This is a worksheet to help students understand the structure and texture of the Handel chorus. Pupils should complete the empty cells, indicating which of the four phrases is being sung, in which bar and in which vocal part. When completed, it should be apparent where there are examples of monophony, homophony and polyphony. The completed version uses capital letters to indicate the start of each new vocal phrase, making it easier to recognize homophonic entries.


  • Handel structural analysis.xls
  • Handel structural analysis completed.xls

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    Brilliant - exactly what I was wanting to teach this week; i couldn't think of a simple way to show it ... this is great, thank you.

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    Fabulous resource and great for our visual learners! Going to try it tomorrow so we'll see how long it takes them! Thank you.

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    user avatargaztanion5 years agoreport

    Brilliant way of introducing texture, exactly what I was hoping to find on here! Thank you. I did notice a couple of anomalies with starting bars, so I edited those before I used them, and I replaced 'ASAF' with 1,2,3 and 4, just because I thought the students probably wouldn't all arrive with 4 colours, which they would need to differentiate the 2 'A's... minor things though, great resource, thank you very much!

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    A great idea for students who find traditional notation difficult, thank you!

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    user avatarbevking6 years agoreport

    Great Idea and so straightforward!