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Teachers TV: Primary English lesson starters - Writing genres

These free primary lesson video starters can be used to inspire creative writing with classes aged 5-11.

The videos cover a variety of different genres from horror to mystery.

Full-length videos

Story writing - Seven dramatised clips

Each story start is a short but dramatic video clip that will fire children's imaginations to continue the story into creative writing.

Story writing - Nine more dramatised clips

Each of these clips are designed to stimulate creative writing or talk amongst primary pupils.

Adventure stories

Writing an adventure story: Desert Island

As a woman is tracking footprints across a deserted beach, a series of events unfold, making it a perfect start to an adventure story.

Writing an adventure story: Science lab

This video can be used as a lesson starter. It is designed as a stimulus for writing an adventure story in English. (Ages 7-11)

Mystery stories

Writing a mystery story: Jewellery box

A woman enters a sinister-looking antique shop with a little girl, the girl can hear a mysterious voice echoing from an antique jewellery box - what happens next?

Historical fiction

Writing historical fiction: Robin Hood

This clip is a stimulus for writing a historical story, the clip should be of particular relevance to classes who are reading about Robin Hood.

Horror stories

Writing a horror story: Dinosaurs

This clip should be of particular relevance to teachers who are focusing on story setting, plot or the horror story genre.

Ghost stories

Writing a ghost story: Cave

This clip should be of particular relevance to classes that are reading or writing ghost stories. It would also make a good example of how to create atmosphere in a story.

Writing a ghost story: Graveyard

This clip should be helpful for teachers who want to focus on descriptive writing or on how to create a gripping setting for a story.

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