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This is a lesson is based on the abstract portrait artists Gabi Trinkaus and Yumi Tomiyasu. The first activity is a portrait collage based on the collage work of Trinkaus. Students work on top of a photograph or drawing of a portrait. The second activity is working on top of a photograph using paint in the style of artist Tomiyasu. PowerPoint includes both a starter to get students thinking about portraits and also a extension task/homework task.

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GCSE Art and Design - Abstract Portraits

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CreatedFeb 13, 2012
UpdatedJul 25, 2013

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    user avatarCmcfarline5 years agoReport

    Really like the ideas here Chris do you have images of how the students work turned out? Great artists to introduce them to a portraiture unit. Thanks!

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    user avatarjosephmate5 years agoReport

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