Key Stage 3 Drama Levels Quick View

Key Stage 3 Drama Levels

This is an attempt to formalise the way we level in drama using the headings Speaking and Listening, Group Work, Performing, Evaluation and Writing. This is still a work in progress.
A Level Drama Edexcel Component 3 Writing FramesQuick View

A Level Drama Edexcel Component 3 Writing Frames

Here is a breakdown resource of sentence starters and key questions to get student thinking about their writing structure and sentence content for A Level Drama. Section A - Live Theatre Section B - Page to Stage Section C - Directorial Interpretations
Key Stage 3 Drama Self-Assessment SheetQuick View

Key Stage 3 Drama Self-Assessment Sheet

Reach For The Stars Self-Assessment Sheet. I have taken descriptors and adapted from other resources that I have found on here and elsewhere online. Each student is assessed in the first lesson and receives a level. Once the baseline is established then the student receives a sheet that reflects their starting ability. The reserve side is for termly targets. We run a 5 term system at my school, however this could easily be adapted. Trialing this presently and students are responding to it very positively. This sheet is for Levels 3 - 6. I also have 2 -5, 4 - 7, 5 - 8 available.
Key Stage 2 'Macbeth'Quick View

Key Stage 2 'Macbeth'

This scheme of work is designed to provide opportunities to incorporate Drama into teaching looking at ‘Macbeth’ and applying a range of techniques to a selection of possible approaches to the text.
The Drama Assessment HandbookQuick View

The Drama Assessment Handbook

A solid guide and strategy for assessment in drama from KS3 through to GCSE. Developed to enable clear evidencing of skills and progress. Contents include:- KS3 Level descriptors Assessment charts for key components Basic general targets for each year group A format for student assessment note keeping Assessment sheets for: Performance, Response & Development, Wider Key Skills, Reading é Writing which enable a teacher to break down these skills into manageable elements to show students where improvement can be made.
Drama Remote Learning Booklet Key Stage 3/BTEC IntroductionQuick View

Drama Remote Learning Booklet Key Stage 3/BTEC Introduction

A work booklet with a variety of activities and tasks that students can complete remotely. The booklet includes links to YouTube clips to support the completion of the tasks. The entirety of the booklet can be completed independently by students, although lessons could be taught alongside the booklet. The booklet is designed for year 8/9 students who have had some experience of KS3 Drama, however, as it is a Word document, it can be adapted for year 7 students or developed further. This is also a good preparation booklet for students moving onto BTEC Tech Award Level 1/2 in Performing Arts due to the introduction of roles and responsibilities. The booklet contents are: Key word wordsearch Key word skills Audit Personal reflection on Drama experience so far An actor prepares - exploring warm ups for an actor Key word recall - defining key vocabulary What makes a good performance? - exploring key words, watching performances and offering opinions Performance review - choosing a performance and reviewing it Introduction to roles and responsibilities in the Performing Arts - looking at off-stage roles and the responsibilities and skills of these roles The role of an actor - looking at acting jobs, routes into acting and skills/responsibilities of an actor The role of a costume and costume designer - research, exploration and designing own costume Self assessment of own costume design There is a PDF version and a Microsoft Word version (for edits) included.


This is my KS3 assessment grid. It features the assessment criteria I use with KS3 and how I actually use it to assess pupil progress. It has been a work in progress for the last year with this current format being used successfully. It allows pupils to self assess and it also allows parents to see the skills you are covering with their children. I have included the grid for yr 7&8 and have also provided a little guidance on how to apply it. If you have any questions about this and its application please do not hesitate to contact me.
Key Stage 3 Drama Assessment Walk of Fame (AfL)Quick View

Key Stage 3 Drama Assessment Walk of Fame (AfL)

A variety of resources created to improve assessment for learning in KS3. Drama Walk of Fame Posters. A set of posters that can be printed up to A3 size and displayed in your drama studio. This is a fun and eye-catching AfL resource that I have created utilising the Drama in Schools attainment levels. These have proven very popular with my year 7 and 8 classes. I'd welcome any feedback or ideas for improvement
Key Stage 4 - Drama - Football ResourceQuick View

Key Stage 4 - Drama - Football Resource

This resource uses original source material from the Everton Collection to encourage students to develop and learn new dramatic skills whilst also exploring football history and heritage. It explores GCSE Drama controlled assessment options for Unit 2 - Practical Work including Theatre in Education, Acting and Costume. Three further lesson plans covering Improvisation, Devised Theatre and Physical Theatre are available directly from the Everton Collection website,
Complete Introduction to Drama Scheme of Work.Quick View

Complete Introduction to Drama Scheme of Work.

This is a fully loaded 15 lesson scheme of work that is an enjoyable, engaging, active and fun introduction to drama. Ideal for use at the start of a new academic year or for any class that are unfamiliar with the basic conventions of drama. Not only will students enjoy a range of practical activities, they will also learn a whole host of important drama skills which will make them strong, well rounded performers. Lessons in the scheme run as follows: Lessons 1-3 - Drama games - 20 games, fully explained, that are guaranteed winners for any group Lesson 4 - Voice work Lesson 5 - Freeze Frames Lesson 6 - Thought Tracking Lesson 7 - Mime Lesson 8 - Levels and Proxemics Lesson 9 - Soundscaping / Off Stage Drama Lesson 10 - Mime Lesson 11 and 12 - Improvisation and Developing a Concept Lessons 13 and 14 - Rehearsal - highly structured lesson with guidance on good rehearsing. Choice of 3 assessment tasks for teacher to choose from Lesson 15 - Performance and Evaluation (evaluation can take the form of an extended activity to be completed in a separate lesson) The scheme now includes a series of knowledge organisers that you can use with your students to revisit key concepts! Ideal for less experienced teachers and non-subject specialists as well as more experienced drama teachers. Engaging and fun PowerPoints with very little adaptation required. Tasks are accompanied by supporting notes where necessary so that all tasks are easy to follow and teach. A complete and fully resourced scheme of work designed to engage students from lesson 1 and make Drama the subject they all talk about! Ideal for building strong, well rounded and skilled performers. Would suit key stage 2, 3 and 4. For some reason the preview feature doesn’t seem to work properly on some of the resources but they all download fine and are formatted correctly when downloaded. If you loved the resource and think it’s worth 5*, why not get another one absolutely free? Simply leave your review, email with your TES username and the free resource you would like and your free resource* will be sent over right away! free resource cannot exceed value of original purchase
Key Stage 3/4 Pupil Workbook for ImprovisationQuick View

Key Stage 3/4 Pupil Workbook for Improvisation

A pupil workbook to accompany practical lessons on Improvisation. It can be used at key stages 3 & 4, and includes key words, homework tasks, box script writing, in role diary task, rehearsed improvisation assessment task and written evaluation sheets. It can be edited to suit the school/centre’s assessment levels.
KS3 Drama Level DescriptorsQuick View

KS3 Drama Level Descriptors

Covers groupwork skills, performance skills and written evaluation skills with equal weighting. It's a one-page document made as simple as I can get it!
Key Stage 2 Enterprise ProjectQuick View

Key Stage 2 Enterprise Project

Please comment on the resource to help with improvements A Key Stage 2 Enterprise project based upon George's Marvellous medicine - presentations to go with are separate (only allowed to upload 20 items at a time!) Please note that the NC curriculum information will need to be adapted to the current Key Stage 2 national curriculum as it will be out of date Search 'George&'s Marvellous Medicine - KS2 Enterprise' or see my other resouces... Email for questions, help or support with the resources
Key stage 3 - Devising from a stimulus - 12 lessonsQuick View

Key stage 3 - Devising from a stimulus - 12 lessons

This resource is used for year 7 and 8 who are of mixed ability and have studied drama at a basic level. The plus points to this unit is that is offers structure and routine for students so they know the expectations. Timings are on there but these can be changed to suit your lessons. Differentiation is not included as this is personal to your class so when I distribute this to my teachers they then go through and differentiate accordingly. This resource is 12 lessons centered around using various types of stimulus to devise performances. Tried and tested this has proved to offer the structure students need at this age and gets them thinking about different ways to interpret a stimulus. Many thanks for viewing this resource.
Glossary of Drama termsQuick View

Glossary of Drama terms

Glossary Dictionary Tech guide I have compiled every glossary on Drama that is available on the internet into one document it includes almost every piece of technology that you can find in a theatre and key words. It is so massive that when printed it is an inch thick. I apologise that some items are duplicated, I have not been able to get back to editing this document as it took me about four weeks one summer to get it to this stage. Please note: None of the definitions are my own it is all taken from other websites.
Drama Speaking and Listening Criteria - Student ActivityQuick View

Drama Speaking and Listening Criteria - Student Activity

Your drama students will be expected to self-select which levels of criteria go where! Get your learners to rank these Speaking and Listening criteria sheets in number order: from Level 3 all the way up to Level 7. This can also be used for your Key Stage 3 English class.
Drama Terms and Test - Elements of DramaQuick View

Drama Terms and Test - Elements of Drama

Drama Terms and Test. Elements of Drama. Includes a study guide and a test of common drama terms in a matching format. In addition, you will get a higher level comprehensive list of drama terms, which you can decide to use in a variety of ways, such as independent study, enrichment, etc. Also included is a handout on the Elements of Drama. - HappyEdugator