Verb Garden Spanish Grammar Display.Quick View

Verb Garden Spanish Grammar Display.

A Spanish grammar display including 4 tenses and personal pronouns. Print the flowers on coloured a3 paper or card. Print all the coloured resources on a5. Print the title on a4.
The Secret GardenQuick View

The Secret Garden

This is a set of guided reading activities based on NL active literacy. I have used this with children working on second level.
Gardening Health and Safety WorkbookQuick View

Gardening Health and Safety Workbook

Useful resource for taking students gardening in the community. Incorporates accident and fire precautions to be considered, use of equipment and tools, keeping work areas clean and tidy and behaviour whilst walking to and from the gardening location. Could be used as part of a volunteering activity, during Citizenship sessions or during work related activities,
The Secret Garden Reading ComprehensionQuick View

The Secret Garden Reading Comprehension

With the opening extract included, this comprehension resource includes questions and answers for this popular text by Frances Hogdson Burnett Suitable for children working towards/at the expected standard in Y5/6, the questions are closely linked to the National Curriculum and therefore adequately develop their comprehension skills. It can be used as a guided reading text, an assessment piece or as an introduction to the text in general. For the differentiated version of this resource, please go to the Reading Resources for Teachers’ TES Shop.
Garden Birds of Great BritainQuick View

Garden Birds of Great Britain

A powerpoint resource - pictures of birds with linked videos of each bird and links from RSPB website. Ideal for children to learn the names of birds and the opportunity to carry out their own research - by clicking on the smaller bird images you are taken to information about that bird. Unfortunately any video not connected to the internet could not be uploaded- too large. Sorry! Will add these if TES can advise me how.
An Elephant in the GardenQuick View

An Elephant in the Garden

This is a comprehensive set of worksheets which accompanies this book by Michael Morpurgo about WW2 from the perspective of a family who were living in Dresden during the bombing by the Allies. Not entirely comprehensive as I've only done the first half of the book so far. But if you are interested I will post the rest when it's completed
Japanese GardensQuick View

Japanese Gardens

This PowerPoint explains the elements of a variety of Japanese Gardens, while allowing young students to compare/contrast elements of U.S. gardens with those of Japanese gardens. With strong visuals that young students see, students are prepared to choose one style of Japanese garden to make, using colored paper, pebbles, twigs, tissue paper, etc. This PowerPoint captures the beauty of Japanese gardens and provides students with the basic cultural understanding of the importance of nature to the Japanese people, in the past, and in the present.
Garden InvestigationQuick View

Garden Investigation

Similar investigation to the carpet investigation but based on landscaping a garden. Covers skills such as area, perimeter, scale, 4 rules of number and percentages.
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett Comprehension KS2Quick View

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett Comprehension KS2

One of Frances Hodgson Burnett's most popular novels and a classic of English children's literature. The extract is from Mary's first encounter and experience in the secret garden. A Ideal for a Year 5 or 6 English lesson, whole class reading/guided reading, homework, tuition or intervention. The comprehension questions focus on assessment domains 2B (retrieval questions) and 2D (inferential questions). Includes flashcards of key words and phrases to help with explicit vocabulary teaching. The flashcards come with pictures drawn by a professional children's illustrator, contextualised sentences, definitions from the Oxford dictionary, word origins, root words, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, antonyms, word family, phrases/idioms and word classes.


The Garden Design Project has been created as an integrated unit of work that incorporates and develops creativity, design, research and money handling skills. During this unit pupils will refine their understanding of area with complex tasks that require them to imagine and forward plan. They imagine they have successfully completed a garden design qualification and are much sought after by a range of eager clientele. They must decide which clients to work for and design a garden within a budget of £15,000. This clearly presented ‘Garden Project’ leads pupils step by step through the world of design, planning, site analysis, costing and keeping to a budget. This work is suitable for class work or extended homework.
Area and perimeter garden design projectQuick View

Area and perimeter garden design project

For Year 6, and lower Secondary School Design a garden plan using compound rectilinear shapes. Using formulae, children calculate the area and perimeter of each area of the garden. Using a price list, the children then work out the total cost of the different surfaces they are using. Working to a budget. Great for building methodical working strategies.
The Secret Garden: A Complete Novel StudyQuick View

The Secret Garden: A Complete Novel Study

Everything you need for a novel study on The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett! There are many ways that you can use these resources. You can copy as an entire packet or you can copy pages individually! This can be for a small book club, or for the whole class! Inside you will find: About the Author Research Activity Story Summary: Characters/Plot/Setting: Graphic Organizer Comparing Two Characters: Graphic Organizer Comparing Two Characters: Mary and Colin: Venn Diagram Character Change Throughout Story: Mary: Graphic Organizer with Short Response Sheet Character Action/Motivation: Graphic Organizer Character Traits Graphic Organizer for all Main Characters in The Secret Garden Setting: Time and Place: Graphic Organizer Setting: Describing and Drawing Misselthwaite Manor Setting: Describing and Drawing The Secret Garden Plot: Problem/Solution: Graphic Organizer Plot: Determining Importance of Events: Graphic Organizer Plot: Internal Conflict and External Conflict Graphic Organizers New Words/Meaning Graphic Organizer Questions I Had in The Secret Garden: Before/During/After Reading Graphic Organizer Text-to-Text Connection Graphic Organizer Text-to-Self Connection Graphic Organizer Text-to-World Connection Graphic Organizer Text-to-Self Connection with Specific Characters Graphic Organizer Character/Character Traits Graphic Organizer My Important Thoughts While Reading Graphic Organizer Sensory Images in The Secret Garden: Graphic Organizer Describing the Setting: Graphic Organizer Inferring Character Feelings Graphic Organizer My Inference Picture Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer Inferring Graphic Organizer Fourteen Deep Question Response Activities Nine Quotes from Book Response Activities Book Commercial Activity Letter to the Author Activity Lesson/Theme of The Secret Garden Response Activity Comparing the Book to the Movie: Venn Diagram Enjoy!
Secret GardenQuick View

Secret Garden

Students learn about mapping and the value of natural elements within their immediate environment. They design a school ‘secret garden’ to improve environmental awareness and encourage creative play. This lesson is designed to be taught outside. By spending time outdoors and connecting to nature, students are more likely to care for and conserve nature as adults.
Badgers in the GardenQuick View

Badgers in the Garden

Find out what some badgers got up to at night in a British garden. This activity, based on a real wildlife camera trap recording, can be used with KS1 or KS2 to support learning about animal identification, habitats, survival, the local environment and adaptations for survival. The activity following the video is an opportunity to practice writing and thinking skills. Proceeds from the sales will be donated to a wildlife charity.
In my gardenQuick View

In my garden

Multiple choice exercises with insects and some things you can find in a garden (tree, tulip, pine, sunflower).Perfect to practice some spring vocabulary with the little ones. Hope it’s useful :)
In my gardenQuick View

In my garden

Multiple choice exercises with insects and some things you can find in a garden (tree, tulip, pine, sunflower).Perfect to practice some spring vocabulary with the little ones. Hope it’s useful :)
Garden TycoonQuick View

Garden Tycoon

Pupils design their own garden using a garden catalogue. Pupils will learn and use the following: > Costing > Adding, subtracting and multiplying > Percentage change > Area and Perimeter > Scale drawings > Using tables Makes for good display work. I used this for a summer school.
Minecraft: The Floating Gardens of the AztecsQuick View

Minecraft: The Floating Gardens of the Aztecs

Minecraft: The Floating Gardens of the Aztecs is a lesson that teaches students about the Aztecs and their agriculture. Students will create floating gardens in the Minecraft game, grow pants int their gardens, and observe their growth. This lesson also includes evaluation of data as well as a written activity.