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Teaching courses and CPD programmes to help your staff upskill

Once you’ve found great teachers and teaching assistants, you want to hold on to them. One of the best ways to retain staff is to give them the opportunity to grow and progress without leaving your school, and we can help.

Straight to Teaching

Straight to Teaching is a tailor-made Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) preparation programme helping your TAs and support staff to upskill and prepare to apply for QTS assessment via Assessment Only while they continue working at your school.

Assessment Only (AO)

If a member of your staff already meets the Teachers’ Standards and has significant teaching experience, they could gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in as little as 12 weeks through Assessment Only.

Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE)

Have you got trainee teachers or high-quality candidates who lack confidence or have non-subject specific degrees? Then our 100% online SKE courses can help. They’re available across shortage subjects and designed to help improve subject knowledge.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

With flexible, 100% online CPD from Tes Institute your teachers can learn new techniques and discover innovative teaching approaches at a time and place that suits them, fitting study around their existing school and personal commitments.

School Direct

Through School Direct you can recruit and train your own trainee teachers with an accessible and personalised initial teacher training (ITT) programme that leads to QTS and an optional Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).