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This breakout escape room is a fun way for students to test their knowledge of weather and climate. Full “Letter” sized cards as well as smaller sized cards are provided. Contents: ♦ Teacher Instructions with Usage Guide and FAQ ♦ 20 Multiple Choice Questions ♦ 5 Decoders for each of the 5 Levels ♦ Student Recording Sheet and Teacher Answer Key ♦ Large Sized Cards and Smaller ♦ Link to an optional, but recommended, digital breakout room More Escape Rooms: All the following topics can be found in the Ultimate Science Escape Room Bundle (60% OFF!) Astronomy: Get all 6 (35% OFF) in the Bundle! ♦ Eclipses ♦ Life Cycle of Stars ♦ Moon Phases ♦ Planets ♦ Solar System ♦ Space Rocks: Comets, Meteors, Meteorites, Asteroids, etc. Earth Science: Get all 15 (35% OFF) in the Bundle! ♦ Clouds ♦ Fossils ♦ Layers of the Atmosphere ♦ Layers of the Earth ♦ Natural Resources ♦ Plate Tectonics ♦ Rock Cycle ♦ Rocks and Minerals ♦ Seasons ♦ Severe Weather ♦ Soil ♦ Volcanoes ♦ Water Cycle ♦ Weather ♦ Weathering and Erosion Life Science: Get all 6 (35% OFF) in the Bundle! ♦ Animal Adaptations ♦ Biomes ♦ Classification and Taxonomy ♦ Habitats ♦ Human Body Systems ♦ Plant Adaptations Physical Science: Get all 12 (35% OFF) in the Bundle! ♦ Atomic Structure ♦ Circuits ♦ Electricity and Magnetism ♦ Force and Motion ♦ Periodic Table ♦ Properties of Matter ♦ Properties of Water ♦ Reflection and Refraction ♦ Scientific Method ♦ Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration ♦ States of Matter ♦ Waves Biology: Get all 10 (35% OFF) in the Bundle! ♦ Cell Organelles ♦ Cell Transport ♦ Cellular Respiration ♦ Classification and Taxonomy ♦ DNA ♦ Evolution ♦ Genetics and Heredity ♦ Macromolecules ♦ Mitosis and Meiosis ♦ Photosynthesis
Weather, El Clima, El Tiempo, Spanish "mad scientist" weather report!Quick View

Weather, El Clima, El Tiempo, Spanish "mad scientist" weather report!

No prep! Just print and go! Students write a 4 day weather report based on the premise that a mad scientist has accidentally created a 4 day year (through an experiment gone wrong!). Each day is one season long. Your students will be able to use nearly ALL of their weather vocabulary to explain the new weather patterns! A fun writing activity for your Spanish students to practice weather vocabulary and sentence structure! Also great for fast finishers, homework or substitute plans!
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Earth Systems - Weathering and Erosion

A presentation suitable for KS3 looking at weathering and erosion. Presentation includes multi-choice questions to engage students and get them thinking about the subject throughout the presentation. Learning Objective(s): Explore how geologic features may be reshaped by weathering and erosion. Main Skills: Interpret written text and diagrams. Duration: Approximately 45 mins 40 slides covering: • Weathering • Physical Weathering • Physical Weathering - Water and Ice • Physical Weathering - Wind Abrasion • Recognising Wind and Water Weathering • Physical Weathering - Hot and Cold • Chemical Weathering • Biological Weathering • Weathering - Human Activity • Erosion • Wind Erosion • Water Erosion • Water Erosion - Run-off • Water Erosion - Ground Water • Erosion - Human Activity • Reducing and Preventing Erosion • Deposition • Deposition - Rivers • Deposition - Deltas • Deposition - Wind
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French Weather (La Meteo)

Quel temps fait-il? Beginning French Weather Vocabulary speaking and writing pack featuring a lesson plan, presentation and a range of games and activities to teach 12 basic French phrases for describing the weather (La Meteo / Le Temps). Originally designed for French beginners and near beginners in Primary - KS2 (Year 4, 5 and 6) - and early Secondary - KS3 (Year 7) and equivalents. Contents: • Lesson plan (includes phonetic spelling of phrases to help Primary teachers with little French experience) • PowerPoint to teach the vocabulary (includes interactive activities) • Bingo game boards • Four in a Row game boards and cards • Loop cards / Follow Me game • Flashcards • Differentiated worksheets • Crossword • Wordsearch The question Quel temps fait-il? is used in this pack. There are other ways of asking this question and other ways to describe the weather so the resources are editable should you wish to use a different phrasing for any of them. Phrases included are: Il fait beau, il fait froid, il fait chaud, il fait mauvais, il y a des nuages, il y a de l’orage, il y a du vent, il y a du brouillard, il y a du soleil, il neige, il pleut, il gele. I hope this saves you time. Thank you for your interest. If you get a spare moment I would be so grateful for a review. You can explore my other French basics resources by clicking on these bundles, including the top one here, which includes this weather pack (around 70 resources in total): Huge French Basics Bundle French Basics Presentations Bundle French Basics Worksheets and Puzzles Bundle For time-saving, engaging resources to help you plan Primary Literacy, Maths and French lessons, please visit FullShelf Resources
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Comparing the weather of St Lucia and the UK

This resource is designed for KS2 children. It is part of a wider unit called Exploring St Lucia which is designed to teach children about a contrasting non-European country. First the presentation introduces children to the tropical climate zone (dry and wet seasons) and its associated weather (i.e. high temperatures and high rainfall). It compares this with temperate climates such as that of the UK. Children are also encouraged to interpret data from a climate graph for St Lucia. Finally, other aspects of a tropical climate are covered including tropical storms and hurricanes. The accompanying differentiated true/false activity helps children to recap what they have learned about the climates of St Lucia and the UK. There is also an extension activity. If you like this resource, please review it. If you have any suggestions or feedback, contact me at
Weather and Activities (le temps et les activites) - Outstanding lessonQuick View

Weather and Activities (le temps et les activites) - Outstanding lesson

Perfect from Yr5 to Yr7 AND Year 8 and 9 lower abilities, this lesson's objective is to link the topic of weather to activities focusing mainly on writing and speaking skills. There are pair work, group work AND independent work. Students are given the opportunity to choose their own lesson outcome and to try to challenge themselves by extending their sentence(s). The handouts are IN the presentation and differentiated, the last 3 slides and the Quiz-Quiz-Trade card in a word document. Each activity are planned to last 5-7min, great to keep them engaged.
El tiempo (The weather)Quick View

El tiempo (The weather)

A very comprehensive set of resources to study the topic of the weather in Spanish. Suitable for students of all levels, the presentation starts with simple vocabulary activities and little games (Simon says, Battleship, human dominoes) and it builds up from there (weather forecasts, leisure activities in different kinds of weather). It also includes a range of reading activities to do with the weather and the climate in Spain. Additionally I have included several reading and writing activities about Spanish geography to provide the students with a better understanding of Spanish geographical features (and at the end of the topic they will even believe you when you say that it does indeed snow in Spain; quite a lot, actually!)
Weather and Climate SortQuick View

Weather and Climate Sort

Help students practice the difference between weather and climate. There are 11 statements each about either weather or climate that students need to differentiate between. Have it as a group activity or set it up as a science center. After students sort, you can have students write or say their own statements describing weather or climate.
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Weather Maps

Full lesson on how weather is shown on a map, focusing on the UK. PowerPoint presentation and all resources. Suitable for either KS2 or low ability KS3 students. Covers UK countries, compass points and directions, how temperature, wind speed, and weather type are presented on weather maps.
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Weather forecasts/weather instruments

A 22 slide PPT which introduces the weather instruments. Based on Irish curriculum so discusses the work of Met Eireann but this can of course be changed to suit the country/curriculum. Discusses each weather instrument, what it is used for and the unit of measurement for each. Doesn't go into detail about the workings of each instrument. Contains plenty of images of the instruments as well as a think-pair-share exercise, a class activity (which can be adapted to suit whatever textbook you are using) and a homework slide (which again will need to be adapted to suit the textbook in use). Also have included a graphic organizer on which the students can summarize what they have learnt.
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Weather Diary

A fab diary to record the changing weather. Temperature, rainfall, wind speed, cloudiness. Get kids outdoors exploring and bring the outdoors into your classroom with this fresh activity from the Woodland Trust's nature detectives website.
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Weather forecast maps

Notebook file with forcasts maps. Could haev a variety of uses but i designed them for use by pupils to present their own weather forecasts to the class
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Weather & Climate

Contains a PowerPoint which looks at the difference between weather and climate and then looks at each of the 5 types of climate. Includes basic information on each climate type as well as examples of countries with this climate and a map. Also includes 2 activities for children to complete. Activity 1: Children colour in a map following the key on the 5 different climates around the world. Then they cut out the 5 images at the bottom and stick them in the appropriate box for each climate. Activity 2: Children must read the items inside each suitcase and decide which countries climate they match. They then cut these out, stick them beside one another and write a sentence or 2 about them.
Weather Instruments PowerPoint ShowQuick View

Weather Instruments PowerPoint Show

This Weather Instruments Presentation looks at the different types of instruments used to gather the current and future weather conditions locally and around the world.. It provides explanations with high quality images to reinforce the children's learning and talking points. Presentation Topics: - Barometer - Rain Gauge - Thermometer - Anemometer - Wind Vane - Wind Sock - Hygrometer - Weather Balloon - Weather Satellitre - Doppler Radar Please remember to follow me Enjoy