27 lessons - 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl - Year 4/5/6 - English planning

A whole term’s English planning linked to the book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl.

There are 27 lessons in total, all with planning, SMART Notebook screens, task explanations and header sheets.

To aid the lessons, there are a total of 160 SMART Notebook screens (in one file) and each lesson is clearly marked along with which lesson each chapter should be read to aid and link to the learning.

This planning includes: diary entry, first person viewpoint, writing a persuasive letter, SATs style comprehension questions and writing a narrative. Once the book is completed there is also a unit to produce an explanation text about how chocolate is made.

It also has instructions how to make a golden ticket for the first engagement lesson to hook the interest of your learners.

I find that even though many children have already read the book (or seen the films) they still really enjoy hearing the story again and producing quality writing as a result of studying the book and characters.

Using this book also leads to many other cross-curricular lessons that are always fun particularly making a chocolate bar (DT) and designing a wrapper (Computing).

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  • Ch-Choc-L5-Chapters-3-and-4-comprehension-questions.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L5-Chapters-3-and-4-to-print-out.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L6-WW-message-header.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L7-Chapter-7-find-suspense.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L7-Ticket-suspense-header.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L8-Speech-punctuation-header.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L9-continue-narrative-header.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L10-Charlie-diary-entry-header.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L11-WW-character-description-header.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L12-Choc-Room-description-header.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L13-RDahl-character-desc1-BFG.pub
  • Ch-Choc-L13-RDahl-character-desc2-The-Witches.pub
  • Ch-Choc-L13-RDahl-character-desc3-Matilda.pub
  • Ch-Choc-L13-RDahl-character-desc4-James-and-the-Giant-Peach.pub
  • Ch-Choc-L13-RDahl-character-desc5-The-Twits.pub
  • Ch-Choc-L13-RDahl-character-desc6-The-Minpins.pub
  • Ch-Choc-L13-RDahl-sentence-openers-for-display.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L13-teacher-sentences-from-examples.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L14-character-planning-sheet.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L15-create-room-header.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L16-plan-chapter-sheet.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L17-Chapter-intro-header.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L18-Chapter-continue-header.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L20-Chapter-complete-checklist.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L21-examples-of-explanation-texts.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L22-pic-1.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L22-pic-2.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L22-pic-3.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L22-pic-4.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L22-pic-5.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L22-pic-6.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L22-pic-7.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L22-pic-8.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L22-Sequence-events-teacher-notes.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L22-topic-words-for-display.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L23-example-notes-to-model.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L23-notes-header.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L24-choose-section-headings.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L25-writing-header.doc
  • Ch-Choc-L27-Editors-checklist.doc

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