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Defending a Castle

A well presented lesson on the ways and effectiveness of defending castles in Medieval times. Students are engaged through detailed, well presented resources. Students are encouraged to design their own castle and its defences. Students are challenged to work in teams and are provided with a king-sized budget to buy the latest medieval castle defences. Students must therefore consider effectiveness against budget. When considering castle defences students are challenged to use prior knowledge on the most effective and damaging methods of attack. This is a lesson that excites students and really engages them in their learning. Take it a step further and challenge groups to ‘duel off’ against each others castles. As always - please review!
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Castle Project

This is a differentiated project booklet. It has been designed for Year 7 all ability, but could be used for other years. It contains 4 enquiry questions- each has a level 3/4/5/6 task that can be chosen by the students. There is then a creative task for the students to complete. My students have really enjoyed completing this History Challenge
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4 Resources
Lesson 1-Motte and Bailey Castle Lesson 2-How to attack a Stone Keep castle Lesson 3-Defending a Stone Keep castle Lesson 4- Who lives in a Stone Keep Castle. All lessons come with a PowerPoint and resources and have level criteria and writing frames where appropriate. There are a variety of activities and these can be adapted for children of all abilities.
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Pevensey Castle Lesson Pack

6 lessons to prepare students for the GCSE AQA environment study: Pevensey Castle. Lesson content is based on the resource pack from AQA. In addition to the 6 lessons included is: a summary sheet of the resource pack -good for students or teachers learning about this topic quickly. A model answer to a potential AQA exam question. Lessons are planned for mixed ability and have a ‘key information’ slide at the end to clarify what students should know by the end of the lesson (also help non-specialist staff).
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Attacking a Castle

This is a great game to be used when you have studied attacking and defending Medieval Castles. Students take on the role of the defenders of a Medieval Castle (in this case loosely based on the siege of Rochester Castle by King John in 1215). They have failed to pay their taxes and King John and his knights are marching on the Castle. Their job is to defend the Castle at all costs by making wise choices and thus collecting points as they go. When they have completed the tasks, they are given a student friendly markscheme which will by the end give them great status as geniuses of siege warfare or not as the case may be! Students can write out the choices they make or just the numbers and corresponding letters. They can only make one choice per question. If you like this resource please review it and receive a free Norman Key Word History display worth £2.50 which can be found here:
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Pevensey Castle AQA GCSE History

A fully resourced scheme of work for the Pevensey Castle Historic Environment question, with an in-depth booklet and accompanying powerpoint. The work can run up to 4 lessons. For one task, you will need page 30-31 of the pink british depth studies book (not included for copyright reasons)
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Attacking a castle

A well presented lesson on the ways and effectiveness of attacking castles in Medieval times. Students are engaged through detailed resources. I would recommend printing out on A3/in colour and laminating resources for re-use. MAP/HAP worksheet included and colour coded to suit. This could easily be adapted further for LAP students to access.
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Year 7 Castles complete scheme of work

This resource includes 12 lessons with full PowerPoints, worksheets, an assessment and an independent homework project instructions. This scheme of work has been in the making for five years as I teach castles to year 7 every academic year. This scheme of works allows students to think about change and continuity from castle beginnings as 'forts' to stone square keep castles, all the way to nuclear war bunkers and the implications of modern warfare. I also link these lessons to their end of year trip visiting Skipton castle. All lessons and worksheets are clearly labelled to the corresponding lesson which they belong. Lesson 1 - What is a fort? Lesson 2 - Where to build a castle? Lesson 3 - Motte and bailey castles Lesson 4 - Stone square keep castles Lesson 5 - Jobs in medieval castles Lesson 6 - Concentric castles Lesson 7 - Attacking a castle Lesson 8 - Castles today Lesson 9 - Air Raid shelters Lesson 10 - Nuclear War shelters Lesson 11 - Assessment Lesson 12 - Peer assessment of castle projects
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Siege of Rochester Castle

Fully resourced lesson ready to go - Will probably last 2 lessons. This is part of a change in warfare SOW for KS3 and focuses on the siege of Rochester Castle in 1215. Wordsearch of keywords to start Contextual information about the civil war between the Barons and King John. Information about Rochester Castle Defending a castle VS attacking a castle Documentary about the siege Cartoon strip with fill in the blanks Keyword match up Plenary/ homework of a diary entry from either a soldier attacking or defending perspective. Enjoy
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Castle Development

Takes students through key castle types -asks them to decide which is better and why ? Use with labelling activity. Great for lower ability but adapt for higher.
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The development of castles

Students carry out Dragon's Den style pitches. The information to help with the pitches is on the final few slides on the PPT. Credit for the idea for this resource needs to go to one of my department Miss N Brown.
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3 Resources
Are you looking for photos of castles, castle keywords and story writing prompts about castles? Then this is a great teaching resource for you! Try it today.
Shogun Japan Resources, Castles and ForestsQuick View

Shogun Japan Resources, Castles and Forests

For Year 8 History Shogun Japan topic -use of resources + castles & forests aspects of the topic. Fully resourced and engaging learning activities with full resources and detailed lesson plan and teacher instructions with an emphasis on catering to diverse student learning needs with differentiation and addressing wide curriculum activities such as literacy and spelling. You can purchase here as separate lesson activities for this aspect of the topic or buy in a whole unit of work comprehensive bundle complete with full resources and program at
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Concentric Castles

An enquiry that focuses on the concept of 'change over time.' This investigation is aimed at Year 7 students. This is the 4th lesson of the enquiry which builds to a project based assessment. This lesson focuses on Concentric Castles
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Kenilworth Castle revision

Resources for OCR SHP History Around Us, Kenilworth Castle. Includes: -A3 revision sheet (+ completed version) - Quiz - Exam practice
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A mini unit comprising four lessons exploring medieval castles: how they were built, how they were defended, what life was like inside them and the role of mottes and baileys. Once pupils have completed these lessons, they can easily spend another 4-5 lessons on this project either designing their own castles or researching castles around Europe. An assessment question is included.
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A collection of lessons on the development of castles
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Fully resourced lesson on Medieval Castles. Playdough suggested for Plenary.