OCR Sport Studies Knowledge OrganisersQuick View

OCR Sport Studies Knowledge Organisers

OCR Sport Studies (Cambridge National) - Knowledge Organisers Pack includes knowledge organisers for the following units: R051 Contemporary issues in sport R052 Developing sport skills R053 Sports leadership R054 Sport and the media
OCR A level Physics: Electric FieldsQuick View

OCR A level Physics: Electric Fields

5 Resources
OCR A level Physics: Electric Fields is a part of the Module 6: Particles and Medical Physics. All presentations come with worked examples, solutions and homeworks.
OCR Entry Level Crime and PunishmentQuick View

OCR Entry Level Crime and Punishment

Workbook for OCR Entry Level History R435 students. It has all the content information and tasks with space to complete inside the booklet. I have used this for some students in a class studying the Edexcel GCSE 9-1 syllabus where the content is the same but the task is differentiated to what will come up on the OCR Entry Level exam.
OCR Henry VII Rebellions BUNDLEQuick View

OCR Henry VII Rebellions BUNDLE

4 Resources
Bundle of lessons for teaching OCR A Level Rebellion and Disorder in Tudor England 1485-1603. 3 lessons for teaching Henry VII’s rebellions, with all resources included - including information sheets on all rebellions! Lesson 1: Dynastic rebellions (Lovell & Stafford, Simnel and Warbeck) - including looking at the context of Henry VII’s reign with the Wars of the Roses and the Battle of Bosworth Field Lesson 2: Taxation rebellions (Yorkshire and Cornwall) Lesson 3: Essay planning - a step-by-step guide on answering an exam question based on the rebellions of Henry VII Also included - 20 question quiz with answers - perfect for revision!
Haloalkanes and the Ozone Layer AS Chemistry OCRQuick View

Haloalkanes and the Ozone Layer AS Chemistry OCR

A lesson covering haloalkanes and the ozone layer designed for the OCR AS chemistry specification. The lesson goes why the ozone layer is important, what CFCs are and their uses and the free radical reactions between CFCs and NO and ozone. The presentation contains questions (and answers) for students to work through on slides, so no printing is needed.
GCSE OCR psychology criminal behaviourQuick View

GCSE OCR psychology criminal behaviour

Lessons for the entire criminal behaviour topic for the new OCR GCSE psychology specification. Lessons include activities for the students and exam practice questions. The bundle includes a booklet for students to work through during the lessons.
OCR Sports ScienceQuick View

OCR Sports Science

6 Resources
OCR Sports Science. Including ALL LESSONS AND RESOURCES & Grading Trackers OCR Sports Science RO41 Reducing the Risk of Injuries. (FULL SCHEME OF WORK) OCR Sports Science RO42. Principles of Training (FULL SCHEME OF WORK) OCR Sports Science & Sports Studies Multiple Choice ASSESSMENTS. OCR Sports Science RO41 Reducing the Risk of Injuries. Practice EXAMS OCR Sports Science Grading Trackers
GCSE OCR psychology development topicQuick View

GCSE OCR psychology development topic

All lessons for the entire development topic, including booklet for the students to work through. Lessons contain activities for the students to complete as well as exam practice questions. Lessons are engaging and challenging.
OCR AS Chemistry - Electrons, bonding and structureQuick View

OCR AS Chemistry - Electrons, bonding and structure

Complete powerpoint for this topic covering: shells and orbitals, sub shells and energy levels, ionic bonding, ionic compounds, covalent bonding, dative covalent bonding, covalent compounds, shapes of molecules, electronegativity and polarity, intermolecular forces and hydrogen bonding. Includes activities, differentiated questions, answers, explanations and a million pound drop style multiple choice quiz. 80 slides in total.
OCR GCSE Music Virtual TextbookQuick View

OCR GCSE Music Virtual Textbook

4 Resources
Complete bundle containing all the resources for the OCR GCSE Music ‘Virtual Textbook’ - a flipped learning approach to tackling the 4 Areas of Study examined in the 40% listening paper. Complete playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNeHS3oeH242gKpGrZAA-xvafcIOjjpw6
Samba GCSE Music OCRQuick View

Samba GCSE Music OCR

I made this lesson on Samba for use of a live lesson while on ‘Lock Down’. It contains the core information on Samba and quiz’s that the students can get involved in.
GCSE OCR Computer Science Knowledge Organisers for RevisionQuick View

GCSE OCR Computer Science Knowledge Organisers for Revision

Knowledge organisers for the whole OCR Computer Science spec. Each topic of the spec summarised into 1 sheet (a couple of topics use more than one page due to the amount in them). Gives students a starting point for their revision for learning key terms and concepts for each part of the spec. Covers both exam papers.
New OCR AS Biology - Biodiversity & Simpson's Index of DiversityQuick View

New OCR AS Biology - Biodiversity & Simpson's Index of Diversity

This is a 12 slide ppt covering the New OCR AS Biology syllabus in Biodiversity. It covers the following topics: biodiversity, habitat diversity, species diversity, genetic diversity, collecting data on biodiversity, quadrats, etc, random an non-random sampling, systematic sampling, opportunistic sampling, stratified sampling, biased, estimating biodiversity, species richness, species evenness, Simpson's index of diversity (including calculation examples.) Thank you for looking at my resource, if you like it please leave feedback.
OCR J276/J277 - Revision BundleQuick View

OCR J276/J277 - Revision Bundle

8 Resources
Everything in this bundle should allow for varied revision encompassing the entire of the J276 and J277 specifications for GCSE OCR Computer Science. Enjoy!
Classification & Evolution slides (OCR A level Biology A 2015)Quick View

Classification & Evolution slides (OCR A level Biology A 2015)

Slides covering Classification and Evolution, for Module 4 of OCR A-level Biology A (2015) These slides have been prepared in meet a number of goals: Primarily to help students see ‘the wood from the trees’ as it were, to make clear the most important conceptual information To set those key ideas into a narrative that allows students to gradually build upon their learning To act as a learning resource before/during/after lessons To free teachers to focus more on learning activity than preparing presentations These slides have been made with close reference to the above specification, doing deep-dives into those areas requiring explanation. The amount of information on each slide is limited, so as to be accessible to students during lessons. Visuals complement/enhance the text information. The text has been animated to take students step-by-step through the narrative. Video links are included and links to further reading. For this Topic the key concepts covered and are: Biological classification 5 kingdoms (features used in classification) 3 Domains (Modern classification) Classification and phylogeny Adaptation Evolution by natural selection Evidence for evolution
OCR Devising Drama - Sound CandidateQuick View

OCR Devising Drama - Sound Candidate

OCR GCSE Drama - Presenting and Performing Texts A work booklet with 11 tasks that students choosing the Sound Design option for Devising Drama can work through. This would work as either independent work or as a homework activity. It helps to keep students on track while allowing them to remain independent through the unit of work. Tasks range from initial research into the role of the sound designer through to experimenting with different volumes and timings. It gives students suggestions into what evidence they can provide the examiner. It allows students to keep their notes/ideas in one place. Stages of the booklet include (not all tasks mentioned here): Initial research, your intention, initial ideas, Group Feedback and Final Cue Sheet.


A series of booklets for AS and A2 broken down into individual units within modules. Contain learning checklists, space for notes for each spec point and revision tasks/exam questions. Answers included. Generally used as part of pre-reading and homework. Assessment resources are sourced from exampro and biosheets. Please don’t forget to review!
Globalisation (OCR)Quick View

Globalisation (OCR)

This lesson is for year 11 pupils for revision on Globalisation with OCR. The main activity is the pupils using the Facebook profiles to find advantages and disadvantages for the factory owner (who is from the UK but owns a factory in Bangladesh) and the foreign worker. My favourite section is the debate, my pupils have produced some really mature and heartfelt arguments. Hope you enjoy!
OCR revisionQuick View

OCR revision

This is a series of worksheets designed for GCSE research and revision, using GCSE bitesize/revision guides/class notes to fill in.
OCR AS MediaQuick View

OCR AS Media

Powerpoint on sex and the city Powerpoint on moral manics - 'Facebook&' Murder For AS/A2 theory