EDF Energy is proud to be an ‘award category’ sponsor of the TES Schools Awards 2018 for Maths teacher or team of the Year, as part of our company commitment to inspire the next generation http://www.tesawards.co.uk/. The time is now for changing the way we think about energy efficiency and our carbon footprint on the world- what better way to bring this to life than by inspiring the next generation of innovators through STEM in the classroom.  Tes and EDF Energy have teamed up to create an engaging knowledge hub, full of resources and expert insight on how to bring science to life for your pupils.


Biodiversity assembly

Learn about Biodiversity. Contains teachers’ notes – see the notes panel in ‘edit slides’ mode.
By EDF_Energy

Flight test engineers lesson plan

In Flight Test Engineers, students will learn how to make, test and fly their paper aeroplanes.

The lesson focuses on developing students’ understanding of how to carry out a ‘fair test’ and forces to explain the motion of their paper planes. Students share their ideas about how different wing shapes lead to different forms of flight. They make a prediction and plan a test, make and record measurements, and present and evaluate their results.
By EDF_Energy

Carbon cycle capers lesson plan

Why do we need to keep carbon balanced?

In Carbon Cycle Capers, students learn about how carbon moves throughout the climate system in the exciting illustrated story of Casey the carbon atom.

There is also a fantastic interactive game on carbon sinks and sources which reinforces learning.

This activity should be run over two sessions if you intend to complete the whole lesson plan. Your step-by-step guide to getting started and all the resources you need are below.

Produced in collaboration with the Met Office.
By EDF_Energy

Will Wind Work? Lesson Plan 11-14s

Discover the mechanics of a wind turbine and consider the benefits of this energy source. Carry out a school survey, collect data and evaluate it to see if there is a potential site for a wind turbine. Explore opportunities in the local community for fundraising and awareness events.
By EDF_Energy

Climate Science Assembly

Learn more about weather and climate, the greenhouse effect and climate change with this assembly. It contains colourful images and diagrams to engage students. There is also a teachers’ notes section with all the information you will need to discuss each slide – see the notes panel in ‘edit slides’ mode.
By EDF_Energy

History of electricity timeline infographic

Discover the history of electricity with this interesting poster, detailing its discovery to the present time. Including the role of amber, the first town in the UK to install a public electricity supply, the construction of the National Grid and impact of war and climate change.
By EDF_Energy

Nick Baker talks us through the importance of soil invertebrates.

Chris discusses how wildlife inspired him from a young age...

lolo Williams tells us about his love for wildlife

Chris Packham and Dr James Pearce-Higgins talk about citizen science and the importance of school participation in What's Under Your Feet?

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