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The Tes team introduce their favourite website features in TesX

In the first instalment of TesX, our new video series, Nicola speaks to product manager Ben about why he loves our new Supply Manager tool
3rd September 2018 at 09:45

Oh, hello there. Thanks so much for popping by!

This is actually a pretty special post for us as it not only launches our brand-new schools blog, but also our brand-new video series – TesX.

We really hope that the blog will become your go-to place for live updates on what’s going on here at Tes Towers. And TesX is one of the ways we’re going to do that.

But what – in the name of Damian Hinds – is TesX?

TesX is not a second attempt at a teacher dating service. No, we definitely learnt our lesson when we tried launching Tick My Box a few years back… Instead, it’s a chance for us to show you the ways in which we’ve used your feedback to improve on and build new products that make your day-to-day lives easier.

Of course our ultimate goal is to help you to continue making a real difference to the lives of children across the country.

OK, fine. I’m convinced it could be useful. Try me…

We’re kicking off the TesX series with one of our more, erm, uninhibited product managers, the very loud, very lovely Ben. He’s working on Supply Manager, which pretty much does what it says on the tin – helps you to manage your supply needs. “But how?” I hear you cry! Watch on to find out…

So there we have it… And that’s essentially what TesX is all about! Keeping you up-to-date on new and improved products from the mouths of those working on them. Cool, huh?

Be sure to come back to the blog for regular updates. Next week, Hayley will be telling you all about how Team Groups are going to change the way teachers collaborate across their own school and/or across their MAT.