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BUNDLE Revision Foldables

Foldables can be used as a revision or summary exercise at the end of a topic. As the answers are hidden pupils can use these to ‘test’ themselves or ask someone else such as a parent to test them.
This bundle includes 12 foldables and I do add to it so its worth checking back. Follow NumberLoving for regular updates on resources, so you know when to re-download!
Thank you for looking, I hope colleagues find the resources useful in the classroom. Get in touch via @numberloving or
By NumberLoving Sharon

Minibeasts Numeracy

Six resources for EYFS numeracy on the theme of Minibeasts.

Introduce number stories with the presentation and then work on numeracy with the worksheets. Doubling & halving, Addition and Counting.
By BubbleResources

Literacy mat for literacy coordinators to promote literacy across the curriculum

This double-sided whole school literacy mat offers literacy support for students in a highly visual, colourful and engaging way.

The literacy mat covers the following areas:
Vocabulary across various subject areas (geography, history, science, the arts, RS, PE, Business Studies, ICT, technology)
Openers for PEE chains
Punctuation reminders
Common mistakes
Sentence types
TipTop Paragraphs

I have removed all branding from my product so it can be used and adapted by any school.
By HMBenglishresources1984

6 Maths Murder Mystery Bundle (KS2 Revision, SATs)

Save 60% and buy all my Murder Mysteries as a bundle. Make revision fun solving these mini Maths murder mysteries.
Fractions murder mystery
Addition and subtraction murder mystery
Telling time murder mystery
plus 3 mysteries which cover a number of topics - four operations, worded problems, times tables, coordinates, missing numbers, etc.
Thank you for your interest!
By hoppytimes

Full Year Visual Writing Prompts Bundle

Get your English students fascinated with writing with this engaging packet of visual writing prompts! Absolutely no prep required, just download and start teaching in minutes.

This versatile bundle of resources will open up your students’ imaginations as they learn about observing details, writing with precision, and using figurative language. Best of all, this pack contains one photo for every day of the school year. Instead of scouring the Internet for appropriate photos and spending hours every week building your own activities, you can finish your entire year’s writing preparation with a single click.

Here’s what you get:
 Over 280 breathtaking, high-resolution photos selected to inspire thought and creativity for a variety of writing tasks.
 40 weekly Snapshot writing activities to ensure that students of any age and ability can respond to the images with direction and purpose.
 Free download of our Snapshot Writing Tool
 Instructions and techniques for pairing the visuals with Snapshot Writing Tool to get the most out of your students.
 Two formats: a PowerPoint presentation for large classes and a 293-page eBook for personal or small group use.

This download contains the following sections:
 Weird and Wonderful
 Moments of Terror
 Bad 'Engrish'
 Oddball
 Epic Fails
 Into the Wilderness
 You Gotta See This
 Animal Antics
 What a Wonderful World
 I See It But I Don't Believe It (Digitally-altered images)
 Warm and Fuzzy
 A Different Time

This bundle has been used by hundreds of teachers and thousands of students around the world and continues to engage students of any age and ability in writing. Check out the great reviews below!

Other Popular Products From Innovative Teaching Ideas - Search for these items on TES

Year Long Visual Writing Prompts
Fable Power Pack
Teaching Digital Technologies and STEM

By Innovativeteachingideas

Bundle! Literacy starters or entire half-term's literacy form activities. Spelling & Vocabulary

A bundle of 7 literacy activities. All have a PPT which contains a literacy game or links to an interactive activity. I use this as a weekly literacy activity for my form. However, this could be used for KS2/3 as general literacy starters.

All activities focus on spelling and vocabulary. other bundles focus on reading skills, punctuation and writing techniques.
By PhilippaBrooks

Algebra Patterns and Sequences Worksheets

This pack is filled with worksheet activities covering the topic of patterns and sequences. All worksheets are differentiated, offering supported worksheets, as well as worksheets which challenge the most able students. Answer sheets are included.

Gaps In The Sequence asks students to find the missing numbers of sequences (some linear, some following patterns such as doubling each number) and to state the term to term rule.

The Fencing In and Dinner Table Conundrum worksheets introduce the idea of geometric patterns which grow at a linear rate, giving a visual representation on linear sequences. For the more able students, this worksheet asks them to find the nth term of the given patterns.

Fishing for Sequences asks students to find numbers which appear in a given sequence. The first differentiation covers only term to term rules. The middle differentiation includes nth term examples. The most challenging differentiation asks students to state with algebraic reasoning, why a given number is not in a sequence. This checks for a true understanding of sequences.

The fifth worksheet is all about the nth term, with a more challenging worksheet that pushes students to think about such sequences as square numbers, and fraction sequences. The sixth worksheet continues the nth term exploration, starting with students identifying whether a given sequences is linear, and stating whether a given number is in a sequence.

The seventh worksheet, Function Machines, asks students to find the given rule for some numbers. And finally, worksheet eight offers a unique challenge for uniquely able students. This worksheet introduces students to the proper mathematical notation for linear sequences, including the formula for finding any term in a sequence.

You may also like:
Algebra Task Cards
Solving Linear Equations Follow Me Cards
Understanding and Manipulating Algebra Worksheets
By LittleStreams

Safe Students: bundle

4x PSHE lessons Powerpoints with worksheets and clip links, differentiated to 3 LOs:

1. Online radicalisation and extremism
2. E-safety and safe social media
3. E-safety and online bullying
4. Safe relationships online and elsewhere

Many more inexpensive and free resources at my shop:
Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
By EC Resources

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