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The most interesting resource here is my idea for a FLEXIBLE revision timetable that worked very well with my daughter and was later loved by many of my students.

The most important rule is: You don't fill anything out in advance.

Let's say on Monday you really feel like doing some maths (obviously) and also your French teacher has set you a revision task. So you spend the evening studying maths and French. I usually advise between 30 mins and an hour on each subject depending on the strength of the student, so a total of 1-2 hours per evening. After studying, you fill out the Monday slot with what you actually did e.g. Maths: Trigonometry, French: Shopping vocab, and, most importantly, you cross off an "M" and an "F" from the subject grid at the end.

This is repeated all week, but you're only allowed to study subjects that you haven't crossed off. By the weekend you're left to study the final remaining two subjects, and this ensures that you spend a fair amount of time on every subject without forcing you to do a specific one each day. This also leaves Sunday free to either relax or to catch up with any subjects you missed during the week for whatever reason.

The subject grid can be modified to include multiple squares for more important or weaker subjects. For example in the attached version English is Poi's second language so we assigned three out of the twelve slots.

Also included:

šŸ•‘ An aesthetically-designed set of timetables for a biweekly teacher's timetable.
šŸ•‘ A simple Parents' Evening timetable to put outside the room for parents to refer to.



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