Mental HealthQuick View

Mental Health

30x resources total in 8x lesson packs - all include: a 1hr PowerPoint, worksheets, clip links with questions, all differentiated and fully resourced 1hr lessons with clear LOs to three levels of progress. 1. Mental health overview and depression 2. Coping with stress 3. Coping with anxiety 4. Body image and mental health 5. Social Anxiety 6. Resilience - achieving with good mental health 7. Mental health and eating disorders 8. Self Esteem There's easily 14 hours worth of planning gone into this, so I hope it saves you time and you find it value for money. ALSO - Leave me a review and I'll send you a resource of your choice for free. All is differentiated to 3 levels or 4 levels where possible and designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above. Many more paid and free resources at my shop: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/emjcot

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Mental Health: Social AnxietyQuick View

Mental Health: Social Anxiety

1hr PP, differentiated, worksheets, clips Complete 1 hour lesson with starter handout and worksheets Suitable for KS3/4 easily adapted for either Different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above Credit to NHS for information/ Sebastiaan van der Schrier for clip link Many more paid and free resources at my shop: Emjcot's Shop Leave me a review and I'll send you a resource for free. Just message me with the one you want :)

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Lego TherapyQuick View

Lego Therapy

This is a Lego therapy resource pack which is designed to aid any practitioner to successfully deliver a course of play sessions. The core contents of the pack can be tailored to different age groups or abilities by the practitioner. It has twenty-four different pages which contain a brief introduction and then explains each team member's role and job description. It also has visual images to aid with colours, shapes and questions that could be asked to help the children engage and communicate with each other. There is also a tracker sheet which is great for following each child as they develop or it highlights if they need additional support. Lastly, the practitioner should have basic knowledge of play therapy and if not this pack could further develop their own personal skill set. I hope this pack is received well and for added usage just laminate, and most of all HAVE FUN.

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SEND Strategies for Differentiation Success in your classroomQuick View

SEND Strategies for Differentiation Success in your classroom

Individual Educational Plan to specifically support SEND students. Use the strategies in your lessons to differentiate for SEND students. These plans were drawn up to support in Humanities lessons but would transfer to other subjects. Local Authority, Ofsted have said that is is exemplary SEND practice. I have written codes for the below areas of need. On your lesson plan write the code and the strategy number next to the initials of the child. Keep the IEPs in your teaching file with the students name on. Practical strategies that support the new SEND code of practice. Various strategies to use in lessons depending on the need of the child. Area of SEND need covered includes: SPLD Dyslexia General Literacy difficulties Dyscalculia Dyspraxia ADHD Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder BESD Behavioural, Emotional and Social difficulties including ODD Oppositional Defiant Disorder Autism Asperger Syndrome Hearing Impaired Editable file to personalise to your department.

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Story Writing at KS2Quick View

Story Writing at KS2

PowerPoint with ideas based on those in the Igniting Writing series by Pie Corbett, Sue Palmer and Ann Webley Looks at different elements of a story and gives examples of different ideas that can be used within the classroom. Many ideas are visual and would support reluctant writers or pupils with SEN

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Creme egg crazy Easter math quiz. Great as a starter, end of lesson or form activity for Easter.Quick View

Creme egg crazy Easter math quiz. Great as a starter, end of lesson or form activity for Easter.

Creme egg crazy Easter math quiz. 20 question slides of increasing difficulty. Starting with +, -, / and x. Moving onto square root, square and cube numbers, all using crème egg images. Answer sheets and mark scheme slide is included. Tie breaker is to count the crème eggs. Change the difficulty by moving on the slides quicker or slower. Fantastic to use for the last lesson before the Easter break as a starter or fun plenary activity. Great transitions to keep students engaged. Why not buy a creme egg for the winner!

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Cursive and Non Cursive Handwriting BookletQuick View

Cursive and Non Cursive Handwriting Booklet

Some simple booklets I put together for a mixed KS3/4 class of SLD/MLD/ASD students to practice cursive writing and printing. There are 4 similar booklets, two cursive with guide lines, (one has a larger font) ,one non cursive with an underline and one non cursive with guidelines. The booklets are symbol/ picture supported and linked to phase 2/3 of letters and sounds. I hope these are of use to someone :) The contents are: • Small letters • Tall and dangly letters • Capital letters • CVC words • CCVC words • sh words • ch • th • ai • ee • igh • oo • oa • HF See my other booklets which follow on from this one https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/cursive-and-non-cursive-handwriting-booklet-2-6399622 https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/cursive-and-non-cursive-handwriting-booklet-3-6424271 Edit: due to popular demand I have uploaded editable versions. For the word documents to display properly you will need to ask your search engine for the following fonts: Non-cursive: Dnealian manuscript, Dnealian manuscript lined, the dotty non-cursive was primer apples. For the cursive fonts, I used this handy Microsoft word 'add on' from here. http://www.cursivewriting.org/joined-up-handwriting.html This installs its own fonts called Xccw lined, joined, dotty etc with options for where the letters join such as top or bottom. It's not free though.

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World Book Day - Bumper 100 Question Book QuizQuick View

World Book Day - Bumper 100 Question Book Quiz

This resource is a highly visual, fully editable and interactive, 100 question powerpoint quiz on books, poems and authors. It is an ideal resource for World Book Day and can be used with a tutor group or in an assembly. The quiz contains 100 questions with multiple choice answers, with varying degrees of challenge. It has nine categories. Classic Books Harry Potter Opening and Closing Lines David Walliams Authors Michael Morpurgo Poems Diaries Miscellaneous The quiz can be administered in a variety of ways - to individuals or teams. The answers can be found by clicking on the book image on the bottom right-hand corner of each slide. Answers can be given either as you go through the quiz or at the end. An answer sheet is included to allow individuals/teams to record their answers. Sample questions: Prospero, Miranda, Ariel and Caliban are all characters from which Shakespeare play? What is the second book of the old testament called? What is the most widely distributed, most translated and best-selling book of all time? In Charlotte's Web, what is the name of the pig that Charlotte becomes friends with? What is the name of the lion in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe? Towards the end of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Scrooge buys the Cratchits an enormous what? What name is given to the deadly phantoms that guard Azkaban Prison? Who is Joe’s best friend in David Walliams Billionaire Boy? In Michael Morpurgo's Private Peaceful, what is Private Peaceful’s first name? The popular series of children’s books about a magic football is written by which professional sports player? This resource is also suitable for SEN students due to the highly visual nature of the resource and the multiple choice format. For more inspiring educational resources visit Inspire and Educate Thinking of publishing your own resources or already an author and want to improve your resources and sales? Check out this 'must have' step by step guide. How to Become a Successful TES Author: Step by Step Guide To be kept informed of new resources click here and follow!

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Anxiety and Worries Group intervention - Mental HealthQuick View

Anxiety and Worries Group intervention - Mental Health

The intervention Who is if for? This Anxiety and Worries Group intervention is for a group of up to six children and is led by a teaching assistant. The focus age range would be 7 to 11, although older pupils would probably benefit from this intervention. Children who worry a lot would be a good focus group for this intervention. It runs for approximately 40-60 minutes, weekly for six weeks. What does it cover? This Anxiety and Worries Group intervention covers emotions, relaxation, calming down techniques and learning objectives around anxiety and worries. Children will learn about emotions during each session and will also learn relaxation and calming techniques through the ‘relaxation time’. This knowledge and these skills will help them to become more emotionally literate. The warm-up games teach a variety of skills such as co-operation, team work, taking turns, communication skills, friendship, self-esteem and confidence. The coming together of a group fosters a sense of belonging and therefore raises self-esteem. Every opportunity should be taken to promote belonging and friendship. Relaxation exercises will help children to manage their anxiety and these are visited each session. Information on Anxieties and worries It is important to mention that anxiety is such a big problem and affects people in different ways and at different things. Sometimes there appears to be no reason for the anxiety. This intervention is about giving children the knowledge to help themselves and to gain a little understanding about what anxiety is. It is NOT about fixing children’s problems but about supporting them through their problems. Anxiety work needs to be done by professionals who have training in counselling or psychology. An ELSA or TA can offer knowledge and support and it is important that this line is not crossed and boundaries are clear. By giving children the self-awareness, knowledge and some relaxation skills you are empowering them to help themselves cope. If you are ever worried about a child then please do refer them on to professional services so they can get the help they need. What’s included in the pack? A planning booklet with 6 session plans. Circle time rules Warm up games for circle-time Assessments Emotion wheels Emotion wordmat Certificates Five Star Breathing poster NEEDS to know Poster Emotion cards NEEDS to know cards Anxiety physical symptoms cards Where in your body worksheet Anxiety cards Coping strategies poster Worry tree Thought bubbles (ants) Changing those thoughts worksheet Zap anxiety poster My Five a day plan ELSA/Teaching Assistant notes

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Adding 'ing' to verbs: Spelling rulesQuick View

Adding 'ing' to verbs: Spelling rules

A powerpoint presentation showing the spelling rules associated with adding ‘ing’ to verbs. It employs bold graphics and animations throughout, with captions in Comic Sans font

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Stereotypes: DisabilityQuick View

Stereotypes: Disability

Complete 1 hour lesson with starter handouts clip link and differentiated tasks Suitable for KS3 Variety of different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Differentiated to 3 levels or more Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above Clip link credited to BBC Many more paid and free resources at my shop: Emjcot's Shop

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These eight reading comprehension texts will be added to as I complete them. They are meant to provide a challenge to my more able AEN / SEN pupils, and to encourage group reading and discussion. So far they include - the farm - the Scouts - bats but I intend to add to these.

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SPaG - Adventurous Adverbs ActivityQuick View

SPaG - Adventurous Adverbs Activity

Interactive teaching activity where pupils think of adverbs that describe the verb contained in each photo shown. Includes supporting worksheets in a mind map style.

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Story of St PatrickQuick View

Story of St Patrick

PowerPoint containing simple facts about the life of St Patrick. Simple text in Comic Sans font with clip art illustrations

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Friends and Friendship. PSHE and CitizenshipQuick View

Friends and Friendship. PSHE and Citizenship

This resource encourages students to consider their relationship with their friends. Are they influenced by their friends? Do they have positive relationships? Can they improve their friendships? Included is a questionnaire which helps students analyse the type of friendships that they have. Also included are discussion starting points and prompts to encourage reflection. Suitable for PSHE lessons, form time .... or any time when you feel that students could benefit from considering their relationship with their peers.

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Adding Full Stops Practice 10 Worksheets KS1 or KS2 EAL or SENQuick View

Adding Full Stops Practice 10 Worksheets KS1 or KS2 EAL or SEN

These 10 worksheets all have short stories (c.100 words each) with the full stops missing. Designed for repeated practice to help children who find it hard to accurately add full stops to their writing, whatever age or key stage whilst also improving reading comprehension skills and the ability to check their work for errors. Stories contain full colour images and are designed to be interesting to children and spark discussion regarding where a full stop goes and how the end of a sentence is identified. Extension would be to check, peer assess and add capital letters or to continue the story with accurate sentence boundary demarcation. All images sourced from openclipart.com

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