Weighing scales problems 3 differentiated sheetsQuick View

Weighing scales problems 3 differentiated sheets

Year 3 maths weight problems Children have to use problem solving to work out the weights of the different shapes on the opposite side of the scale. Then once they have worked out the weights of the different shapes, they then work out the weight of the mystery boxes. Differentiated by difficulty of division and addition of weights.

By lilvix

Dear Zoo activitiesQuick View

Dear Zoo activities

A selection of activities used in early years linked to the book Dear Zoo. Maths activities include weighing the animals using numicon and literacy activities include using talk for writing actions, drawing story maps and innovating the story.

By fluffy30

Where in space am I?Quick View

Where in space am I?

A worksheet on gravity and weight. This includes a technician guide. Students weigh different objects which are labelled with their mass. They then try and work out which planet they are on using the W=mg Weight, mass, gravitational field strength equation.

By beccy597

Introducing weighing in gramsQuick View

Introducing weighing in grams

Two linked worksheets to weighing in grams. Estimating and weighing How to show the weight on a scale using 100g divisions up to 1kg

By etaalpha

Deforestation - RainforestsQuick View

Deforestation - Rainforests

IWB file for deforestation in rainforest. The children have to weigh up the pros and cons and give their own opinion on the matter.

By zebracake

Living on Mars webquestQuick View

Living on Mars webquest

Simple basic webquest on humans possibly living on the planet Mars. Questions discuss Human contact with Mars Gravity and seasons on Mars How long a year on Mars is and how it snows on Mars Ends with a math problem having the students find out how much someone weighing 150lbs on Earth would weigh on Mars. Over time internet links change, if the link is broken please contact me. takes about 30min to complete

By bmw2182

The Decline of Political Parties in Europe - PresentationQuick View

The Decline of Political Parties in Europe - Presentation

A Comprehensive Presentation that includes: What is a political party? Cleavages and the ‘golden age’, Political Science and Political Parties and Prognosis: terminal decline? - Measuring the end of the Party and Weighing up the Arguments. Ideal for Politics, History, and Citizenship Lessons.

By jh081326

Christmas Express Maths PuzzleQuick View

Christmas Express Maths Puzzle

This is a problem-solving activity in which children have to put the correct numbers onto the train carriages, making sure that each carriage weighs 11kg.

By Suemaas

Weight - Practrical activity differentiatedQuick View

Weight - Practrical activity differentiated

This is a great differentiated resources that will support children in recording the results of their practical activity. Using a range of objects, scales and multilink cubes, children will balance the scales using cubes to find out how many cubes an object weighs,

By Mandem2014

Estimating Animal WeightQuick View

Estimating Animal Weight

A TESiboard ( http://tesiboard.co.uk ) activity using animals as 'non-standard' units to weigh against other animals and to compare their relative weights. Ask pupils to predict how many small animals weigh the same as the larger one. They can then use the balance scales to test their estimates. Pupils&' results are saved in a report.

By TESiboard

weighing and measuringQuick View

weighing and measuring

this is used to weigh flour/pasta and measure water- useful before practicals take place to ensure accurate measuring

By leannep83