - The end of topic assessment (no space left in the bundle! Sorry) - The final local case study for a river catchment as my students completed this through their independent study.
Water CycleQuick View

Water Cycle

Water Cycle: This water cycle crossword puzzle is a fun vocabulary review on the water cycle for students and contains the following: 1. Blank Version without word bank 2. Blank Version with word bank 3. Answer Key 4. Vocabulary Words: ♦ Aquifer ♦ Atmosphere ♦ Cloud ♦ Condensation ♦ Evaporation ♦ Groundwater ♦ Ocean ♦ Precipitation ♦ Runoff ♦ Sun ♦ Surface Water ♦ Transpiration ♦ Water Cycle ♦ Water Vapor
WATER AND CARBON CYCLES-End of topic assessmentQuick View

WATER AND CARBON CYCLES-End of topic assessment

This assessment has been created to test the learning of the AQA Geography A-Level topic 'Water and Carbon'. The assessment is made up of my own questions, which are written in the style of the sample material shared by AQA. I have also constructed a mark scheme, where again I looked at the AQA example and then tailored it to the questions asked.
The Water CycleQuick View

The Water Cycle

Starter Task Diagrams to label using pages in the book (AQA new spec biology textbook) Exam Question and mark scheme as plenary
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CB9f - The Water Cycle

inBiology I have made a complete suite of Powerpoints covering the new specification GCSE Physics and Biology courses. The colours are great for dyslexic pupils and the presentation can be easily added to or modified to suit your own teaching style as long as you have an up to date version of Powerpoint. All feedback welcomed !
Water CycleQuick View

Water Cycle

Water Cycle: This water cycle word search also doubles as a coloring book!. The advantage to this is that students can actually see the concept behind the term they are attempting to find. The solution to the puzzle is included. Water Cycle Word Search/ Coloring Book Vocabulary Terms: ♦ Air ♦ Cloud ♦ Condensation ♦ Dew ♦ Evaporation ♦ Frost ♦ Lake ♦ Ocean ♦ Precipitation ♦ Puddle ♦ River ♦ Runoff ♦ Transpiration ♦ Water Cycle ♦ Water Molecule ♦ Water Vapor Thank you to Illumismart, Ashley Hughes, The Enlightened Elephant, and Truthme who provided the images
Water CycleQuick View

Water Cycle

Introduction to the water cycle, looks at what it is, using information from the board, a worksheet (the sheet is on the powerpoint as a gap fill) and a song. They can also create their own song or poem. There is a stretch and challenge slide included for high ability groups/students.
Water Cycle Bundle: Water Cycle PowerPoint and Water Cycle FlipbookQuick View

Water Cycle Bundle: Water Cycle PowerPoint and Water Cycle Flipbook

This bundle consists of my complementary resources: WATER CYCLE POWERPOINT WATER CYCLE FLIPBOOK ************************************************************************ WATER CYCLE POWERPOINT This PowerPoint presentation can be used to learn key ideas about the water cycle. The 30-slide Water Cycle PowerPoint presentation contains a cover; a title page; 2 slides for Words to Know; 18 slides discussing what the water cycle is and the processes involved; and 8 True or False questions. This resource can be used as a whole lesson, starting from unlocking vocabulary, discussing key understanding, and assessing students' learning on the water cycle. You and your students will surely have a fun time with "The Water Cycle". Note: This resource is a PowerPoint file. Transitions and animations can be edited, as well as the font used for some parts. If you would like to use the same fonts, please download KG Happy Solid and KG Miss Speechy IPA from Kimberly Geswein's store. ************************************************************************ WATER CYCLE FLIPBOOK This 22-page resource consists of foldables/templates that can be used to create a flipbook on the water cycle. It can be used to summarize your students' key learnings or understanding. Pages 3 -8 show the different parts of the water cycle flipbook: *Cover *Pages 2-6 Pages 9-14 feature the ready-made blackline templates. Pages 15-20 feature the ready-made color templates. Page 21 contains the Credits. Page 22 focuses on the Terms of Use. Thanks to Glitter Meets Glue Designs for the chevron accent used in the thumbnail and preview.