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Plans and Elevations

A PowerPoint and worksheet for Plans and Elevations at KS3. I have updated the PowerPoint but kept the old one as well.
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Plans and Elevations

Lesson on Plans and Elevations. Starter is a group activity in which student must identify the famous landmark from the picture. Should be adapted for your school / location. Flipchart gives some basic information and examples. Worksheet is from another TES user, asks students to draw views of different shapes and then construct shapes when given the views (Multi-link cubes required).
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Plans and Elevations

PPT with accompanying worksheets looking at how to draw plans and elevations with several images for them to try and replicate.
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Plan and Elevation

Pupils have to draw the plan side and front view of basic shapes made out of cubes. There are eight shapes which increase in difficulty. I usually make pupils colour in the 3D shape in three different colours to help them see the different views before drawing them.
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Plans and Elevations - Full lesson

This is a collection of several resources. I have pulled together to create a complete lesson. This can be used for teaching foundation level GCSE and more recently top set year 6. Covering levels 5 and 6. Prior skills - drawing 3d solids. Use multilink cubes and Isometric paper. 1. Starter differentiated - Eulers. show answers. 2. Only used first 13 slides on the Powerpoint. 3. Main activity- seeing front, side and plan view of a 3d solid. Extension- drawing the solid when given the 3 different views. 4. Acid test to check knowledge- use a 3D diagram of a house e.g. and ask them to draw the 3 views. 5. Self-assess using level ladder
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Plans and Elevations

Two worksheets: The first a straight forward worksheet that introduces the idea of Plans and Elevations, the second a set of puzzles where the idea is to try and build the objects using multi-link given the front elevation, side elevation and plan view. The second activty is a non ICT version of the 'Building with side views' applet found on the wis-web website, address: If you haven't used this before then I highly recommend it as I&'ve never had a group that hasn&';t loved it.
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Plans, Elevations and Isometric Drawing

A selection of 3 activities, in order of difficulty, for those 3D views topics. Isometric drawing practice, plans and elevations practice (with a crib sheet) and a challenge/extension activity where pupils have to construct the solid given the 3 views. Also a nice extra extension puzzle at the end using 7 irregular solids to make a cube. Notes for this included but not the solution, sorry!
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Plans and Elevations Paired Task

Paired work task to assess their knowledge of drawing plans and elevations from a 3D shape and also drawing a 3D shape from its plans and elevations. Could be used in the main part of the lesson or shortened for a plenary. Fold each set into a tent and allow pupils to sit facing each other. They can then peer review and hepl set each other targets.
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Plans and Elevations

This is a full lesson I put together on plans and elevations involving a nice multi-link cube activity, the students really enjoyed this lesson.
Plans and elevations lessonQuick View

Plans and elevations lesson

Three part lesson with grade D questions. Starter includes questions to recap and consolidate previous learning in accordance with the route map (scheme of work) i have uploaded.
Drawing Plans and Elevations Treasure Hunt GameQuick View

Drawing Plans and Elevations Treasure Hunt Game

KS3 Revision Activity. Treasure Hunt activity (like match cards but round the classroom - see instructions) on drawing plans and elevations. Differentiated with 2 levels, low level involves easier shapes, higher level involves more complex shapes. Make sure pupils record the colours in their answers or they may go to the wrong ticket.
Plans and Elevations - Famous BuildingsQuick View

Plans and Elevations - Famous Buildings

A PowerPoint of images showing the plans and elevations of famous buildings (one of the slides is the science block in my school but you could swap this). Ideal for KS3 and GCSE classes. I found the images using google satellite maps and print screened once I had zoomed in. It was a really nice starter activity to get the students engaged. Hopefully they now know the difference between a plan and an elevation. This task could be extended by getting students to draw elevations of the given building, even scale drawings
Maths Game: Plans and Elevations Quiz Quiz TradeQuick View

Maths Game: Plans and Elevations Quiz Quiz Trade

This task is for understanding how the 3 views show a solid. Fold card/sheets in half then cut into strips. Half the class have cards and the other half have 10 cubes each. Students pair up and the one with the card shows their partner the 3 views. The students with the cubes tries to make the object. they then compare with the correct answer on the reverse of the card. Students then swap and reapeat activity. You will probably need to print 2 sets of the cards. Better if the cards are laminated to be used again.
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Plans and elevations booklet

A booklet on drawing plans and elevations which I've used successfully with a variety of classes at KS3 and KS4 of varying ability. Starts with drawing three views when given a 3D shape and goes on to asking students to draw the 3D shapes given the three views. Questions are taken from a variety of resources and exam questions.
KS3 Maths Isometric and Elevations WorksheetQuick View

KS3 Maths Isometric and Elevations Worksheet

Plans, Elevations and Isometric Drawings. This worksheet lets pupils make a shape from 6-10 multi-link cubes and then draw a plan, front and side elevation, as well as a 3D drawing on isometric paper. Once it is complete I get the pupils to swap sheets and try to build the shapes from the drawings.