Weighing FruitQuick View

Weighing Fruit

Can you use this information to estimate how much the different fruit selections weigh in kilos and pounds?

By nrich_maths

WeighWangdoodlesQuick View


A great SWF file where you have to find the three unknown numbers. Would work great as IWB activity, or pupils working individual PC's. Good as an introduction to algebra

By anon2584

Weighing scales problems 3 differentiated sheetsQuick View

Weighing scales problems 3 differentiated sheets

Year 3 maths weight problems Children have to use problem solving to work out the weights of the different shapes on the opposite side of the scale. Then once they have worked out the weights of the different shapes, they then work out the weight of the mystery boxes. Differentiated by difficulty of division and addition of weights.

By lilvix

Weighing gramsQuick View

Weighing grams

Mental and oral starter - ordering grams on a number line. Main activity to estimate objects around the classroom that are more or less than 500g. To then record the weight of objects to the nearest 100g. Compare what objects are lighter and heavier.

By joop09

Weigh it upQuick View

Weigh it up

In this busy session, children learn about shops and what it was like to shop for food in the past. They use scales to measure out ingredients, make shopping lists and bake cakes! Suitable for years 1 and 2. Find other lesson plans and resources at www.hamilton-trust.org.uk.

By HamiltonTrust

weighing and measuringQuick View

weighing and measuring

this is used to weigh flour/pasta and measure water- useful before practicals take place to ensure accurate measuring

By leannep83

Essential Weighing and MeasuringQuick View

Essential Weighing and Measuring

Essential maths looks at how we actually use maths in everyday life. This was for my post-16 special needs group. We talked about the different units we use and how confusing it can be they have learned all about g/kg etc and commonly talk about 'losing a few pounds' or describing someone at 6 feet tall. The activity asks which units are most commonly used (more than one answer is fine) and then estimate the average eg weight of a new-born baby. The activity took a lot longer than anticipated!

By heathermcalone

Introducing weighing in gramsQuick View

Introducing weighing in grams

Two linked worksheets to weighing in grams. Estimating and weighing How to show the weight on a scale using 100g divisions up to 1kg

By etaalpha