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English teacher for upper schools with a passion for literature. My resources eschew flashy, clip-art-infested layouts for clean, focused, and advanced worksheets and activities for students and teachers.

Resources included (18)

This advanced bundle contains all my various worksheets / handouts / printables and activities to teach oGeorge Orwell’s iconic dystopian novel 1984, with a specific focus on aiding your study of the novel for IGCSE English Literature (1984 is a set text for the IGCSE English Literature Exams in 2020 and 2021).

The level is certainly also high enough to be used if you have made 1984 one of the set texts for your IB English A: Literature or English A: Language & Literature course.

The bundle includes:

  1. Resources for Book 1:
  • Pre-Reading Activities for 1984
  • Book 1, Ch. 1: Establishing Themes & Motifs.
  • Book 1, Ch. 2: Establishing Setting
  • Book 1, Ch. 3: Doublethink
  • Book 1, Ch. 4: The Ministry of Truth
  • Book 1, Ch. 5: Newspeak
  • Book 1, Ch. 6-7: The Proles
  • Book 1, Ch. 6: Exam Skills + Practice: PEEAL Paragraphs & Passage-Based Questions
  • Book 1, Ch. 8: Analysing Symbolism
  1. Resources for Book 2:
  • Book 2, Ch. 1-3: The Girl (Julia) & Characterisation.
  • Book 2 , Ch. 4: Analysing Setting, Symbolism, Themes & Motifs
  • Book 2, Ch. 5-7: The Brotherhood (Analysing Orwell’s Style & Diction)
  • Book 2, Ch. 8: O’Brien (IGCSE Exam Practice & Close Reading)
  • Book 2, Ch. 9: The Purpose of War (1984 in Context: Nuclear War & M.A.D.)
  • Book 2, Ch. 9: Emmanuel’s Goldstein “The Book” - Oligarchical Collectivism
  1. Resources for Book 3:

Book 3, Ch. 1: Ministry of Love & Creative Response Activities
Book 3, Ch. 2-3: Guided Exam Practice
Book 3, Ch. 4-5: Room 101: Speaking & Relating Literature to Life Activities
Book 3, Ch. 6: 1984 in Context Activities: Fascism & 1984 as Satire + Exam Practice

Each unit of work includes a range of the following (depending on suitability etc.):

  1. Comprehension Questions for each chapter of the novel.

  2. Reading & Analysing Language Activities

  3. 1984 in Context: Information Texts providing insight into various contexts of the novel, including socio-political and historical backdrop / context of composition etc. These are accompanied by discussion and / or essay questions to let students dig deeper.

  4. 1984 Then and Now: These activities establish and develop parallels between various concepts / aspects of Orwell’s novel and present-day society / media / technology and culture.

The activities are accompanied by discussion and / or essay questions to let students dig deeper.

  1. Guided Exam Practice: Sample Extract + Passage-Based / Essay Question (These activities emulate real exam extracts / questions to facilitate exam practice and optimal preparation for your students.

  2. Creative Writing Activities

  3. Discussion & Relating 1984 to Life Activities

  4. TEACHER’S GUIDE + ANSWER KEY: A detailed teacher’s guide with summary & analysis of the chapter as well as an MODEL ANSWERS for the comprehension questions & any further activities.

Enjoy, and please leave feedback!


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