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Weather and Climate

New unit of work created to meet the new updated National Curriculum for Key Stage 3 Geography. It has been taught to Year 7 across the board and has some adapted worksheets for higher and lower ability. Below is a break down of lessons: Lesson 1 - Weather and Climate - Looking at the differences between these. Also to look at the main weather types and how these can be good and bad. There is a cloud cover octa section, I take students outside to examine cloud cover and do field sketches. Lesson 2 - Cloud Types - Assess the different clouds and where they are found in the atmosphere. Look at the different conditions that these clouds bring, e.g. rain. Lesson 3 - Formation of Hurricanes - How do they form (storyboard worksheet higher and lower using the link to fill in the blanks and create pictures to show this) and where are they found. Map work used to annotate locations of tropical storms around the world. Lesson 4 - Tornadoes - How are they created - conditions needed etc. Matching up statements of causes and then annotating them on a picture to show where they occur. Take a look at fujita scale and how it is used to measure strength and severity - twister clip used as descriptive audio purpose. There is also a chance to watch the film Twister and there is an analysis sheet to support. Lesson 5 - Britain's weather - reasons for why Britain experiences various different weather depending on where you are located - look at the various factors: distance from the sea, latitude, altitude etc. Lesson 6 - Droughts - Formal Lesson Obvs for me which was regarded as Outstanding. Lesson Plan provided.
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French Weather (La Meteo)

Quel temps fait-il? Beginning French Weather Vocabulary speaking and writing pack featuring a lesson plan, presentation and a range of games and activities to teach 12 basic French phrases for describing the weather (La Meteo / Le Temps) – ideal for beginners or near beginners at Key Stage 2 / KS2 or beginners in KS3, including for revision. Contents: • Lesson plan (includes phonetic spelling of phrases to help Primary teachers with little French experience) • PowerPoint to teach the vocabulary (includes interactive activities) • Bingo game boards • Four in a Row game boards and cards • Loop cards / Follow Me game • Flashcards • Differentiated worksheets • Crossword • Wordsearch The question Quel temps fait-il? is used in this pack. There are other ways of asking this question and other ways to describe the weather so the resources are editable should you wish to use a different phrasing for any of them. Phrases included are: Il fait beau, il fait froid, il fait chaud, il fait mauvais, il y a des nuages, il y a de l’orage, il y a du vent, il y a du brouillard, il y a du soleil, il neige, il pleut, il gele. I hope this saves you time. Thank you for your interest. If you get a spare moment I would be so grateful for a review. You can explore my other French basics resources by clicking on these bundles, including the top one here, which includes this weather pack (around 70 resources in total): Huge French Basics Bundle French Basics Presentations Bundle French Basics Worksheets and Puzzles Bundle For time-saving, engaging resources to help you plan Primary Literacy, Maths and French lessons, please visit FullShelf Resources
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Earth Systems - Weathering and Erosion

A presentation suitable for KS3 looking at weathering and erosion. Presentation includes multi-choice questions to engage students and get them thinking about the subject throughout the presentation. Learning Objective(s): Explore how geologic features may be reshaped by weathering and erosion. Main Skills: Interpret written text and diagrams. Duration: Approximately 45 mins 40 slides covering: • Weathering • Physical Weathering • Physical Weathering - Water and Ice • Physical Weathering - Wind Abrasion • Recognising Wind and Water Weathering • Physical Weathering - Hot and Cold • Chemical Weathering • Biological Weathering • Weathering - Human Activity • Erosion • Wind Erosion • Water Erosion • Water Erosion - Run-off • Water Erosion - Ground Water • Erosion - Human Activity • Reducing and Preventing Erosion • Deposition • Deposition - Rivers • Deposition - Deltas • Deposition - Wind
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UK weather hazards bundle

Three resources focusing on the increasing threat of extreme weather in the UK and two examples of flooding from the past decade- the 2009 Cockermouth Floods and the 2014 Somerset Levels floods.
Weather MapsQuick View

Weather Maps

Full lesson on how weather is shown on a map, focusing on the UK. PowerPoint presentation and all resources. Suitable for either KS2 or low ability KS3 students. Covers UK countries, compass points and directions, how temperature, wind speed, and weather type are presented on weather maps.
Extreme Weather Storm DesmondQuick View

Extreme Weather Storm Desmond

This is a lesson ideal for KS3/KS4 containing videos, success criteria and differentiated activity relating to the causes, effects and responses of people to Storm Desmond. An example of extreme British weather (flooding).
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Spanish - Weather, places and points of the compass

These 2 worksheets are differentiated to practise key weather vocabulary as well as points of the compass. And there are opportunities to produce extended sentences as well. There are also answer sheets so students can mark and correct their own work for AFL.
Weather and Clothing Connect 4 gameQuick View

Weather and Clothing Connect 4 game

This is a paper version of Connect Four. Students play in pairs. Students must correctly identify the coordinates of the square (hat and it's raining). If wrong, the partner gets the square. Partners alternate turns. The goal is to get 4 squares in a row (vertical, horizontal, diagonal). The winner is the first one to "Connect Four" two times on the same board (3 to make it more challenging). You may make the game more challenging by having students use a particular verb, tense, adjectives or construction (complete sentence). May be used for any language.
Seasons and Weather Board GameQuick View

Seasons and Weather Board Game

This is a game to practice seasons and weather conditions. Students move around the board and say a season or weather condition that matches the photo on the space. If students give the correct answer they can remain on their spot until their next turn. If students give the incorrect answer they must go back to their previous spot and wait until their next turn to try again. The student that reaches the "finish" square first or is the farthest in the game when their time is up Wins! Visit our Website for Individual Game Previews, Free Samples, Special Savings and Online English Classes:
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KS3 weather - L3 - weather causes fully resourced

Objectives To use key geography words with confidence. To understand the part played by the sun and water vapour in causing our weather. To suggest what happens when these two causes work together. To write simple explanations for different types of weather.