Abortion, Birth Control and Right to Life- Research Actviity
Abortion, Birth Control and Right to Life- Research Actviity
Early Option Pill
1. What is mifeprex and how does it work? (use generic terms, you don’t need to be specific)

2. How is mifeprex distributed? (Is it one pill, or a series, explain)

3. What is mifeprex’s success rate?

4. What is another name for mifeprex?

1. Name one of the many quotes that the group Birthright lives by

2. List three things that Birthright does NOT do

3. List three things Birthright provides

4. Who was the founder of Birthright?
(use the “search” option on the homepage)

1. Find the following statistics for abortion, these statistics can be no older than 1995
A. How man abortions were performed in the year of the study you found?

B. Was this an increase or decrease in the year before?

C. Define the term “abortion ratio”

D. What was the abortion ration for the particular year of the study that you found?

1. List the titles of four articles that have subjects that explain complications and risks of abortion

1. List the Supreme Court decisions that have to do with abortion

2. According to the fact sheets, list three obstacles that women face is they want to get an abortion

3. What types of coverage does Medicaid provide for abortion? Who is allowed access to this coverage?

1. Summarize Planned Parenthood’s mission statement

2. Who is the founder of Planned Parenthood? List two of her accomplishments other than creating Planned Parenthood.

3. According to Planned Parenthood’s policy statements (see “About Us”), what does reproductive freedom encompass (include)?
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