A French 'call my bluff' style quiz on general French words.
25 questions: 5 easy, 5 medium, 5 hard and 10 very hard.
Good for an end of term activity. Could be done as a form or inter-form competition.

Suitable for 12-17 year olds.
There's a blank answer grid for pupils.
Plus the Teachers' answers.

The answers are also on the final Powerpoint slide.
Slide 28 also contains a link to a Kahoot version of the same quiz.This could be done as a recap or reward activity after the going through the Powerpoint quiz and the answers.


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  • call-my-bluff-French-words-Quiz-A.pptx
  • call-my-bluff-teachers'-answers-French-Quiz-A.docx
  • call-my-bluff--blank-answer-grid.docx

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