How body chemistry affects learning – a Tes guide

How body chemistry affects learning – a Tes guide

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Discover how you can harness or control different hormones to benefit learning, featuring:

- Cortisol: not the baddie you might have thought

We take a look at cortisol, the so-called ‘stress hormone’, and find that the way we view stress needs some recalibration.

- Hit or myth? Dopamine’s positive role in boosting learning and memory

Blamed for smartphone and gambling addiction, the ‘pleasure chemical’ has been held up by the tabloid media as the malign force behind every teenage misstep. But research shows that this neurotransmitter has a positive role to play in boosting learning and memory.

- The truth about teenage hormones

Testosterone and oestrogen are the usual suspects behind aggressive or emotional behaviour in teenagers, but in reality, they play a broader role in child development than we thought – and this information is crucial for teachers.

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