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Career/ Teaching abroad

Find out more about the reality of teaching abroad: the getting there, acclimatisation and eventual return home, as well as the adventure of living and teaching overseas

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    Australia: My life as a teacher down under

    Andrew Bacon describes the rewards of being a secondary school science teacher in Victoria, Australia.

    published on 6 Jun 2010

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    Caribbean: Classroom in Grand Cayman

    Palm trees, golden sand, and balmy sunshine provide a perfect setting. But what is it like to teach in the Caribbean? Craig Robinson tells us more

    published on 1 Jan 2010

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    Czech Republic: Teaching in Prague

    Talented pupils with a penchant for spoofs were one of several surprises for Abbie Gometz, teacher in an international school in Prague

    published on 16 Apr 2010

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    How to prepare for your first overseas teaching job

    Congratulations - you’ve landed your first teaching post overseas! Your teaching career abroad will be a success, if you do your due diligence about local customs and curriculum. Adopt a traveller’s mindset as well and you’ll be off to a...

    published on 1 Mar 2013

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    Kenya: a teaching experience

    From warthogs invading cricket pitches to marvellous views of the Rift Valley, Simon Hill tells us why it’s so good to teach in Kenya

    published on 5 Jun 2010

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    Romania: My first teaching job took me to Bucharest

    A long and hard search for a first job after her probationary (induction) year landed one newly qualified teacher in Romania.

    published on 1 Sep 2010

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    South Korea: My teaching experience

    Claire Gregson, English teacher in Seoul.

    published on 8 Aug 2009

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    Switzerland: Teaching in Geneva

    Stephen Winfield is enjoying the high life of teaching in a secondary school in Switzerland.

    published on 11 Aug 2009

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    Teaching in Qatar

    ‘People are your best resource,’ says Clare Beatson as she describes her experience of teaching in Qatar

    published on 15 Dec 2010

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    Too hot to handle?

    Teaching in the Middle East is an enticing prospect for rain-weary Brits, but they ignore the cultural differences at their peril. Hannah Frankel reports

    published on 2 Apr 2010

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    United Arab Emirates: Teaching in Abu Dhabi

    Looking back on seven years as a teacher in the capital, and second most crowded city, of the United Arab Emirates.

    published on 22 May 2010

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