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Back to School Quiz

Back to School Tutor Time Quiz PERFECT for a last few weelks fo term Tutor Time-83 Questions!! Don’t miss out on the ULTIMATE General Knowledge Quiz. This PowerPoint is fully interactive with 9 different topics to choose from. These are: Sports The Arts Science and Health General Knowledge Humanities World of Work Languages Maths and Technology The PowerPoint consists of over 100 Slides! Each question slide is linked to an interactive score slide where you can keep a tally of each groups scores. A great start of the year activity, tutor time. Please join our Facebook groups for teacher chat, networking and exclusive freebies. #teach #TeachRE #TeachChristianity #TeachJudaism #TeachScience #TeachPSHE & RSE We would love your feedback, if you like what you see, please follow us at TeachElite and click the ‘Follow this Author button’ . We will keep you updated on any sales we throw or FREEBIES we upload. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook
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The Big Enterprise Project!

This engaging investigation activity allows students to use develop their innovation, creativity and collaboration skills to control the direction of their enterprise project. The resource set guides students through the entire project, from conception to evaluation, and includes resources/ guidance for the following activities: -Deciding upon different roles within their groups, in order to carry out multiple tasks effectively; -Designing a company name and appropriate logo and slogan; -Researching their product area, including competitors and USPs; -Conducting market research; -Budgeting; -Detailed product design; -Packaging design; -Creating instructions for users; -Formulating and presenting a persuasive pitch; -Surveying the target audience for their feedback; -Self-evaluating strengths and areas for development. A comprehensive PowerPoint presentation guides students through the project. There are at least a week’s worth of resources in here, enabling students to fully immerse themselves in the project. I orignally have used this with KS2 and KS3 students, but they could reasonably be adapted for students in KS4. All images have been cited at the end of the PowerPoint presentation and are licensed for commercial use.
Unit 3 Personal and Business Finance - BTEC Level 3 Revision booklet - Learning Aim DQuick View

Unit 3 Personal and Business Finance - BTEC Level 3 Revision booklet - Learning Aim D

This resource is a revision booklet for BTEC Business Level 3 - Unit 3 Personal and Business Finance Learning Aim D: Select and evaluate different sources of business finance Sources of Finance (D1) The student booklet contains revision activities and exam style questions. The teacher answer booklet contains answers to all the revision activities and mark schemes for the exam style questions. I am currently working on a revision booklet for the other Learning Aims for this unit and hope to add them to my shop in the near future.
Headteacher Botanical Academic Year School Leader Planner A4 *PDF COPY* 2022- 2023Quick View

Headteacher Botanical Academic Year School Leader Planner A4 *PDF COPY* 2022- 2023

Headteacher Botanical School Leader Planner A4 PDF COPY 2022 This is a print at home version of our hardback copy. If you would like a hardback copy, please visit our shop: An essential item for busy headteachers, this planner contains a calendar, a diary, tons of space for meeting notes, 5 tab pages helping you to find information quickly, and a unique HeadteacherChat leadership section with everything you need inside. With a HTC planner, you will never lose any of your important information again! Designed with your wellbeing in mind: We believe in keeping things simple, as simple is more effective, and better for your wellbeing. The botanical design is beautifully illustrated with full colour leaves dotted throughout, created by us for you, designed by Megan in Norfolk, and printed in the UK. The diary section has a week to view page, spread out over two pages providing lots of space for you to write in each week. It also has: Appointment times The ever famous ‘To-do’ list with tick boxes so that you get a sense of achievement when you’ve completed your tasks! A place to jot down any notes *New for 2022 - Key information for the week *New for 2022 - Key priorities for the week. The leadership section has pages dedicated to the all important areas of focus, including: Meeting Notes School Improvement Plan SEF Teaching and Learning Tracker for pupil voice, work scrutiny etc Performance Management Record CPD log Reading List Items to Purchase Assembly Planner Newsletter Updates Notes for Governors Budget Notes Notes Contacts All of our planners are designed in Norfolk by Megan @OliveBlossomUK and created by us, HeadteacherChat for you.
A lesson in CryptocurrencyQuick View

A lesson in Cryptocurrency

A complete lesson in Cryptocurrency for beginners. From bartering with animals and grain to digital currency.... money has taken an incredible journey over time! The most recent phenomena in the world of finance is Cryptocurrency; but can it actually be considered as money? How does it work and what is all the hype? All these questions and more are tackled in this captivating lesson resource. Includes group and pair activities, printable slides for worksheets, and teacher notes (including timings). This lesson has been designed to last 90 minutes, but can easily be adapted to suit the teachers requirements.
BTEC Business Personal Finance Kit (Topic A)Quick View

BTEC Business Personal Finance Kit (Topic A)

8 Resources
A range of multi-platform activities and resources to keep your KS5 pupils engaged Section A of Unit 3- Personal and Business Finance, BTEC L3 Business. Power-points with teacher notes, class activities, worksheets and quizzes; suitable for classroom and/ or online teaching. Visit the ‘Resource Doctor’ shop for a range of BTEC Business Unit 3 resources:
Have trouble persuading SLT/SMT for more Drama Staff & Resources? Use this detailed 20 page Report!Quick View

Have trouble persuading SLT/SMT for more Drama Staff & Resources? Use this detailed 20 page Report!

A note from the author: I used this to develop my department. Which included a new theatre, 4 new staff roles and greater budget, resources and power of the department in the context of my school. Category: Director of Drama Toolkit (also available as part of this bundle) Includes: Executive Summary Introduction Section A: Academic Provision Overview Case Studies Current Academic Position & Provision Co-Curricular Workload Academic Workload Mental Health & Wellbeing Academic Summary Proposal Decrease in period allocation per week for Drama Department staff An additional Drama Teacher Retention of the Drama PGAT role Creation of Deputy of Drama – Head of Co-Curricular Drama Director in Residence Section B: Technical Support Overview Case Studies Current Position Health & Safety Design Skills Proposal Proposed Responsibilities for the Technician Section C: Administrative Support Overview Case Studies Current Administration for the Drama Department Proposal Proposed Administration for the Drama Department Overall Proposal Case Studies Please note: Purchasing this template allows you to amend and reproduce the report in anyway that you wish. Please do comment on my resources so that I can continue to update and expand them. If you need any more information/clarification please comment and I will update my resources ASAP!
CPD Training Sessions Bundle!Quick View

CPD Training Sessions Bundle!

6 Resources
These CPD sessions offer engaging and original approaches to introducing or revisiting a range of effective pedagogical strategies. Grounded in educational research, these sessions are interactive, well-structured, and have been successfully tried and tested. The aim of each CPD session is to develop the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed in order to utilise in practice in each key area, and as an aid in achieving these aims, the trainer is supported with: -Colourful, engaging, and comprehensive PowerPoint presentations; -Videos for analysis of key techniques; -A wide range of interactive resources for CPD activities; -Instructions and plans to assist delivery. All images and videos are licensed for commercial use, and are cited on the final slide of each PowerPoint.
Pay CalculatorQuick View

Pay Calculator

An excel spreadsheet which helps teachers to estimate their take-home pay. By entering your payscale point and region, and factors such as pension contributions, student loan repayments. part-time fraction or childcare vouchers, you can get an idea of how much salary you’ll be left with. Based on the union-supported pay scales, which will not match all schools. Updated in April 2022
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NPQSL project write up

When I was completing my National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership, I found a lack of high-quality examples of things like a Business case or a Risk Management plan to be a real source of concern. There are some online and through TES but they are all charged. I resolved to share my complete NPQSL project for free once I knew it was successful. I am pleased to say I scored 27/28 on the project, and so have shared it complete with assessor feedback so that people can see why I lost the mark and why I scored well. All pupil data and staff codes are anomynised so as to protect identities. Hope it helps!
Budget Tracker - Head of DepartmentQuick View

Budget Tracker - Head of Department

Easily keep track of faculty spending with this easy to use, straight forward budget tracker. Produces graphs, reports and tables giving a clear view of where your budget is going and how much is left. Step 1 Go to the “Overall” sheet and in the total budget cell, input your allocated budget. Step 2 As orders come in, click on the appropriate subject tab, and list the resource, where it is from, who ordered it, the cost, how many are required and if there are any shipping costs. The results will update on the “Overall” both in the table, and graphically, giving you a visual of exactly where the money is being spent. Furthermore a short report is generated, that can be copied and pasted into an email, should you need to notify someone of the progress with the budget. Step 3 It should be noted, that although this excel sheet has been set up for a Head of Science Position, it could be easily adapted to suit other Faculties by changing the name of the sheets and the labels on the graph. To alter the report, simply click on the cell, and in the formula, wherever a faculty is listed, rewrite it with the appropriate replacement. pw to unlock cells is “schoolsoutforsummer”
Job Interview Skills PowerPoint Training Presentation complete lesson with tasksQuick View

Job Interview Skills PowerPoint Training Presentation complete lesson with tasks

This 46 slide presentation is a complete lesson that shows learners how to conduct themselves, prepare for and complete a job interview. It addresses questions that will arise during an interview and suggested responses. It is interactive in that there are tasks for learners to complete in pairs and groups. The lesson concludes with mock interview practice by participants. It is provided in a ppt editable version and a pdf. Topics Covered: Sharing Experiences Types of Interviews Stages of an effective interview The PAR technique Body Language Three most feared Questions Practice a Mock Interview ** Leave a review for this resource and receive one free resource of your choice from my shop. Communications, Workplace, ESOL and Computing Resources
Pupil Premium Editable Excel TrackerQuick View

Pupil Premium Editable Excel Tracker

A fully editable excel spreadsheet to track interventions (attainment, aspirations and attitude), progress and parental engagement.I have left the interventions we use but you could easily add your own. The first page explains to teachers how Pupil Premium is allocated, the EEF three tier guide and the OFSTED examples of good use of Pupil Premium. I looked for something myself and couldn’t find it, so made one! We have it uploaded on the server so all staff can edit it. I have recently done the outstanding Pupil Premium strategy for OFSTED course and it looks at how PP should be spent on bridging the gaps in attainment, attitude and aspirations. We haven’t been through OFSTED yet so can’t comment
Written Communication with Parents - CPD Session!Quick View

Written Communication with Parents - CPD Session!

I delivered this CPD session to all members of our staff team who maintain regular contact with parents and other stakeholders, in a bid to improve the quality, accuracy, and clarity of our written communications. I'd recommend that the session takes about 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes to deliver. We had received some negative feedback comments, regarding our communications, varying from examples of poor grammatical accuracy, to instances in which the tone of emails, letters, and other forms of correspondence were perceived as rude. It is surprising how common this is across schools, and how little training is provided on these forms of interaction. Following this training, we are receiving far fewer complaints, and many staff members now keep the help-sheets pinned up by the desks to refer to when communicating with parents. Participants learn through: - Participating in a fun pub-style quiz to eradicate common spelling, punctuation, and grammar misconceptions and errors; - Considering the role of parents, their needs and interests, and what they expect from their child's school, as a means to understand why schools sometimes receive difficult communications; - Reading and analysing examples of poor written correspondence, considering how both the tone and the accuracy can be improved; - Exploring different language strategies to create a personal, polite tone within emails, by considering the connotations of different words; - Taking away help sheets that can be referred to whenever written communications are being drafted. The resource pack includes: - Colourful and engaging whole-session PowerPoint presentation ; - Examples of written communications for participants to analyse; - Quiz answer sheet; - Accurate Written Communication help-sheet; - Polite Written Communication help-sheet. All images are licensed for commercial use, and are cited on the final slide. (Please note that the only section of the PowerPoint that you may wish to modify is with regards to the distinct features of parents at your own school - Aside from this, the resources are good to go!)
TES Authors: How to Become a Successful TES AuthorQuick View

TES Authors: How to Become a Successful TES Author

I began to produce TES resources in August 2015. When I look back at some of my early resources I cringe! I made so many mistakes…. Since then I have come a long way and learned so much. I have consistently been one of the top-selling authors on TES. One resource made over 900 sales in the space of a few weeks and earned nearly £2000. In this 23-page, step by step guide I share my mistakes and my successes to help you avoid making the same errors and to become a successful author sooner than you would have done without this guide. I do not claim to have all the answers and my way might not be other people’s way. However, whether you are a potential author, an author starting out or already an author; I am sure that this guide can help you in some way and will prove a worthwhile investment. The guide includes advice on: Making resources Maximising the selling potential of resources Creating a cover page Sourcing images Copyrighting your resources Pricing your resources Product Descriptions Adding links to other resources and your shop in descriptions Creating your TES shop Branding Increasing the visibility of your resources Promoting your products through social media platforms Dealing with reviews General advice The resource contains hyperlinks to useful sites and tools which will help you in making and promoting your products. You may also be interested in: TES Author Excel Sales and Accounts Tracker Reviews: "This resource has given me the confidence to get started. Something that I've kept putting off." "I was nearly jumping around the room with excitement ... Having just listed my first products and shop I feel inspired and motivated having read this guide!" "This is a great introduction to successful sales on TES. I love the simple organization and easy-to-understand descriptions. Clear and bold reading with organized layout makes for a great resource." "This resource is super useful and very inspiring. Thank you for creating this, it's just what I needed!" "Fab resource. I have been an author for a while so wasn't sure how useful I would find this but I now have 10 actions to follow up and some useful resources to investigate. Many thanks for sharing and inspiring!"
Running a Business & Solving Real-life problems - Lesson 1 - Hairdressers/barbersQuick View

Running a Business & Solving Real-life problems - Lesson 1 - Hairdressers/barbers

This is the first lesson in a series on different jobs and careers brought to you by social enterprise Stepping into Business. You will be presented with real issues facing people in these jobs and need to make decisions based on finance, teamwork, wellbeing amongst other factors. Some questions have no right/wrong answer but will require you to make a decision nonetheless so your business can carry on operating. The lesson includes curriculum-related questions on maths, English, Art, PSHE, computing and general lifeskill discussion points. It uses many critical and creative thinking skills. It can be used in a variety of lessons or as a cross-curricular lesson in its own right. It should be accessible to all children in Upper KS2 and KS3/4, it also includes some business related language . These can be printed and handed out to the students to work at their own pace, and there is also an online version for display which can be used to prompt whole class or group discussions. The link for this is in the document. Please leave some feedback - the breakfast of champions :) - I am always looking for new and exciting ways to engage children in their learning. I hope you enjoy it. If you want to know more on how Stepping into Business can help ALL the learners in your school, please get in touch with us by emailing: Follow us on Twitter for more great ideas and shares. We are also on Facebook: Thank you! Dylan
The Logo Game 0 - Free VersionQuick View

The Logo Game 0 - Free Version

The Logo Game - first version. A logo game containing 30 images for all ages 11 - 16 years. A fun starter or plenary activity to play and engage students. I am a secondary school maths teacher and I begin every Friday maths lesson with one of these logo games. KS 3-5 --> students call out answers or put their hands up to answer. Answers follow each logo and appear underneath.
Payment cardsQuick View

Payment cards

A power-point presentation and quiz to to help students understand the differences between debit cards, credit cards, store cards and pre-paid/gift cards.
TES Authors Resource BundleQuick View

TES Authors Resource Bundle

4 Resources
This bundle contains three valuable resources for authors. Whether you are a potential author, an author just starting out or already an author; I am sure that these resources can help you in some way and will prove a worthwhile investment. 'How to Become a Successful TES Author - Step-by-Step Guide' I began to produce resources for TES in August 2015. When I look back at my early resources I cringe! I made so many mistakes…. Since then I have come a long way and learned so much. One of my resources made over 900 sales in the space of a few weeks and earned nearly £2000 in royalties. In this 23-page, step-by-step guide I share my mistakes and my successes to help you avoid making the same mistakes and to become a successful author sooner than you would have done without this guide. I do not claim to have all the answers and ‘my way’ might not be other people’s way. Author Resource - Excel Sales and Accounts Workbook This resource will help you to keep an account of the numbers of your sales and earnings each day. It will provide valuable data that will help to inform you how to most effectively manage your business. This excel workbook will Keep accounts of daily / weekly / monthly and yearly sales figures and numbers of products sold Record sales figures in graph format Provide real-time averages of products sold and sales figures for each day of the week Provide real-time averages of products sold and sales figures for each week of the year Provide real-time averages of products sold and sales figures for each month of the year Provide real-time averages of products sold and sales figures for each year It will enable you to analyse Which days are the best for sales How TES sales or individual sales impact on numbers of products sold Observe trends in sales throughout the year Author Calendar and Planner Nine out of ten of my top-selling resources are seasonal resources and ‘special day’ resources. My everyday resources are my 'bread and butter' resources; my seasonal resources are truly the icing on my cake! Keep ahead and plan your seasonal resources with this calendar and planner which contains all the major special days and awareness days for the whole year. No more missing special days or not allocating yourself enough time to produce resources. Days that change in date each year are highlighted red; days that are fixed are black. It is available in PDF and word format to allow editing. Read the reviews: "This is really excellent." "I've been an author here for just six months so I was pleased to get some good new tips about how to be a successful author. The Excel sales tracker is really helpful and I have started to complete it and seen some interesting trends - very helpful. Finally, the calendar is great. I've started working out what events are coming up and the ideas have started flowing! Thank you for your insights and help."