Use the word doc as activity for your learners and if you have an iPad 2, an iPhone, or an iPod Touch, you can read more in the Blog post (the weblink) about how to download the Video Physics app to make the activity even more hands on and fun! Key words: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Physics, Motion, Displacement, Time, Graphs, Tracking, analysis, vectors, Distance, gradient.


  • Acting the Graph.docx
  • Video Physics.pptx

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    Last years I have made my students "tell the story behind a graph", this idea go beyond, do not just tell but act the story. Good. I will try it next month when we star a new school year.

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    SUPERB lesson and an excellent use of the app. This is an engaging resource and lesson that makes students think and many student make so much progress during the lesson. An excellent resource thanks for sharing.