Introducing Multiplication KS1Quick View

Introducing Multiplication KS1

Flip- chart moves through stages of multiplication as repeated addition and then an array. Can be made more practical (fun) by having a collection of small pairs of socks and lots of real life examples of an array. Also children love the chocolate challenge! Check out my other resources at -

By jreadshaw

Surface AreaQuick View

Surface Area

Surface area of Cuboid, Triangular Prism and Cylinder. Excellent animation TOOL so students can visualise each face. The 3D Shape can be moved so students can visualise the dimensions. Each 3D Shape broken down so students can work out each face and understand the true meaning of surface area.

By Shamster

Christmas Quiz 2015 (1hr lesson)Quick View

Christmas Quiz 2015 (1hr lesson)

An 8 round Christmas quiz Consists of : Round 1 – Adverts (Guess the 2015 Christmas Advert) Round 2 – Christmas Confectionary Round 3 – Christmas True or False Round 4 – Christmas Dingbats Round 5 – Celeb Photos Round 6 – Christmas Movies Round 7 – Stats Round Round 8 – Christmas Knowledge Its all on the powerpoint - don't show the pupils the adverts (you will need access to youtube); I have added a little comment about how long to play each one because some do say the companies name ! Enjoy !

By anthellison

PartitioningQuick View


Lesson plan, teaching resources and differentiated work for 3 lessons 1) Partitioning numbers into tens and units (MA hundreds) 2) Adding multiples of 10. 3) Using partitioning strategy for addition. Check out my other resources at -

By jreadshaw

Introducing Division KS1Quick View

Introducing Division KS1

Ideas, planning, teaching activities and differentiated worksheets for beginning division. Check out my other resources at -

By jreadshaw

Plans and ElevationQuick View

Plans and Elevation

Plan and Elevation Tools. Two great animations included. Have you lost those multi cubes or you just don't have them. Look no further these 2 animations will replace the need for those cubes. 2 Animated tools giving you control. TOOL 1 is used to demonstrate the Plan, Front and Side view of a 3D Shape, there are ready made various 3D shapes to choose from, very easy to control. TOOL 2 is used to question, animated so you can use both tools to move the 3D Shapes to show students how each view looks, each view is different colour. You can take colour off to make it more difficult. This tool even allows you to complete Front View, Side View and Plan View and then see how the 3D shape looks. 3 Slides of worksheets to assess the students fully comes with answers.

By Shamster

Bundle - Sale
Shape and Space TOOL BundleQuick View

Shape and Space TOOL Bundle

Get 3 Pounds credit use JNDD6P55 at while it lasts. This contains 4 resources, the resources are mainly some of best animated graphics you would have seen for these topics. The animations allow you to take control and ensure students understand. Example the Pythagoras tool has a 3D Pythagoras animation which shows where the right angle triangle is located using colour. These at the moment are at a special discounted price, they will not remain at this price for very long. 1. Pythagoras Great Animation TOOL to assist you teaching Pythagoras. 2. Plans and Elevation Animation TOOL to assist you teaching Plans and Elevation. 3. Surface Area Animation Tool to assist you teaching Surface Area. 4. Reading the Clock Digital and Analogue TOOL.

By Shamster

Reading the Clock (Analogue and Digital)Quick View

Reading the Clock (Analogue and Digital)

This resource includes 2 excellent Animations. One is an analogue clock which you can use to set a time and the answers are revealed underneath in words. Second animation is a digital clock which you can choose to set at 12 hour or 24 hour clock and then ask questions using it, answers can be revealed underneath for each question. There is 4 assessment and questioning slides with answers, questions are differentiated. The aim is, if the time is 5.10pm student state 10 minutes past five in the afternoon or if the time is 20:40 then students states 20 minutes to eight in the evening.

By Shamster

The 5 Minute Lesson Plan by @TeacherToolkitQuick View

The 5 Minute Lesson Plan by @TeacherToolkit

Designed to reduce planning time & focus on key learning phases within a lesson. (Will still require thinking!) Remember - Sept. 2014 - Ofsted no longer require a lesson plan for lessons, but evidence of ‘a planned lesson!’ Useful for coaching and mentoring NQTs; or with established colleagues for paired observations. “Stickability” = What will stick in students minds as they leave your lesson? What key point do you want them to remember? Now translated into 8 languages. Pin your plan? Contact me @TeacherToolkit Updated Oct 2014

By rmcgill

Fractions (2 Lessons) - Equivalent/Comparing/AddingQuick View

Fractions (2 Lessons) - Equivalent/Comparing/Adding

2 Complete lessons looking at equivalent fractions, comparing fractions and adding fractions - Introduces fractions through discovery using diagrams - Lots of colourful and engaging activites with diagrams to support understanding of equivalent fractions - Excellent visual aids throughout especially when adding fractions Students will love this lesson and feel better about a difficult topic.

By Mza123

Angles KS2Quick View

Angles KS2

There are about 17 (practical and fun) lesson activities, tasks or worksheets to cover the following 2014 objectives: Recognise angles as a property of shape or a description of a turn. Identify right angles, recognise that two right angles make a half-turn, three make three-quarters of a turn and four a complete turn; identify whether angles are greater than or less than a right angle. This is one of the children's favourite activities to help understand angles. Ideas for children of all abilities to have fun learning about angles. ***Thank you for downloading. Please look for the large files (Flip -chart and PDF) which contain all the resources without the Paws & Clause watermark. *** Check out my other resources at -

By jreadshaw

KS1 Writing Instructions - PizzaQuick View

KS1 Writing Instructions - Pizza

Children loved making pizzas at our Italian pizza class. Resources have been exported from an Activ-primary flip-chart. (Which also includes Italian Pizzeria style music.) Fun to play when the children are making their pizzas or working. If you would like original please message me. Check out my other resources at -

By jreadshaw

Key Stage 1 Multi Skill Lesson PlansQuick View

Key Stage 1 Multi Skill Lesson Plans

Six weeks worth of lesson plans aiming to develop agility, balance and coordination. These lesson plans are aimed at the non PE specialist primary school teacher. Excellent for Multi-skill after school clubs.

By mikemcgreal

Function MachineQuick View

Function Machine

Function Machine. Power Point Presentation contains: 8 Slides - testing students division skills. Introducing and then testing their use of Function Machine. 2 Differentiated worksheets on Function Machine with Answers. The worksheets are available on PDF or Smart notebook depending what you want to use. There is a nice interactive slide to link function machines to solving equations. The worksheets are not scanned or images - they are original and of high quality.

By Shamster

Fraction -  Equivalent FractionsQuick View

Fraction - Equivalent Fractions

Get 3 Pounds credit use JNDD6P55 at while it lasts. Fraction - Equivalent Fractions The Lesson has been written by an Outstanding Teacher/Leader from Outstanding School, specialist in Mathematical Mastery. 1 Power Point Presentation. Interactive Slides that are very visual, allowing for students to discover and make the connections. Lessons written for Mastery and Understanding. Great images to draw understanding of fractions, a topic that is hard to get through to students. The images and carefully thought through slides are badly needed for students to understand this topic. Questions to make students think and understand and assess before moving on. Assessment questions included to check on understanding. Challenge Questions included. Presentation on: Understanding equivalent fractions. (Contains 30 slides) I have put down how many slides each PowerPoint contains as the preview slides do not do the resources justice that it deserves. Kindly review the resource once you have purchased it. Thank you in advance.

By Shamster

Thinking Skills Think Outside of the Box Series ~ Quick StartsQuick View

Thinking Skills Think Outside of the Box Series ~ Quick Starts

Product Description Today’s students are the problem-solvers of the future. If they are taught factual knowledge only, they tend to respond with conventionally correct answers rather than exploring creative solutions. All students can learn to think critically and creatively. Students need to be able to judge, analyse and think critically in order to participate fully in a democratic and technological society. This can be achieved if the teacher recognises the value of thinking skills and provides opportunities for the thinking processes to be modelled and developed. This ‘Think Outside of the Box’ series provides teachers with straightforward ideas and activities to help students develop these skills. In this pack you will find 80 quick start task cards – 4 cards per page. I have provided 3 options for printing. These ‘quick starts’ are ideal warm-up activities for the beginning of a lesson. They should be used flexibly and can be used in any order at any time. As these task cards are intended for repeated use, I would suggest laminating them for durability. When to use: (10-15 minutes group/class) • at the beginning of a lesson • during circle time CONTENT • Cover; Teacher Notes • Brainstorm Task Cards x 8 • How Could You? Task Cards x 8 • It Won't Happen Task Cards x 8 • How Do You Do It? Task Cards x 8 • What If? Task Cards x 8 • What's The Same? Task Cards x 8 • How Many Ways? Task Cards x 8 • Recycle Task Cards x 8 • What's The Connection? Task Cards x 8 • Crazy Combinations Task Cards x 4 • Predict The Future Task Cards x 4 • TOU/Credits PAGE COUNT: 101

By teacherstoolkitUK

Planning and Worksheets for Electricity Quick View

Planning and Worksheets for Electricity

A selection of planning (with web links), activities, ideas and worksheets for covering this unit of work. Hope you might find them useful. Sorry they can't be edited as they have been exported from an Active- primary flip-chart.

By jreadshaw