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French Weather (La Meteo)

Quel temps fait-il? French Weather Vocabulary time-saving pack featuring a lesson plan, presentation and a range of games and activities to teach 12 basic French phrases for describing the weather (La Meteo / Le Temps) – ideal for Key Stage 2 / KS2 or beginners in KS3. Contents: • Lesson plan (includes phonetic spelling of phrases to help Primary teachers with little French experience) • PowerPoint to teach the vocabulary (includes interactive activities) • Bingo game boards • Four in a Row game boards and cards • Loop cards / Follow Me game • Flashcards • Differentiated worksheets • Crossword • Wordsearch The question Quel temps fait-il? is used in this pack. There are other ways of asking this question and other ways to describe the weather so the resources are editable should you wish to use a different phrasing for any of them. Phrases included are: Il fait beau, il fait froid, il fait chaud, il fait mauvais, il y a des nuages, il y a de l’orage, il y a du vent, il y a du brouillard, il y a du soleil, il neige, il pleut, il gele. I hope this saves you time. Thank you for your interest. If you get a spare moment I would be so grateful for a review. You can explore my other French basics resources by clicking on these bundles, including the top one here, which includes this weather pack (around 70 resources in total): Huge French Basics Bundle French Basics Presentations Bundle French Basics Games / Activities Bundle French Basics Worksheets and Puzzles Bundle For time-saving, engaging resources to help you plan Primary Literacy, Maths and French lessons, please visit FullShelf Resources
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Spanish - Weather, places and points of the compass

These 2 worksheets are differentiated to practise key weather vocabulary as well as points of the compass. And there are opportunities to produce extended sentences as well. There are also answer sheets so students can mark and correct their own work for AFL.
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IGCSE Weather & Climate SOW

a NEW full Scheme of Work for the IGCSE Geography Weather & Clmate Topic. Fully resources lessons and ready to go PowerPoints. lesson include tasks, extensions and a variety of exam questions with scaffolds and peer marking opportunities. Lesson 1 - Measuring Weather Lesson 2 - Clouds Lesson 3 - Climate Graphs Lesson 4 - Other Graphs and Data Lesson 5 - Deserts Lesson 6 - Desertification (Case Study) Lesson 7 - Tropical Rainforests Lesson 8 - Deforestation (Case Study) Extra - Assessment, Mark Scheme, Revision Clocks, Assessment Feedback Lesson
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Weather forecasts/weather instruments

A 22 slide PPT which introduces the weather instruments. Based on Irish curriculum so discusses the work of Met Eireann but this can of course be changed to suit the country/curriculum. Discusses each weather instrument, what it is used for and the unit of measurement for each. Doesn't go into detail about the workings of each instrument. Contains plenty of images of the instruments as well as a think-pair-share exercise, a class activity (which can be adapted to suit whatever textbook you are using) and a homework slide (which again will need to be adapted to suit the textbook in use). Also have included a graphic organizer on which the students can summarize what they have learnt.
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Weather and Climate

New unit of work created to meet the new updated National Curriculum for Key Stage 3 Geography. It has been taught to Year 7 across the board and has some adapted worksheets for higher and lower ability. Below is a break down of lessons: Lesson 1 - Weather and Climate - Looking at the differences between these. Also to look at the main weather types and how these can be good and bad. There is a cloud cover octa section, I take students outside to examine cloud cover and do field sketches. Lesson 2 - Cloud Types - Assess the different clouds and where they are found in the atmosphere. Look at the different conditions that these clouds bring, e.g. rain. Lesson 3 - Formation of Hurricanes - How do they form (storyboard worksheet higher and lower using the link to fill in the blanks and create pictures to show this) and where are they found. Map work used to annotate locations of tropical storms around the world. Lesson 4 - Tornadoes - How are they created - conditions needed etc. Matching up statements of causes and then annotating them on a picture to show where they occur. Take a look at fujita scale and how it is used to measure strength and severity - twister clip used as descriptive audio purpose. There is also a chance to watch the film Twister and there is an analysis sheet to support. Lesson 5 - Britain's weather - reasons for why Britain experiences various different weather depending on where you are located - look at the various factors: distance from the sea, latitude, altitude etc. Lesson 6 - Droughts - Formal Lesson Obvs for me which was regarded as Outstanding. Lesson Plan provided.
Weather BlockbustersQuick View

Weather Blockbusters

In 2 teams, pupils compete to move from one side of the board to the other, translating the weather phrases (any language). Simply click on the hexagon and then click on the team's colour to change the colour of the hexagon.
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Weather and climate Scheme of Work

12 lesson with a wide variety of differentiated activities including fieldwork in the school grounds. Topics covered include measuring the weather, micro climate, weather forecasting, types of rainfall, air masses, depressions, tropical storm causes and preparation as well as a case study lesson on Hurricane Irma.
French WeatherQuick View

French Weather

A great powerpoint that covers a whole lesson on the topic of weather. I have used it with multiple classes before and it's great! Copyrighted at @PrimaryPrints
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Weathering and Mass Movement

This lesson aims to allow students to gain an understanding about how the processes of weathering and mass movement affect the coastline. By the end of the lesson students will be able to answer the following key questions: - What is weathering and mass movement? - Why does the process of weathering and mass movement occur? - What does weathering and mass movement look like?
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weather revision

presentation revising weather phrases and a link to tenses to say what weather was like, what it will be like.
Weather MapsQuick View

Weather Maps

Full lesson on how weather is shown on a map, focusing on the UK. PowerPoint presentation and all resources. Suitable for either KS2 or low ability KS3 students. Covers UK countries, compass points and directions, how temperature, wind speed, and weather type are presented on weather maps.
Rocks & WeatheringQuick View

Rocks & Weathering

This is just a powerpoint my teacher gave me as a revision aid in order to support my revisions for my end-of-term exams in science. I hope it helps and I hope it works when you try to download it because I'm not sure but at least I tried it on two different computers and both worked perfectly :) But trust me, its really useful (at least for me it was )