2018 World Cup Wall Chart

My, now traditional, World Cup Wall Chart resource.

This year, I haven’t made it with additional pages with statistics about the teams, although these could be added if people wanted them.

However, I have produced a varying range of sizes (from A0 to A3) and pdfs which will print to A3. Each of the pdfs should have a 3cm horizontal and vertical overlap to allow for joining together. There are pdf versions and publisher files included should you wish to make changes.

Feedback, as always, is appreciated - especially if there are any mistakes!


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  • 2018-World-Cup-Wall-Chart-A1.pub
  • 2018-World-Cup-Wall-Chart-A2-(3-x-A3).pdf
  • 2018-World-Cup-Wall-Chart-A2.pub
  • 2018-World-Cup-Wall-Chart-A3.pdf
  • 2018-World-Cup-Wall-Chart-A3.pub
  • 2018-World-Cup-Wall-Chart.jpg
  • 2018-World-Cup-Wall-Chart.pub
  • 2018-World-Cup-Wall-Chart-A0-(12-x-A3).pdf
  • 2018-World-Cup-Wall-Chart-A0.pdf
  • 2018-World-Cup-Wall-Chart-A0.pub
  • 2018-World-Cup-Wall-Chart-A1-(9-x-A3).pdf

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Created: Apr 10, 2018

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