Highly motivational, top-notch penmanship practice pages on interesting topics that have kids clamoring for more. NO PREP, immediately downloadable. Fun Art & Nature Units in a magazine format with informative kid-size articles, fun activities, and much more!

pdf, 51.45 MB
pdf, 51.45 MB

Take a trip north to the frozen land of the Arctic Circle with this fascinating Art & Nature-Science Unit.

It contains 100 pages full of colorful pictures and information. Discover a place you probably know very little about!

In this nature unit, we explain the fascinating world of the Arctic Circle, across the globe from our last nature unit on Antarctica. This time, in addition to a different set of whales and seals, we cover moose, caribou (reindeer), muskoxen, Dall sheep, Arctic foxes, hares, wolves, ground squirrels, ermines, lemmings, lynxes, wolverines, and more.

Starting with this nature unit, we have added a lot more photographs and many more links to videos, so your kids can, under your supervision, watch these animals in motion. We are very careful in our choice of videos to avoid anything that might be offensive to Christian families, such as swearing, harsh music, mating, blood and gore, or anything that would upset children or their parents, and no cartoons. We choose only videos that are pure, innocent, uplifting and inspiring, so that you and your family can look forward to enjoying the over 100 videos linked in this issue.

In this issue we include videos with

  • beautiful views of the aurora borealis (northern lights)
  • dog sledding
  • real reindeer pulling tourists in sleighs
  • footage about the children of reindeer herders
  • instructions and demonstrations of igloo-making
  • mother and baby animals
  • wolves howling
  • animal rescues
  • baby animals playing in the wild
  • even a real moose trying to play soccer with its antlers!

This issue also includes animal tracks:

  • tracks labeled with the animal that makes each one
  • individual tracks on different animal pages
  • a space for your kids to draw the tracks
  • tracks for them to label, and
  • several coloring pages with hidden tracks to find

Our coloring pages in this issue include

  • an aurora borealis picture for your kids to color in any color they choose
  • a polar bear family swimming
  • a muskox family huddling together in a blizzard
  • a dogsledding scene
  • a family for loons with the chicks on the mother’s back
  • a pod of white beluga whales and many others
  • 23 coloring pages in all, enough to give you 2 months of art more than twice a week.

So get ready to be inspired! Download this book and get started on your Art & Nature-Science Unit on Life in the Arctic Circle today!

This was originally published as issue #11 of the popular Artistic Nature Magazine, now out of print. The editor, Joymarie Dunlap, was the leading writer for The Teaching Home magazine for 10 years. She homeschooled her 5 kids from preschool to high school graduation. After The Teaching Home stopped publishing in 2001, she founded LightHome Publications and has created over 70 books for homeschoolers.


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