A Christmas Carol Stave 2: 50-word Prereading Crossword—Great Preparation!
This crossword is meant to be used before students begin reading Stave 2 of A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

This crossword focuses on 50 of the difficult words in Stave 2 of A CHRISTMAS CAROL. These words are not necessarily meant to be words that students will be tested over. Instead, they are, for the most part, unfamiliar words, many of which students must know the definition of in order to better understand the story. By completing this crossword, students will become familiar with these words and, it is hoped, will recall them, along with their definitions, as they encounter them in their reading.

Examples of featured words:
* Brigands (OUTLAWS)
* Avarice (GREED)
* Adversary (OPPONENT)
* Utterance (REMARK)
* Sordid (FILTHY)
* Corroborated (SUPPORTED)
* Negus (WINE)
* Render: ___ to be (CAUSE)

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Created: Sep 2, 2016

Updated: Feb 22, 2018


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