Additional SPAG Test

An edited SPAG test. Questions are in exactly the same order as the government released, but questions have been changed. Allows some familiarity with the test prior to taking it in May. 22/01/2013 EDIT: Couple of typos and unchanged table headings fixed! 04/05/2013 EDIT: Mark Scheme added.


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  • What are the boundries for each level? It doesn't tell you unfortunately. Great for the year 6 children to have their 1st attempt at a SPAG test ahead of May next year.

  • lynta59a year agoReport

    An excellent resource to assess KS3 low ability. Thank you

  • Proctera year agoReport

    Thank you :-)

  • This was extremely helpful- thanks for sharing :)

  • LynsayBa year agoReport

    Brilliant, thanks.