During this activity you will be presented with a series of food. You will choose whether each one is a balanced or an unbalanced meal.


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    user avatarcalliphora3 years agoreport

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    user avatardrdee233 years agoreport

    MIsleading, incorrect, and worse than useless. Sorry to say. The idea is great, but as it is, I couldnt use it.

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    Very poor quiz. How can a jacket potato with butter not contain any fat? A good quality burger with salad can be just as balanced as a tuna sandwich. A roast dinner may be unbalanced if the roasties are cooked in lard and the vegetables are over cooked. The only thing this quiz might be useful for is to provoke discussion on how subjective the whole topic is, and how badly designed some quizzes are.

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    user avatarsmedleyf8 years agoreport

    good interactive resource. Can use this with PCs in the classroom, if the internet is working that day in school.

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    user avatarChristyne8 years agoreport

    Great Starter Activity. As a trainee teacher, I am looking for fun starters to kick start my lessons, and this certainly ticks the box for my lesson on 'The Balanced Diet' !!
    Thank you.