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Applicant Tracking System


For more details or to ask any questions about the Applicant Tracking System features, please contact your account manager, email or call +44 203 194 3050.

Online application form

Did you know?

There are three types of Tes online application forms to choose from: UK standard teaching, international teaching and  UK support staff. Using these forms will not only give you access to the Applicant Tracking System features listed on this page, but also get you (on average) eight-times more applications* than an advert that leads to a school page.

The international form contains questions specific to the international recruitment market such as curriculum taught and languages spoken. 


How do I use them?

You can select any of the Tes online application forms when you create your vacancy on the Post a new job page in Portal. The options sit under the Application type heading. Preview the forms by clicking on the eye icon in the orange box above. You’ll see that each of the forms automatically includes your school name and logo.

When your advert is live, candidates can submit their applications via the Quick Apply button on

Once a candidate submits their application you can view, download and print off pdf versions of their application from within the ATS, as well as utilising the other features listed on this page.

*application volumes are dependant on the type of role and location

Custom questions

Did you know?

There’s a school-branded section on our online application forms to house additional questions you’d like to ask candidates. All questions in this section are mandatory. You can choose to add questions requiring a written answer, or a yes / no response.


How do I use them?

Your account manager will help you to add these to your online application form. Custom questions will stay on file so you don’t have to keep adding them each time you post a new vacancy.

Application filters *NEW*

Did you know?

If you’re using the international online application form*, you can now filter the applications you receive based on passports held, curriculum taught, country of residence and language(s). Filtering helps you to easily identify candidates that meet visa and / or school requirements.


How do I use them?

The Filter dropdown menu can be found on the top-right of the vacancy applications list. Click it to see all of the filters available and select one or more to activate them. The selected filters appear in a list within the menu bar so that you can easily view those you’ve chosen, and deselect if required.

*currently only available for users of the international online application form

Application statuses

Did you know?

You can easily identify the candidates that you've shortlisted, marked for interview or sent offers to by allocating a status to each application. You can also invite reviewers to assess 'shortlisted' candidates.

Candidates won't be notified when you change the status of their application, even if you mark them as unsuccessful, as this is an internal feature only. 

How do I use them?

Applications are automatically flagged as New when they arrive in the ATS. You can review and set new statuses from the Status dropdown on the top-right of the vacancy applications list. Statuses display both on the application listing screen and also within the application itself for ultimate transparency.


Did you know?

You can email applicants directly from within the ATS. It records all communication in a single audit trail allowing you to keep track in one easy place. You can now format the email text, update the subject line and send attachments with emails too!


How do I use it?

From the application listings page: There’s a tickbox on the left-hand side of each of the applications you receive. When you select one or multiple candidates to email, an Email selected candidates button will appear above. Click this button to access the email template.

The template works in a similar way to mail-merge. It automatically fills out the opening salutation, which is Dear <Name>. If you select more than one candidate, the system will send individual emails to each. 

From within individual applications: Applicant email addresses display at the top of the applicant overview section, next to which you will see an email button. Click this button to access the email template.


Did you know?

You can make the shortlisting and / or interview process fairer and more transparent by creating a vacancy-level scorecard detailing the criteria candidates ought to be marked against. It makes direct comparisons a lot easier.


How do I use them?

The option to create a new scorecard can be found on any vacancy page. Click the Create a scorecard now button to open up a box in which you can select or add new criteria Once you’re happy with the criteria you’ve selected, click Create.

The scorecard will now be applied to each candidate’s application. You’ll find it in each application under the Applicant overview section. Reviewers can now grade and add comments on each criterion. They cannot edit once they’ve clicked on Submit scores.

Aggregated scores and comments for each candidate can only be viewed by administrators from within each application page.