Sendco survival 101

Although a special educational needs and disabilities co-ordinator (Sendco) is the driving force behind inclusion within schools, the role of the Sendco can be quite lonely. As the responsibilities of a Sendco are broad and demanding, this is a job that requires a vast array of skills. Sendcos manage this requirement through extensive training and, whether new to the role or well-established, a little support or inspiration from fellow professionals. This Sendco hub, created by Tes and Edukey, aims to provide Sendcos with an easy way to access that help and inspiration. Here, you’ll find a wealth of advice and information from Sendcos and special educational needs and disability (SEND) experts, ranging from navigating the maze of funding allocation and how to deal with external agencies to top tips on file-keeping, data collection and co-ordinating and managing interventions. We’ll have articles addressing common issues found in SEND co-ordination, SEND key facts and strategies and essential information on managing not just staff development, but your own progression too.